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In one of two blockbuster interviews conducted by Alex Jones this week, Steve Kirsch joined InfoWars to discuss how the COVID hoax is falling apart amid Fauci’s announcement of his resignation from NIAID.

Last week, Steve made broadcasting history when he told Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade that, “What I found was that hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed by this vaxxine and millions have been injured and clearly, you are more likely to be injured or dead from the vaxxine than if you were unvaxxinated.”

Brian was quick to say on-air that Fox can’t “verify” Steve’s claims. Steve went ahead and backed-up his claims on his Substack, where he called-out Brian, saying, “You mean you ‘can’t’ because Fox won’t let you, right?”

Steve tells Alex here that Brian “Was actually telling people the truth, because Fox News has contractual commitments that don’t allow them to speak poorly about the vaxxines. So they can’t say anything antivax on Fox News and so they can’t verify my numbers, because if they did, they would have to be admitting that the vaxxines are not safe and not effective.”

Steve says, “The White House has spent a billion dollars influencing media and giving money to media to promote these vaxxines. And we don’t know what the contracts say, it’s pretty clear there was no interest at Fox in validating the numbers.

“Now, if what I said is true and we really have killed hundreds of thousands of people, you would think that Fox News would be interested in covering that and looking at my data.

“So after the interview, I talked to the producer and I said, ‘Hey, would you like to see the data?’ And there was no response. They don’t want to see the data.”

Steve has run many surveys and he has consistently found that it is the vaxxinated who are getting sick and it is the hospital protocols that are killing people.

Alex asks Steve what he thinks is going on, with Deborah Birx saying that she never thought the vaxxine would help and with Fauci resigning.

Steve thinks the wheels are falling off the hoax, saying, “This is the greatest killer of all time. This is unprecedented. The numbers here are so large…this is killing people at a much higher rate than heart disease is. It’s the new Number One killer and the CDC is silent on all of this.”

Steve says he approached Carol Crawford at the CDC, who’s in charge of “stopping misinformation spreaders” and he told her, he’d gather the top 20 “misinformation spreaders” in the same room and she could present her hot topics and they could present theirs and they could have a nice, civil discussion.

He says, “She’s not interested in that, which tells me she’s not interested in stopping the ‘misinformation-spreading’ because she knows damned well we’re not talking misinformation, here. It would be exposed for them to go on-camera. This is why we’re being ignored by the FDA, the CDC, the NIH…

“We can look at the death tolls and the injury tolls ten different ways and we’ll get the same results.”

On his Substack, Steve wrote about being accused of making false statements by Media Matters, an organization of which he was an original donor. He was then de-platformed from their website’s comment section after he offered to provide them with the data so they could verify his claims.

He wrote, “It appears that nobody in the world is confident that I am lying because I’ve offered up to $1M to anyone who thinks they can challenge me and there are no acceptances of any of my 15 debate offers.”

He tells Alex here, “Donald Trump was the one who created the vaccine in the first place. If he comes out with the truth about the vaxxine, Boy, that’s gonna wake up a lot of people…the truth always comes out…You always want to be on the right side of history and if you’re Trump, you like to never be wrong. He doesn’t like to admit he’s wrong – but he has to, in this case.

“But the point is that if he does that, then he becomes on he right side of history and that forces the Democrats to dig in deeper, defending the vaxxine, which makes them lose bigger and bigger and bigger, over time, because the truth does come out and it’s amazing to me that these people who have left the CDC and the FDA, Boy, they don’t want to talk to anyone…because they don’t want to incriminate themselves for participating in this.”

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a web-based vaccine adverse event self-reporting system monitored by the FDA that is widely thought to be inaccurate and that it may only reflect as little as 1/100th of the actual numbers.

Kirsch conservatively estimates that the underreporting to VAERS is by a factor of 41 and that VAERS is only capturing around 2% of the actual adverse events.

To get the real numbers, he says you have to multiply the official VAERS numbers by 41 – and when you do that, you get over half a million deaths in the US.

But Steve appears to be referring to an earlier VAERS report, because VAERS’ current COVID Vaccine Reported Deaths is at 30,347, which multiplied by 41 is over 1.2 million deaths, which is a conservative estimate. Many people think it’s over twice that amount.

Up next, Steve recently wrote, “I’ll be posting an interview where people will go on the record about illegal falsification of medical records and death certificates. Did you know that in America today, if you died shortly after vaccination, even when there is a VAERS report, that your medical records will not reflect this and it will be omitted from your death certificate as well?”


