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This video, created by InfoWars raises important questions about the Obama Administration’s Iran Deal and John Kerry’s recent violation of the Logan Act, when he met with Iranian officials in back-channel talks. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused Kerry of “actively undermining” the Trump Administration’s policy toward Tehran.

The video has gone viral in Iran among those who oppose the theocratic regime, in a hashtag movement called #Restart. The movement was founded by Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, an Iranian political refugee living in the US who was a previously a popular game show host on the Iranian state TV network, IRIB.

#Retstart claims to be the largest opposition group against Iran’s Islamic Republic regime, with 20 million followers worldwide. It is very likely that this movement has the support of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Trump Administration.

The narration refers to the Charter of the Rights of Nations of 583 BC, which espoused the Democratic principle of rulership by consent of the governed that was established by the founder of the first Persian Empire, Cyrus the Great. The charter was memorialized in Akkadian cuneiform script on the Cyrus Cylinder and discovered in 1879 by Assyrian archeologist Hormuzd Rassam at the site of the ancient city of Babylon, 85 miles south of modern-day Baghdad.

The cylinder was found buried in a time capsule left by the Persian conquerors of Babylon led by Cyrus. The British Museum had sponsored the archeological expedition and that is where the cylinder currently resides. The Museum’s Director, Neil MacGregor described the cylinder as “the first attempt we know about running a society, a state with different nationalities and faiths – a new kind of statecraft”.

For the first time in known history, Cyrus established an empire as large as the continental United States with beautiful art, an orderly government, a robust network of safe roads and communications, enabling vigorous trade. The aggregate of these were equaled only by the zenith of Imperial Rome before modern times. Cyrus guaranteed the religious freedom of his subjects and did not force conversion to his Zoroastrian faith. The Greeks and later the Romans adopted the best features of this Persian method of governing an empire.

A millennium later in the 7th century AD, the Persian Empire succumbed to the Rashidun Caliphate of Arabia and the strict Shariah Law that is intolerant of other faiths. The video even-handedly describes Iran’s subsequent struggles with the Russians, the English, British Petroleum and the CIA and it explains the positives and negatives of the Pahlavi Dynasty.

One Iranian commenter on the YouTube video page which has since been taken down posted: “Long Live #Restart! Don’t let Rothschild print your money. Print your own money and stay free.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Great article,
    I’m an Iranian, myself and my family suffered this regime since I remember and i supported evey person or group opposed this regime blindly my experience is most of them failed of lack of strategy and rest of them didn’t wanted to make any changes they just whine and blame each other for the first time i can see hope through RESTART movement they have done in this tow years that all other oppositions didn’t in 40 years combined they have done so many challenges like (paint challange, stone challange or fire challenge) it gave lot of courage to desperate youth like me and the regime never been so scared ever before. Our slogan is “we the people” and “we are Iranians” will make Iran great again

  • Can’t be letting the masses wise up to to whatever the hell John Kerry & Obama are up to. What is being done about it? I feel like what is going on in our worlds’ countries is a version of some crappy cartoon….oh! nothing going on here folks….!
    Every minute of every day is one big S._._.T show which will end up with an invasion….endless torture & killings. MSM will parade the horror for all of us to look up from our phones & then go back on ‘ignore’. These psychopaths need to be rounded up and imprisoned and under constant surveillance.
    Seriously, any and all deals with any country today has to be an open book.This is supposed to be ‘OUR’ world. People have to be given their freedoms in order for anything worthwhile to flourish & survive.
    Israel in my opinion is one of the biggest threats to a peaceful world. It is a master of camouflage; they are playing the waiting game and are using very powerful propaganda to get themselves into position to do great damage. The U.N. is also the biggest catch all of useless ‘leaders’ ever…. now there really is ‘nothing going on there’.
    I hope that Iran can win back their beautiful country.

