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This may be Amazing Polly’s greatest video so far, about the Nazi, Soviet, CIA and Maoist origins of radical Left ideologies and the quest for biological domination of the human race, from fertility, to mind control, to bioweapons, to depopulation, to transhumanism.

Polly traces the historic trajectory that connects Jeffrey Epstein, the Maxwells and other players in our present-day eugenicist, technofascist takeover, beginning at the end of World War II, looking at the roles of Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein and how science has been co-opted to steer humanity with the US Army’s Project Rusty, NASA, JPL, cybernetics and a Wuhan connection that goes all the way back.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Wonderful presentation. I started waking up and questioning the msm when I was 13 yo. An article came out on my step-dad and his career and how wonderful our family was. It was all a joke, we were not one big happy family at all. From that moment, I viewed the msm with a suspicious eye.

  • This is a great video as it shows where the leftist obsession with Russia started and why it has never stopped in favor of Maoist China which brought us COVID 19 due to its involvement with the initial German Nazis who influenced the Chinese scientist who perfected it! The true reality is that we can thank the democ-RATS in the 1930’s for taking out the Japanese Empire which would have insured there would never be a powerful, Maoist China today! After WWII, todays George Sorosian globalist banking clique started that is trying to exterminate all vestiges of nationhood, indigenous tradition and spiritual forces of religion! This clique though simply co-opted the clique that was going on albeit in a split form from the time of Adam Weishaupt!
    Like Madame Blavatsky who sought at the end of her life to go back to Christian-Buddhist mysticism but died before her work was finished, Robert Maxwell, the Zionist was taken out as he didn’t like what was happening especially since the banking clique was destroying him financially. George Soros and Maoist China must be stopped before they destroy the best of humankind and all nations, especially that of the Eurasian human being which rejects automation! We are spiritual souls in human flesh and we refuse to automate!



    There being adequate evidence of Defendants malicious infliction of Plaintiffs’ religious liberty injury, missing from the Memorandum with Injunction is NEW YORKERS’ protection against Defendants malicious acts to prevent re-election of Donald J. Trump on November 3, 2020 by any means possible with tortuous interference and propaganda to disrupt state / federal elections and commerce in association with the Gates Foundation directors including Deborah Birx, Jesuit Coadjutor Anthony Fauci, the GAVI Vaccine Alliance and others investment to facilitate unjust enrichment by NANO-TECH systems experimentation on NEW YORKERS: to introduce global surveillance with eugenics / genocide capability, to tortuously interfere under color of law to violate Constitutional 14th Amendment rights under 42 USC §1983 and related law, infringe Plaintiffs / Intervener’s 1st 4th 5th 9th 10th rights, and aid & abet Chinese Communist Party’s illegal virus Gain-of Function Research (GOFR); despite treatments see, and according to the following allegations:

  • Great work, Polly. Thanks.

    How did I wake up? I had a terrible childhood and saw the world for what it is quite early. My further exposure to the deepest nature of the world came about with a dozen LSD trips between 1971 and 1976. Life is an impossible condition, duality a terrible platform for consciousness, and suffering is an unacceptable experience. I ask Source daily to end this experiment. For now I am contenting myself with following Dr. Martin Luther King’s view: Cooperating with evil is the same as perpetrating evil. My diet is changing as a result of my refusal to wear a mask. Whole Foods, Earthfare and two local stores have all banned my entry, and farmers’ markets are illegal. I am in North Carolina where a democratic governor reigns.

  • Poly kinda misses Werner brother Magnus was the chief designer of the Soviet space program.
    Baby Ger. perhaps had 2 breakaway civilizations by 1950 !

  • You are so wonderful. I continue being amazed at your findings, even though I go back to the 911 lies. I wish I could meet a lady of your incredible ‘where-with-all’ in Orange County , CA. We have SOOOOOO many phonies out here.

    Keep doing what you are doing!

  • I have some documents that are very relevant to your work(transhumanism and the elite’s). I would like to share with you, how can I send them? I would really like to hear what you have to say about them.

  • Polly,
    Thank you for what you do…and being there. Between you and Alexandra I have to say you both give me, not necessarily hope but, a realization that what we’re living are the steps of someone’s dream to control us with chips, buttons, strings as robots. I’ve been anti-news for at least 10/15 years. As a result of switching from music to ‘talk-radio’ and finding political parties both coming up with the same agenda, one more subtle than the other but both untrustworthy. I moved out of the States to live in Panama, thinking it a better alternative. But, with the new president (I’m hearing he’s socialist) here, I’m not sure this was a good choice. Listening to you put the puzzle pieces together, makes me very glad to know there are STILL people out there like you two, plus Jon Rappoport and only a few others.

    Oh Now I have a problem. Seem this video won’t go out. It keeps coming back as SPAM. What email can I use with security to send out your great eamils?

  • Thank you for your work to help open everyone’s eyes.
    Great stuff🙏❤️💉

  • Interview Justice Anna Von Reitz

    Reclaim your birthright political status as a State National – remove yourself from USA Inc.

    Come home to the Land and Soil Jurisdiction of your birth state. Reclaim your status as one of the “People” principal high contacting party in the Contract for the united States of America. Yep, you read that right “Constitution = Contract” “Federal = Contract” So say it correctly and it makes more sense. Federal Government = Contract Government – Federal Citizen = Contract Citizen. Contract Law is a foreign jurisdiction for commercial entities – The Law Merchant. Commerce is Sea Jurisdiction (mer = water/sea, think mermaid – water maid), the realm of artificial persons known as Corporations. The realm of private contracts regulated by codes and statutes not LAW. Codes and statues are private copyrighted legal (man-made) policies (by-laws) for corporations not living people. Everything is contract and jurisdiction! No contract – no jurisdiction! Rescind the adhesion (invisible) contracts that bond you to a bankrupt franchise of USA Inc. DO IT NOW! Correct your status back to State National get involved with your state assembly and self-govern. As principal and high contracting party of the Federal Constitution(s) we the “People” have the power to liquidate rogue sub-contractors operating outside of their corporate contracts.

  • I will reseach elements of your work confirming these thoughts in my privacy what ever that clam might be.

  • “BANG BANG MAXWELL, came down upon their head” ” Bang Bang Maxwell made sure they were dead.” Thank you. The song just keeps playing in my head. Maybe I fell off my rocker. LOL

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