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    This documentary is James Corbett’s most important and urgent work to date.

    Many people have suspected that Bill Gates’ obsession with population control is driven by a eugenicist ideology – and that worse, his obsession with vaccines intersects with this eugenicist ideology. This came to the fore in 2014, when a tetanus vaccine funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Africa was found to contain large doses of Human Chorionic Gonadatropin (HCG), which rendered the women who received the shot infertile.

    James Corbett shows how these suspicions are supported by many more lines of evidence, both historical and current.

    Corbett warns, “Time is not on our side. Even as we speak, mass vaccination campaigns are being prepared. Biometric identification schemes and “immunity passports” are already being rolled-out. Programs for tracking tracing and surveilling the entire population are already being beta-tested and the digital payment infrastructure; the system of financial exclusion that will allow governments to turn off our access to the economy at will is being put into place.

    “We must spread the word about the dark nature of this population control agenda to as many people as we can, before our ability to speak out against this agenda is taken away for good.”


    TRANSCRIPT (Lightly Redacted)

    As we have seen in our exploration of Gates’s rise as unelected global health czar and population control advocate, the question of who Bill Gates really is is no mere philosophical pursuit. Given that we are currently living through a crisis that has been predicted by Bill Gates, which is triggering a response from the global health organizations that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has bankrolled and driving us toward a vaccination and biometric ID solution, which Bill Gates has been working on for years, the answer to the question, “Who is Bill Gates?” is quickly becoming one of the most important questions of our lives.

    That answer will not only tell us about the world that we are living in but about the one that we are being thrust into and how we can avoid it. Today, we will attempt to answer that question, as we examine the motives, the ideology and the connections of this man who has been so instrumental in shaping the post-coronavirus world…

    So, who is Bill Gates? Some argue that he’s a genius who leveraged his natural computer-savvy into a billion dollar fortune. Others insist that he is a visionary who has changed our lives with his foresight and bold imagination. He has been hailed as a shrewd executive who built the Microsoft empire with his remarkable talent for business and he has been praised as a philanthropist who is selflessly devoting his wealth to improving the lives of people around the world but like anyone of his status, he has his detractors…

    In the 1990s, he was often portrayed as the greedy head of the evil Microsoft monopoly but in the age of the coronavirus crisis he is most often treated like some sort of epidemiologist or leading health researcher. But in truth, none of these perspectives are accurate…

    As Gates admits, it is not a spirit of selfless generosity that motivates his interest in vaccines and other lucrative health interventions. He tells one reporter, here that his foundation has received $100 billion overall “and there’s been over a 20-to-1 return. So, if you just look at the economic benefits that’s a pretty strong number compared to anything else.”

    Gates’ philanthropic investment scheme has paid off well, with his $50 billion dollar net worth having ballooned to over $100 billion after his decade of altruism in the vaccine market.

    As critics of his foundation have repeatedly pointed out, the nine million people who die every year of hunger would be best served by securing food supplies, running water and other basic necessities – not costly medical interventions for rare diseases. But there is no return on investment to be made from that kind of charity.

    No, this is not about charity. It is about control. The population control grid that Gates has been quietly funding into existence for the past decade; a biometric identification system tied to a digital payments infrastructure that will be used to track, catalogue and control every movement, every transaction and every interaction of every citizen is just now coming into view but the real question is, why is he doing this?

    What drives a man like Bill Gates, a man rich beyond the wildest dreams of avarice to spend his time and invest his fortune in schemes to control the population? To find the answer to that question we have to examine Gates’ family background.

    Bill Gates, it should not be surprising to learn was born into money. His great-grandfather, JW Maxwell was the President of National City Bank in Seattle. His grandfather, Willard was also a banker and his grandmother, Adele a prominent Seattle civic leader.

    Bill Gates’ mother Mary Maxwell Gates was a scion of the Maxwell banking family and by all accounts, as hard-driving as her forebears. She served as a director of several companies including First Interstate Bank Corp and KIROTV of Seattle. She served as a regent at the University of Washington and she was appointed to the board of the United Way of America where, as we have seen, she persuaded IBM CEO, John Opel to help her son in his fledgling software development career.

