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    Pete Santilli says that, “The Biometrics Services Section of the Criminal Justice Information Services Division, the entire team that did the facial recognition for January 6th – the initial breach – determined there were military people, there were Joint Terrorism Task Force people.

    “The majority of the people at that initial breach, that caused the barricades to come down were, in fact Feds – including Ray Epps.

    They have this information. Tucker Carlson confirmed it. Did you notice? Did you notice that, right? Tucker Carlson has been threatened. They shut Tucker Carlson down, because there’s video tapes that if Tucker Carlson releases it, that hasn’t been generally known to the public, it’s going to reveal the military personnel that need to be – if I find one of you, if I find one of you wearing civilian clothes, I’m going to personally come to you. Personally. With a bunch of my friends. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. You guys remain anonymous.

    “Or, you know what you can do? Come forward and do the right thing. ‘Cause you broke the freaking law. You did. And if you were told that, you know, you were able to skirt Constitutional Law, we need to have General Milley arrested, tried and convicted, Pelosi arrested and tried and convicted for Treason. It’s a military coup right now.

    “If you’re in the military. Get the word out, Folks, we will either expect one of two things: You’re either going to come forward or when we find you, we will have zero mercy. Zero mercy. And that’s not a threat, either.

    “‘Cause I know a bunch of people, if you think you’re a Special Forces Operator, I know a whole bunch of them. They’re hiding in the freaking hills. They know who you are. They’re going to deal with you.”

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    • I condone all killing, maiming and torturing of these treasonous bastards, and their family and friends who are all corrupt beyond hope.

      This message was brought to you by the People of the united states of America, and more aptly all citizens of the State. May your days be brighter :>]]

    • None of this surprises me in the least. I bet my pension that there were plenty of ANTIFA in the mob to boot. Back when we pried the 3 hours of video from these criminals I noticed this. The same few guys ll dressed the same would lunge forward often with poles . As soon as they breached whatever doorway or barrier they immediately dropped back letting others go through first. This was repeated over and over again. They never seemed to directly confront or contact the police.
      There’s so much more to learn yet and none of it will be exculpatory towards the Democrats and Deep State actors. This whole thing was a setup start to finish. It was a show trial that Stalin would be proud of🤬

    • CHECK MATE . This sloppy ass frameup boomerang insurrection is over and done . The top level of the whole garbage government was in on it. It will take months to hang all these morons the world over. I recommend the guillotines ,they bought to use in the FEMA camps on us, be pressed into service to safely and effectively process this trash. Confiscate their property to pay reparations for the damage done to all the survivors of WW3. Free at last, Free at last, Thank GOD we will be rid of them at last.

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