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The big story of the day is the imminent passage of the debt ceiling bill. After passing the House earlier in the week, it passed in the Senate late last night, with 46 Democrats rubberstamping the bill, along with 17 GOP sellouts. 30 Republicans stood with We the People, along with 6 Democrats. Here is the full vote breakdown in the Senate.

Nothing makes sense. Lindsey Graham doesn’t like MAGA but he voted “Nay”, on our side. Chuck Grassley loves MAGA – but he voted “Yea” to codify and fund every insane, woke, America-destroying Biden Regime policy through the end of this presidential term in January 2025. What the Hell is going on, here?

Here’s what Marjorie Taylor Greene had to say about it late last night.

Seriously, what the Hell is going on here?

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The looter class is stuffing their pockets while the controlled opposition is pretending to defend whats left mostly curtain rods and stationary from offices in the abandoned capital. Skid row crackheads could do a better job of running the .gov shitshow . We need more funding for rehab , ankle bracelets and work release to save this country from the criminals in DC.

  • The Reality is that your are a MAGA Traitor, MTG. Go snuggle with your coconspirator, “Squeaker of the House” Kevin McCarthy. Did you betray us for the sake of your young children? Pitiful.

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