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    Ashton Forbes joins Keith Malinak and Zeynep Yenisey on At The Mic (with Keith) to discuss his bombshell theory about what happened to the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which vanished without a trace nearly a decade ago.

    A little known video posted online in the days following the March 2014 disappearance only deepens the mystery.

    The video was spotted by podcaster Ashton Forbes and he’s been analyzing the footage, talking to experts and connecting the dots. He now reveals a mind blowing theory as he shares visual aids and a very compelling case.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • The ‘disappearance’ moment at 33:00 needs to be ‘time resolved’ to the highest resolution.
      The CONTINUITY of that recording begs few questions in those 2 moments:
      1. one of the 3 orbs appearing on the right, suddenly is ‘cut out’ to half, as if the recording indeed was stitched together
      2. The moment of the disappearing ‘explosion’ is visible as a dark central huge spot with a reddish outer border and almost black distorted circle around it, and if the observation spot is static and timely continuous, then there should be a logical follow up in every recorded frame, which I think is missing.
      Why Ashton completely ignores it, is strange.

      The very naive opinion of Zeynep Yenisey is incredible, in particular now in 2023!!! Why such orbs didn’t take away every single politician/scientist/MD who are working and injecting genetically modifying synthetic patented crap in billions of HUMANS on this planet???
      Semiconductors are more important then the entire future of humanity??
      Many things here do not add up, to me, while being only at 49:00 so far…

    • Before this happened Cliff High did a Prediction called Space Farts and when this happened I told myself Cliff Gets that one Right, definitely a space Fart!

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