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Colonel Richard Black, former Virginia Senator, JAG Officer and former head of the Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon, joins the program with Harley Schlanger, top political activist for the LaRouche Foundation, to discuss the planned military coup currently taking place in the United States.

Both Colonel Black and Harley Schlanger provide insight as to who is planning the coup and why. They name names and talk straight about the danger the United States faces if a military coup ever takes place. They also stress the importance that current military personnel understand what is being planned and prepare to only follow legal orders, not orders from rogue military leaders intending to commit high treason.

“…there’s more than 300 former top military people who are on the payrolls as lobbyists or board members or corporate officials of defense contractors and related companies and so, this is the picture you’re beginning to get; a grouping which could be called the Military-Industrial Complex, which wants to keep the United States in these wars and they’re the ones who are now talking about whether or not it might be necessary to remove the President, in what would be a military coup and basically shut off every means of communication.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Alex. I really get the impression that you are pushing fear. .we all know the possibilities of a milcoup. We really do not need more fear in the media at this point we have had enough.

  • Patsy cake patsy cake
    Baker’s oven
    Put him to roast for the cloven
    Roll him
    Tag him
    Mark him as a “d”
    He’ll create slippery slope history

  • No surprise here😏 we’ve been seeing and hearing the treasonous traitor’s in msm propaganda outlets n the so called USA politicians who are in DNC and rhinos for past ten year’s!! It’s all the nwo globalist Communist scumbags who’ve been blinded by their greedy perverted n treasonous murdering activities!! All of the lockdowns killed more ppls than any covid coup!!yeah I believe that the treasonous traitor’s are planning a complete overthrow of the USA Constitution and n president.should have invoked insurrection a ton arrested all the govmt cities n states governor’s senators n Mayors who’ve violated oaths of offices and conspiracy against the USA Constitution by Not upholding true justice law n order!! Communist insurgencies should be arrested and thrown in prison👈 I’m tired of the be n treason n perverts destroying our country and freedoms!!

  • It is my contention that tinyhands garnered the angst which Americans were aiming at Sanders for their political relief. Sanders, Judas Sheep extraordinaire, talked the same ‘expose the infamy’ tune as trump did then, and has done since.
    Four years later, that angst remains and is far more insightful to the rot we all see.
    Trump will win in a landslide…dims have overlooked, arrogantly, the old adage regarding fooling all of US some of the time, some of US all of the time, but, as in these times, NOT all of US all of the time.

  • I think that I know what ‘their’ next PsyOp is! ‘They’ are going to have a pasty (either under mind control, or just a LOW IQ MORON); then CLAIM it to be a ‘right-wing extremist’ (there is NO SUCH THING, by the way!) and Biden, and maybe Harris, will be assassinated right before the election. Then John Kerry will ‘step in’. How’s THAT for MORE CHAOS for an election?!?! Lets face it…..Biden is totally USELESS to the Globalists, as is Harris. Harris would be ineffective; has zero political clout! And at this point in time, neither of them can just ‘drop out’. So, then……HOW does one replace them AND cause the most damage/chaos doing it??? There really is only ONE way! Bump off Biden (and maybe Harris), IN PUBLIC, and blame it on a ‘Trump supporter’!! Might THAT be ‘their’ October Surprise’???

  • If any of these people who claim to know, don’t bring up the Zionist faction within our military or government then they are useless. You and anybody interested in the real truth needs to understand the peril we face is in large part because of them.
    Come on Alexandra pick it up and get with the program. your just spinning your wheels.

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