    Bill’s father William H Gates Sr was a prominent Seattle area lawyer. He co-founded a powerful law and lobbying firm, helped Howard Schultz in his bid to buy Starbucks, served on the boards of numerous companies and organizations and along the way, had a profound influence on his son’s life and career.

    Bill Gates learned much from his parents. From his mother’s banking family, he inherited a “nose for the dollar,” as one childhood friend’s father called it. From his hard-driving legal minded father, he learned the value of legalizing business arrangements. As a child, he even had a legal contract drawn up to grant him the use of his older sister’s baseball mitt…

    A “nose for the dollar” and a knowledge of how to use the legal system to get what you want were not the only things to emerge from Bill Gates’ childhood, however. His parents also encouraged discussion about the family’s charity work and the causes they held close to their heart. As Gates revealed to Bill Moyers in 2003, those causes included the population issue, which sparked a lifelong interest in reproductive health…

    Gates tips his hand when he equates “issues related to population” with “reproductive health”. The topic is particularly controversial, because “population control” and “reproductive health” have been used for half a century as a euphemism for eugenics, the discredited pseudoscience that holds that certain families are fit to be leaders of society by virtue of their superior genes…

    As transparent as it seems to us today, that this ideology was a self-serving, self-justification for the ruling class, it was quickly taken up as the great social crusade of the early 20th century. From Teddy Roosevelt to HG Wells to Julian Huxley to Winston Churchill, there was widespread support for the eugenicist notion that society must strive to make sure that the rich and well-born breed as much as possible and the poor infirm and feeble-minded be prevented from having children…

    But in the post-World War II era, as the name of eugenics became tarred by association with the Nazi atrocities, the talk of death panels and other harsh eugenicist notions was dropped from public conversation. Now, the quest to reduce the size of the poor population with spoken of as “population control” and “reproductive health”. Still occasionally, these old negative eugenics ideas are revisited in moments of candor.

    It is worth questioning why this man, who openly muses about death panels and the trade-offs of providing health care to the elderly is to be taken completely at face value, in his attempts to slow population growth in the Third World or to handle a coronavirus health crisis that primarily affects the elderly. That the Gates agenda is being driven by a eugenicist ideology is suggested by multiple lines of evidence, both historical and current…

    The Rockefeller family was instrumental in funding and promoting eugenics, both in America and overseas. The Rockefellers helped fund the Eugenics Record Office. The founding director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, William Welch sat on the ERO’s board and helped direct its activities.

    The Rockefellers sponsored the studies of the eugenics researchers at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute’s in Germany, including Ernst Rudin, who would go on to draft Nazi Germany’s forced sterilization law.

    And when the American Eugenics Society became embarrassed of its own name, its longtime director Fredrick Osborn merrily took over as president of the Rockefeller-funded Population Council.

    This dedication to the cause of “public health” did not escape the approving gaze of Bill Gates Sr. In a chapter of his 2009 book, ‘Showing Up For Life’ called “Walking with Giants”, he writes admiringly of the Rockefellers and their influence in the field:

    “Every corner we’ve turned in the field of global health, we’ve found that the Rockefellers were already there and had been there for years…

    “A lesson we learned from studying and working with the Rockefellers is that to succeed in pursuing audacious goals, you need like-minded partners with whom to collaborate and we learned that such goals are not prizes claimed by the short-winded. The Rockefellers stay with tough problems for generations.”

    As Gates Sr suggests, it is by working with like-minded partners that such great achievements in the field of global health can be made. For the Gates’, these like-minded partners include the Rockefellers, themselves.

    Bill Gates Sr got to discuss global health, agriculture and environment with the likes of David Rockefeller Sr and David Rockefeller Jr at a meeting on “Philanthropy in a Global Century” at Rockefeller University campus in 2000. And Bill Gates, as we have seen, co-hosted a meeting on reducing the population with David Rockefeller in 2009.

    But the most salacious hints of a deeper agenda are not to be found in the Gates’s public associations but in the associations that they have tried to hide from the public.