  • All Abraham religions are based on exclusivity and they are all 3 aggressive religions, because Yahweh was a war god.
    One must be chosen, saved, or purified, or one is goyim, unsaved, or infidel.
    All 3 branches believe in an end times, and all 3 branches believe in a messiah come to save the believers. Christianity, for the most part, has been deeply infiltrated. We have ministers such as John Hagee, writing books such as, “In Defense of Israel”, that Jesus did not even come to be the messiah”. And his large body of followers just lap it up!
    The Muslims believe in the same god, Yahweh, as do the Jews and Christians. They just call him Allah. That is a fact, yet many will fight you over that fact. Why do you think they call them the “Abraham religions”?
    This video was just some more propaganda designed to make people think it’s a good idea to go and bomb the hell out of Iran. Free those captives! As we are sooooo superior in our behaviors and it’s our duty to spread democracy. Iran has not invaded another country in 350 years. Compare that to the record of the United States. And Iran is “trying” to get the nuclear bomb? What about Israel, Mr. Alex Jones? They are reported to have between 200-400 nuclear bombs! But who knows for sure as Israel’s nuclear facilities have never been inspected and Israel refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Now please, Mr. Jones, tell me another country that has gotten away with that behavior? And if I hear one more person in the truth community speaking about the “evil Nazis” I think I will vomit. After all the outing of how heavily we have been socially engineered, must we continue to fail to understand we were lied to before and after WW2? It truly is becoming tiresome at this point. The Iranians are genetically related to the Aryans. And that is a good thing. Perhaps that is why they are more intelligent than the average Arab. And yes, Cyrus the Great freed the Hebrews from Babylon (present day Iraq). Now the Jews want to bomb the hell out of Iran. Why doesn’t Mr. Alex Jones make a video about the Israeli Oded Yinon Plan for Greater Israel, or the Zionist Neo Con’s Project For A New American Century (PNAC)? Both plans call for the invasion and destruction of 7 sovereign nations in the M.E. and N.Africa? For the same reason Jones is telling his audience that the Arabs and Chinese own the mainstream media. Alex Jones is now written about and appears in mainstream media, and he is on syndicated FM radio programs. Clearly, Jones is controlled opposition. His job is to make resisters of the NWO look stupid and idiotic and to protect the true culprits as well as steer his naive followers off the path of identifying the true culprits. Alex Jones is controlled opposition and works for the top of the pyramid. Therefore, everything he asserts is suspect. That should be obvious by now.

  • The awful background noise, which some people might call ‘music’, is intrusive and unecessary. I am trying to listen to the content and not this stupid irritating noise in the background. It is completely distracting to what is being said. If you cannot make a video without this racket then please refrain from doing so!

    • It is what it is on Infowars. I hate background music too of any kind. Seems this generation feels naked without some kind of background racket. You can’t even shop for groceries anymore without being bombarded with a racket. I don’t get it. Very irritating.

  • Iranians are interesting people, much more like Europeans than other nations in the region. We need to learn patience and stop being so impulsive with regard to them. They are as much victimized by the banking/oil cartel as Americans.

    Cyrus is another interesting Persian. In the book of Isaiah, Yahweh called him “my shepherd” a century before he was even born and he was the King who decreed to set the Jews free to return to their homeland to rebuild their capital and their beloved temple for Yahweh.

    It wouldn’t hurt if Americans learned history so they could learn from it.

    Thank you Alexandria.

  • Only CERTIFIED Moron listens to ANYTHING coming from Info-Wars anymore, because they are all working for the NWO folks and the FASCIST corporate USA.
    Obviously This site is “Compromised” by the Jesuits (Vatican) who are the REAL originators of FASCISM.

  • “It is very likely that this movement has the support of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Trump Administration.”

    All I can say is: Yankees go home.

    Seriously. Stop telling people in other countries who they should support or not support. If you don’t like the idea of Russians or Chinese possibly meddling in your elections (whether you think that’s happened or not), don’t go around meddling in other people’s politics, either.

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