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    After 1,770 episodes of Joe Rogan, Maajid Nawaz now holds the title for the only episode ever censored before it was released – that is, until the furor he created caused Spotify to relent and to finally release it over the weekend – at the risk of incurring more wrath from Leftist the mob who’ve been trying to cancel Rogan.

    Nawaz also has the distinction of having formerly been a member of the Hizb ut-Tahrir, Islamist terror group and of then changing his ways after nearly 5 years in an Egyptian prison.

    He has had a weekly column at the Daily Beast for years and he has recently become red-pilled, like any honest, truth-loving person.

    In the Joe Rogan episode, which was recorded over a month ago, he named Justin Trudeau as a World Economic Forum acolyte and he described the WEF’s modus operandi to Rogan’s audience, which is somewhat less red-pilled than the one that reads this blog.

    The two got into a powerful discussion about where relativist thinking has ultimately led us.

    As Nawaz says, “When there is no such thing as truth, you can’t define reality. And when you can’t define reality, the only thing that matters is power.”

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    • #1)None of the covid19/Dybbuk deathjabs were or are Vaccines by Any legit,objective definition.Moderna,at least admitted as much last year on its site;describing their jab as an “Operating System.”Everyone NOT CARRYING WATER FOR THE ANTIHUMANS NEEDS TO STOP USING THEIR DECEPTIVE VERBIAGE WHICH IS MEANT TO CONFUSE AND DECEIVE HUMANS.Historic vaccines have a +300 year history Worldwide of causing MANY DISABILITIES,IMMEDIATE AND SOMEWHAT DELAYED DEATHS,AND SPREADING OF VACCED,,,,and enlighten the propagandized mind.
      #2)Even so called objective truth is multilayered and multigaceted depending upon the filter or criteria used as context.Fly’s experience of truth via experience and very limited perceptions and very limited intellect=very different Teuth than that of average American.
      #3)All that being said,some truths may seem to be universally recognized or accepted.This is a very heavy subject which has kept philosophers,writers,thinkers,theologists busy forever.Shalom!! 🙂

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