    Beginning in August of last year, a string of information connecting Bill Gates to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein began to emerge. Flight logs revealed that Gates had flown on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet. An email surfaced, showing disgraced MIT Media Lab director, Joichi Ito, who resigned from his position after it was discovered, that he had helped cover up Jeffrey Epstein’s identity as an anonymous donor to the lab, informing his staff that a $2 million dollar donation to the lab in 2014 was a gift from Bill Gates directed by Jeffrey Epstein.

    As the story gained momentum, Gates tried to downplay the relationship, with a Gates spokesperson protesting that Gates didn’t know it was Epstein’s plane and Gates, himself insisting that, “I didn’t have any business relationship or friendship with Epstein.”

    This was immediately contradicted by the New York Times, who reported in October of 2012 that Gates had, in fact met with Epstein on multiple occasions, even going so far as to discuss the creation of a multi-billion dollar charitable fund with seed money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and JPMorgan Chase, according to The Times.

    Gates emailed his colleagues about Epstein in 2011: “His lifestyle is very different and kind of intriguing, although it would not work for me.”

    Epstein’s will even named Boris Nikolic, a Harvard-trained immunologist who served as the chief scientific adviser to both Microsoft and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation…as the backup executor of Epstein’s estate.

    It is not difficult to see why Gates would try to distance himself from his relationship with a child sex trafficker. Epstein, after all, is suspected of ensnaring high-ranking politicians, businessmen and even royalty in an intelligence-directed honeypot operation, recording them in the act of sexually abusing underage girls and using that evidence as blackmail.

    But as it turns out, the attempt to suppress the Gates-Epstein story may have been an attempt to suppress the revelation of an altogether different shared interest. Sources say several accusers have come forward in New Mexico, where Epstein owns a sprawling ranch.

    The already scarcely-believable Jeffrey Epstein story took another bizarre turn in August of 2019 when it was reported that Epstein hoped to “seed the human race with his DNA.” As the New York Times explained, Epstein’s plan to impregnate 20 women at a time it is New Mexico ranch in order to seed the human race with his DNA, a plan he told to a number of the scientific luminaries he kept in his orbit put a modern gloss on a very old idea.

    Mr Epstein’s vision reflected his long-standing fascination with what has become known as transhumanism, the science of improving the human population through technologies, like genetic engineering and artificial intelligence. Critics have likened transhumanism to a modern-day version of eugenics, the discredited field of improving the human race through controlled breeding.

    Epstein’s interest in genetics led him to sponsor a number of scientists working in the field, including George Church, a Harvard geneticist whose lab received funding from Epstein’s foundation from 2005 to 2007 for “cutting-edge science”.

    Church publicly apologized for his connection to Epstein, which included several meetings a year from 2014 onward. This was neither the first nor the last time that this unassuming Harvard biologist, whose cutting-edge science often strays into controversial areas caused the public scandal.

    In 2019, Church proposed a genetics dating app, which was immediately denounced as “applied eugenics”. Church also acted a scientific adviser to Editas Medicine, a startup seeking to use the genome editing tool, CRISPR-Cas9 to eliminate diseases by deleting the parts of a genetic code responsible for the illness.

    In 2015, the company announced it had raised $120 million from a group led by Epstein’s appointed backup executor, Dr Boris Nikolic. Naturally, that group of investors included Bill Gates.

    Yes, Bill Gates is certainly following his father’s advice to “collaborate with like-minded partners.” So, the question remains: Is Bill Gates motivated by eugenics, given that eugenics went underground over half a century ago? We are unlikely ever to unearth a frank admission along those lines from Gates, himself. After all, there are no longer any card-carrying members of the American Eugenics Society.

    The Society was rebranded in the 1970s when, as the society founder noted, “It became evident that changes of eugenic nature would be made for reasons other than eugenics and that tying a eugenic label on them would more often hinder than help their adoption.”

    And perhaps it was coincidence that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation organized their London Summit on Family Planning, at which the Gates recommitted themselves to funding population control in the Third World on July 2012, on the anniversary of the First International Eugenics Congress, held in London, exactly 100 years prior…(!!!)