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  • No one gas ever been injured or died of the vaxxines!!

    Mr. Trump said that HCQ &
    Ivermectin, along with CDS are
    registered Vaccines.

    And are Not genetic modification

    I’ve taken “horse paste” for years
    without ANY PROBLEMS!!

  • Kirsch misses and ignores the real hoax that the rest of the cult of Vaxx is built on, there was no virus. The alleged pathogen was never isolated, purified and characterized proving it’s existence. But Kirsch like others fall into the “virus pushers against clot shots” category and refuse to entertain the notion that ConVid was just that, a Con.

    There’s been some great work exposing the so called claims of isolation and proving isolation never actually took place. The whole basis of Germ Theory is just that a theory, not fact.

    Dr. Samantha Bailey has a great series on Odysee outlining the fraud starting with Part 1:

    I think all of us grew up with the notion of virus causing illness, but after watching Dr. Sam’s and others deep dive into the “science” and finding viruses have never been proven to exist, let alone cause illness…my mind was blown.

    Dr. Sam and her husband Dr. Mark Bailey along with a group of others have issued a challenge which I’m certain Kirsch will avoid like the plague.

  • There is clear language in the 1986 vaccine act that says that VAERS reporting is a shared legal obligation and failure to accurately maintain VAERS data will result in LOSS OF BIG PHARMA’S LIABILITY PROTECTION. Yet clearly one of these things has happened and one has not, because yet again Congress has failed us. Forget about the red wave or being on the fake winning team. Hold all of your congressional candidates to account on this issue and question them on it publicly. Do not give your vote to anyone who is not willing to audit the VAERS system and remove big pharmas liability protections given the mess they will surely find. The CDC has publicly cast doubt on VAERS despite being legally responsible for maintaining it, auditing it annually and reporting the data to Congress. This hasn’t happened in two decades. You must not tolerate it for one more second. There is no bigger issue than your very life or the safety of your child. Congress has been complicit in ignoring safety signals and grave risks that are being mandated upon us and our children. You’ve been warned. Elect another carbon copy Congress and none of these vaccine sins will ever be punished or remedied or even stopped. You hold the power here, so own it!

  • Purposely killing innocent people! Depopulate Americans to take over world NWO ! Across the world this is the agenda.

    • They create a “Narrative” every 2,160 years as we enter a “New Age” not NWO.
      Last “Narrative” Jesus was the “Son of God” as we entered the Age of Pisces, represented by the two fish.
      Time before that we entered the Age of Aries represented by the Ram, that’s why Jews still blow into a Rams horn.
      Time before that we entered into the age of Taurus the Bull, this is where people do not understand Mythology, when Moses comes down with the Ten Commandments & sees his people worshipping the Golden Bull, that’s because when the previous Age is finished we must shed the Old. They were going into the Age of Aries. It’s All just a Story….

  • Steve Kirsch I applaud you for speaking out the truth about the Covid-19 SARS-2 DEATH JAB VAXX. I totally agree with your research analysis and findings. I came to the same conclusions early on when I first started seeing Covid patients in mid March 2020. Fortunately I knew about the Frontline Doctors/Zelinko Protocols, that were were quite effective if started early. There never was a need for a Vaccine because we had very effective outpatient treatments. We never had lockdowns or business closures during Influenza A or B seasonal outbreaks. For my patients I advocated against taking these new experimental unproven emergency authorized “vaccines”. I was really appalled when the Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates we’re being enforced. I am very disheartened that so many of my medical collegues have abandoned their Hippocratic Oath, “to do no harm” and have willingly “Drank the Kool Aid” going along with this EVIL Diabolical Deep State DAVOS Agenda. JUSTICE is coming for those that have been complicit in these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! You are a True Patriot and Truth Teller, MAHALO!

  • after the collapse of the hoax MUST come the executions.

    for this is no les than a crime against humanity and death is the only acceptable penalty for genocide, terrorism, and the gigantic racketeering done by Big Pharma.

    we have THE LAW on our side.

    Now all we need is THE WILL to enforce the Law

    • Forget about what someone else might do. ONLY vote for Congressional candidates that will swear a promise to audit VAERS and remove big pharmas liability protections in accordance with the 1986 law. No other solution is better. Period. Do this or stop complaining. The Congress that you have been voting for for the last 20 years has been delinguent in this duty. Should we hold you to account too? For burdening us with them. For all the damage caused by their inaction? This is a very easy thing to ask and do. But you gotta do more than just talk…

  • Also at
    The scientists say, the 💉 is full of Bacteria’s of All Kinds!
    So to protect your body, after the 💉💉
    They suggest taking a round of Antibiotics
    To kill the Bacteria’s 🦠 Inside the 💉💉
    For further injuries!

