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    This video sourced from several documentaries exhaustively proves numerous instances of fakery and obfuscation in NASA’s depictions of the Apollo Lunar Landings.

    The special effects of the 1960s were far less sophisticated than those today. From our perspective in 2018, it’s very obvious, for example at the 1:40 mark of this clip, that a heavily-laden astronaut depicted as being helped up from the Lunar surface by a fellow astronaut in one-sixth gravity is actually being raised to his feet through the magic of wire work, a special effects technique now much improved. Wire work in Chinese Kung Fu and Hollywood action films has since become quite seamless and audiences would demand their money back, if treated to such shabby SFX in a film today!

    We also see unedited footage of the Apollo 11 crew in a reel sent by mistake to the creators of this documentary. Michael Collins, Edwin Aldrin Jr. and Neil Armstrong are shown with exceptionally clear audio discussing the techniques used to achieve a realistic depiction of the Earth at a distance, in order to falsely demonstrate the position of their module in relation to it.

    Regardless of whether or not NASA succeeded in sending men to the Moon in the 1960s, there is major evidence that films of Apollo astronauts in Outer Space and moonwalking were produced using elaborate special effects, as are shown in this video.

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    • Very similar to the phony 9/11 attack. It was an inside job, concocted by the CIA who have no problem murdering innocent civilians to achieve their end point – the Homeland Security Office and the Patriot Act. Congress fast-paced it through for Baby Bush and they immediately took away a good chunk of our freedoms.

      So that being said, you don’t think the CIA would fake the Moon landing in order to show the Russians that we beat them in the space race. Read some history from the 1960s.

    • How many times have we been lied too, if you get away with it once…why not continue, over and over again…Kennedy, MLK, Robert Kennedy, 911, and Sandy Hook.

      • There’s something odd about the reporting of the Grenfell Tower incident too. The news reports are really sentimental and over the top. The subliminal message seems to be “trust the mainstream media it cares about the public “

    • The scale of the deception is incredible. It might be due to the fact that the only real advancement of the last century is in communication technology. The scaling up of communication is comparative to the scaling up of the propaganda.

    • Can I question?
      How many people were involved in the trip to the moon?
      100O or more?
      And rthey would all lie?

      • aham,
        Why would they all lie?

        Simple… money, life threatened, etc.

        Just look at the faces and body language of the astronauts during the interview after the moon landing? Are these faces of persons who had just sincerely achieved a greatest feat?

        The thousands of others are compartmentalised so they don’t really know much about anything other than their departments that provide a small piece for the project.

        • And Armstrong was in a profound depression afterwards. Three highly qualified men who knew the truth and it probably ate away at them.

          I know if I had been a hero Astronaut in a celebratory parade in NYC with tens of thousands cheering and millions watching the tube, I would be deeply embarrassed.

    • Why would they go to all this trouble to fake a moon landing if it’s possible to land on the moon? Why pretend to bypass the Van Allen belt both ways without harm if it’s also possible to do so? Why did they have to create a pretend globe using the window of the capsule if there is a globe to be seen? Why is it so important to make us believe in outer space that they should spend all that money year after year to maintain the fakery, if there is an actual outer space?

      So that we won’t believe in aliens? Ridiculous! If we believed in space then it is easier for us to believe in aliens! Why is it important to indoctrinate the people to believe in aliens? I believe there’s more to this than we think… Aliens, Blockchain & A.I (Golem), Noosphere, Black Goo, Quantum Physics, Strangelets, DMT, Cern and much more are interconnected in pushing an agenda. We are controlled to ‘think’ and ‘do’ differently than we would otherwise! In other words, perhaps we have already the mark of the beast on our foreheads and right hands!

      What’s the alternative? I think we know that too… or will not?

      • Hin,

        yes that is the question. What is the alternative for human beings?
        Is it possible to be present as an other being, an other gestalt?
        And when yes, where on earth or where inside universe?
        In other words is there a life without death??

        I meanwhile know that the spirit can not die.
        The only path I see for a spirit is a spiritual evolution into oneness.
        Any spiritual separation is a death.
        So, how is it possible that death can die?

        • Our spirit to be one with the great Spirit!
          That’s a great alternative isn’t it?

          But there are too many mysticism on that subject… They’re everywhere in science, politics and in religion and they all have need for an outer space to make us seem insignificant!

          Imagine there’s no outer space! Quite certain the sun, moon and stars are closer to the (stationary) earth than we’ve been told, and they all point to a benevolent Creator.
          I ask this Creator questions about the truth on any subject or challenge and I get an answer by spontaneous thought. I apply the thought (usually radical) and it works better than anything I do conventionally.

          For me, that’s sufficient and I am well.

          • hln,

            yes, that is the alternative.
            Oneness with the great universal spirit INSIDE.
            Now the truth is perceived inside.

      • I believe they faked the earth shots because of possible geoengineering going on at that time. Or, because they’re psychopaths and only a psychopath can understand a psychopath. Plus, they love theater.

    • I guess I should believe that it didn’t happen after all. It’s just that I also think that there were things on the moon that they could not show the public so it was filmed before the launch so that there was something to show the public, like things sitting on the side of the crater that were watching them. Because that is the last thing that the governments of this world want known is that we are being watched by others. And always have been from the time the moon was put into place. It is hollow you know, and why haven’t we seen real pictures of the back side of the moon. Talk to Karl Wolf of the disclosure project. It might be easier to believe that it didn’t happen, for some. I just know, that “we” are not alone. The part about framing the earth in a crescent in the window does it. THEY NEVER WENT! There I said it.

      • Now you’re thinking–what would make TPTsB fake moon landing videos? Maybe it was the Russian cold war and the pressure of the space race? Maybe. But, from the ground, we watched the rockets lift-off from Cape Kennedy. Was no one on board? Were the faked videos a hedge on the possible failure of the program to reach outside the planet’s atmosphere? Nope. The 80’s space shuttle with civilians on board blew-up on camera (another story of possibilities but not within the scope here).

        So did we not go to the moon. My gut tells me that the theatrics seen here are just another psyop produced by TPTsB to confuse the public. Yes we did; no we didn’t. Typical BS.

        TPTsB already knew what they’d encounter before lift-off and the public hoopla, hence the faked videos. They were forced to openly address the greatness of America over the Russian space race phenomenon of the time (political posturing). It gave them a great place to laundry the public’s money (funding to SAPs). Now, the problem of hiding the truth they already knew? Hence, the video fakes to set-up an unsophisticated public not used to idea they were inside the narrative of criminals.

        The real truth? We are not alone. We never have been. BELIEVE IT.

        • Elle
          The Challenger space shuttle astronauts are still alive, at least most of them are. i.e.

          Wake up, my dear… No reason to believe we are not alone. We are unique as intelligent created beings. No such thing as aliens. They are if anything, spirit beings (demons). No such thing as outer space. And the earth is most likely not a globe. I know, it sounds crazy, but I’ve gotten over it now. Life is great without these stupid notions of a 1000 miles/hour spinning earth hurtling through space at 67,000 miles/hour and fantastic moon landings. We’ve been duped. How many more proofs do we need to see before we can wake up?
          Bless you,

        • I asked the I Ching why were the Apollo missions faked. It said (I’m paraphrasing) there was a big shock, a big push to defend the earth. Then there was advancement and learning but this was directed and supervised. We were not allowed to fly too high! Hmm interesting 😉

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