    No, we cannot expect an answer about Bill Gates’ true motives to come from Gates himself. By this point, the question of Bill Gates’s intentions has been buried under the combined weight of hundreds of millions of dollars of paid PR spin. Like the Rockefellers before them, the Gates’ have long since learned the secret of enlarging their family fortune, not to mention their control over the human population by donning the mask of philanthropy…

    Now, we must confront the question of why this man is motivated to build such a web of control? Control over our public health agencies. Control over our identities. Control over our transactions. And even control over our bodies.

    We must confront the possibility that this quest for control comes not from a selfless spirit of generosity that never seemed to exist before he became a multi-billionaire but from the same drive for money, the same desire for domination and the same sense of superiority that motivated him on his way up the corporate ladder.

    But if the answer to the question, “Who is Bill Gates? Is Bill Gates is a eugenicist?” That tells us some important things about the world that we are living in.

    It tells us that Gates is deceiving the public into supporting his takeover of the world with a false front of philanthropy. It tells us that the goal of the Gates’, like the goal of the Rockefellers before them is not to improve the world for humankind but to improve the world for their kind.

    And most importantly, it tells us that Bill Gates is no comic book supervillain, single-handedly directing all of the chaos that is unfolding in the world or single-handedly bringing his own order to that chaos.

    No. If Bill Gates is a eugenicist, driven by a belief in the superiority of himself and his fellow wealthy elitists, then what we are facing is not one man or even one family but an ideology. This is not a trivial point.

    One man, whatever his wealth can be stopped easily enough. But even if Bill Gates were to be thrown in jail tomorrow, the agenda that has already been set in motion would continue without missing a beat. An entire infrastructure of researchers, labs corporations, governmental agencies and public health bodies exists, funded more often than not by Gates but driven by the belief of all those millions of people working for these various entities that they are truly working in the best interest of the people.

    No. An ideology cannot be stopped by stopping one man. It can only be stopped when enough people learn the truth about this agenda and the world of total pervasive control that is coming into view.

    If you have watched all four parts of this exploration on Bill Gates, then you are now one of the most informed people on the planet about the true nature of this. You have seen how the takeover of public health has been used to railroad the world into a headlong rush toward mandatory vaccinations, biometric identification and digital payments. You have seen how the pieces of this puzzle fit together and how they represent a far greater threat to the future of humanity than any virus.

    Here is the good news: Armed with this information, you have the antidote to the scourge of this eugenicist ideology. The truth is that ideologies are viruses of the mind. They spread from person to person, infecting them with ideas that can lead to a disease of the body politic.

    But here is the even greater truth: Inoculations do work. Inoculation of truth against the lies of those spreading their poisonous ideology. If you have made it this far, it is incumbent on you to help inoculate those around you against the corrupt ideology of Bill Gates and all those who seek to control the population of the world. You must help to spread this information, so that others have a chance to see the bigger picture and decide for themselves whether they are willing to roll up their sleeves and accept what is coming or not.

    But time is not on our side. Even as we speak, mass vaccination campaigns are being prepared. Biometric identification schemes and “immunity passports” are already being rolled-out. Programs for tracking tracing and surveilling the entire population are already being beta-tested and the digital payment infrastructure; the system of financial exclusion that will allow governments to turn off our access to the economy at will is being put into place.

    We must spread the word about the dark nature of this population control agenda to as many people as we can, before our ability to speak out against this agenda is taken away for good. Thanks to the likes of Bill Gates, the virus of this population control agenda is already here. It is threatening to crash the system as we’ve known it but if Bill Gates has taught us anything, it’s how to deal with a virus: It’s time for a hard reset.

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    • Right now we are hiding our faces from one another due to the fear of Covid 19.. hmmm.
      However, the facial expressions of Gates on the video are not covered, so take note of that and read accordingly.

    • I do wish to give Bill Gates of hell, and his entire family all the vaccinations they have missed their entire lives all at once! After all, it would help the world population, in more ways than one.

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