  • I’m confused, DJT has admitted he created the vaccine with warp speed. So how is that going to stop the hoax?

    • I think one theory is saying that the DS was going to do or put out a worse bioweapon and to defuse that T rushed out a vaxx to spoil their plans. Basically- only certain ones know. It’s a war.

  • Fauci is an evil person, but, there are so many evil people cooperated in this scam around the world. All heads of states in lockstep can only illustrated that there is a higher authority over these heads of states. It is time to see justice enforced on these criminals.

  • People forget or don’t know this is irregular and information war before they try to turn it kinetic. Trump also tried to get HCQ etc over the counter. By allowing the jabs with CHOICE, free will, he avoided lockdowns until 2030. He rushed them and allowed the cabal, Deep State, enemy to destroy themselves. Even with those he appointed. They have now proven far more deaths with lockdowns. Trump also said in 2021 that he thought THEY we’re poisoning us with the jab. People clamored for the jab. Trump never created it. Entire media was pro jab and anti therapeutics that worked, even Trump. He misleading the Deep State was and is purposeful. Why interfere with the enemy while they’re in the middle of destroying themselves? Plus this is world war. People we’re taught to trust the government. Brainwashed. Only 5-10 people know about the White Hat plans.

    • How is that a “plan” when only 5-10 knows?

      bruth….look at the facts verses what Trump claimed he would do before coming to office
      Enough said about him

  • I’d say if the hoax is truly collapsing, Fakci and other criminals hiding behind this puppet should have been executed by now.

    • Exactly. That’s why “must watch” Jones and Kirsch, and virtually all the rest of the alternative press, are controlled opposition, giving us a selective version of reality, half truths, and lies.

      As usually influencers of the whitewashing SELECTIVE alternative media, such as Jones and Kirsch, fail to tell you about the real deep IMPLICATIONS of their listed ugly facts. These SELECTIVE truth-tellers engage in constant descriptions of the criminal prison wards from different angles without (hardly) ever facing what these people are and that they only represent ONE element of the true big problem.

      Let’s THINK now…

      What do these facts, in conjunction with tons of similar evidence, mean really? What does it squarely point to? What is the TRUE FINAL implication of all that, which is not mentioned here (or elsewhere typically)?

      ACTIVE resistance against the criminal establishments around the world will greatly increase the sooner someone TRULY understands that the ruling cabal and their minions (in governments, big corporations, etc), anywhere around the globe, are PSYCHOPATHS — the evidence is OVERWHELMING and TOTALLY IRREFUTABLE — see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room”…

      (CAVEAT — only read the 2 pink elephant article if you’re GENUINELY interested in the truth and therefore “CAN handle the truth” …)

      That’s why Fauci, etc is not in prison, nor ever will be.

      But global rulership by psychopaths is only ONE part of the equation that makes up the destructive human condition as the article explains because there are TWO pink elephants in the room… and they’re MARRIED (see cited source above).

      If you are in the United States and your employer has mandated the toxic/lethal COVID jabs, you can register to receive a “Medical Exemption Certificate” for free at or

      • Well said. Alex Jones and Steve Kirsch are side roads. Hyping minor points while steering you away from the big enchilada:. There is no virus. David Icke isn’t afraid to say it. Nor are a host of others who grasp real science. You know who else said there was no virus? The CDC and the government’s of 40+ countries? It’s painfully obvious. How averse are you to letting your mind go anywhere beyond the confines set for you by the fake media. How dumb are you to say “the tests are fake, the vaccine is fake, the numbers are fake, the spokespeople are fake, but the virus is definitely real”. You sure about that? Show it to me. Viruses don’t cause illness and only half of ‘the scientists’ ever believed that at best. Whole disciplines of healthcare reject this hypothesis completely. You only believed it because it’s on TV. Youre the ‘quack’ not them. Seasonal sicknesses occur when the weather changes and certain algae and fungi take refuge in your warm mouth and sinuses. Where the produce enzymes and surface agents that are toxic/venomous to our bodies. Thats your cold and that’s your flu. And you can kill them in seconds with a colloidal silver or peroxide rinse. No $50 billion worth of vaccines required annually. ‘the Science’ on this is very deep and over 100 years old. Stop traveling the side roads with these frauds.

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