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The pineal gland is a fascinating and mysterious structure within the brain. In humans, its main function is to produce melatonin, which is a powerful antioxidant that is thought to be protective against cancer as well as having anti-aging properties. It is literally a vestigial or “Third Eye” in humans, containing cells similar to those found in our retinas. In Hindu tradition, the Third Eye is the mind’s nonphysical eye of intuition.

In all species thus far examined, pineal glands have been found to be deep brain photoreceptors that play a role in the circadian and circannual regulation of periodic functions including sleep- and migratory cycles. Despite not being directly exposed to light, pineal glands respond to light, which opens up more questions that it answers.

As the brain ages, the pineal gland becomes hardened with calcium, phosphorus and fluroide deposits. By old age, it contains as much fluoride deposition as teeth. Cancer patients and people diagnosed with autism have greatly reduced levels of melatonin.

This is a rare video about the properties of melatonin and the function of the pineal gland which isn’t a lot of New Age hooey.

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  • Yes, melatonin appears, acts by no light.

    Is it not remarkable that there is dark energy, where not is known what it is.
    So for sure it is no light energy!!!

    I perceive a spiritual universe which is build up by dark energy.
    It is the energy of universal love, which pass through all human bodies and can be felt.
    I for myelf feel this flowing energy.

    Just test it out: put your hands in front of your body and perceive what is happening between your hands. Is there a flow of energy or not?
    By this energy all kinds of illnesses can disappear.

  • This article should infuriate city living people in the US. Pure rainwater is God given free from the sky. Millions of us Aussies have rainwater tanks which are fed from our roofs and which I believe are forbidden is most American city’s. How bloody crazy is that! No chem-trails over here either! America to my old mind apart from being a war mongering nation is fast becoming just a giant insane asylum.

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