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Last night, Lt. General Michael Flynn gave his first interview since President Trump’s pardon. Others interviewed are General Tom McInerney, who shares that “the Kraken” is actually the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion and journalist, Mary Fanning, who broke the story about The Hammer back in 2015.

Hers is the most explosive interview of all and the information really heats up with new details I hadn’t heard yet, at around the 50-minute mark.

She says that the events and the results of 2020 Election are not a matter of politics, they constitute Acts of Treason and Acts of War against the United States. Key members of the intelligence community in the CIA, FBI, DHS and CISA, including Gina Haspel, Chris Wray and Chris Krebs are guilty of treason. China and Iran have bought off numerous government officials and members of the Mainstream Media.

Mary Fanning states that China and Iran had access to our elections and “We can not let them steal America…This came directly out of the Obama administration when John Brennan and James Clapper illegally commandeered the foreign surveillance tool known as The Hammer.”

The Hammer was created by CIA/NSA/FBI contractor-turned-whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery in 2003. It was commandeered by the Obama administration 2 weeks after he was sworn into office in 2009 and it was put on FBI servers under Director Robert Mueller.

Mary says, “It’s beyond the Election, it’s beyond the stolen votes. You have to look at Joe Biden and his family. Billions of dollars to his son, Hunter – his drug-addled son. Billions of dollars from China and billions from the Ukraine to Hunter Biden.

“Can you even imagine this in a different day? The fact that the media has remained silent, as China and Iran and Russia are buying off our officials should tell you everything you need to know about the Mockingbird Media…

“In order to take back our country, we need to take back the election that Donald Trump won fair and square, before they started cheating with foreign actors; Russia, China and Iran. Their hand is in here for the theft of this election. That’s why the American people must stand up and that is why President Donald Trump must abide by his oath to protect this country. He cannot step down till this election is fairly, legally settled.”

Gen. McInerney adds some very incendiary but unconfirmed details about the raid on the CIA server farm at the US Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany, as reported from the following Twitter thread by @SJPFISH:

“McInerney stated sources have told him U.S. Army Special Forces, possibly the famed Delta Force, raided the CIA-run server farm in Frankfurt, Germany. 5 soldiers were killed , as well as one CIA paramilitary. The CIA personnel were allegedly flown in from Afghanistan for security.

“A subsequent review of the secured servers yielded proof that China, Iran, and Russia were involved in the attempted coup against President Donald Trump, who will be shown to have won an overwhelming victory for the American people, McInerney revealed.

“McInerney also stated that he believes President Trump knew the steal was coming, hence his executive order issued for sanctions for interference in our elections by foreign powers.

“Reports are now circulating that General Flynn is involved in helping the President with a private intelligence operation.”

President Trump appears to have been expecting the vast fraud we are witnessing today wrote a 2018 Executive Order declaring a National Emergency about Foreign and Domestic election interference. He also just replaced three top DoD officials with loyalists and he also made Special Operations it’s own military branch, reporting to Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller.

In closing. Gen. McInerney says, “This goes to all those who want to seize this country, because they’ve hacked my cellphone. And so everything I say on this particular open channel, they are copying. They mean business. They are deeply into this and they now know that because of what you’ve done and what we’ve done tonight, that they are in even more trouble.

“And we are coming after you. The American people are going to come after you and this president won this election and he is going to be the President for the next 4 years. But we’re after you. You will not seize this country, because this would be the last free election we ever had. And I’m in agreement with you and Mary that Joe Biden should step down right now.”

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  • What these co-conspirators are involved in is insurrection and rebellion. Why all these known criminals have not been arrested is beyond my comprehension.

  • What these co-conspirators are involved in is insurrection and rebellion against the United States. Why they have not all been arrested is beyond me.

    • I agree. Lots of people could have been put in jail before now. No need for all this at all. So what is Trump playing for? If I know Barr has been a CIA BushClinton fixer since Mena, AK, Trump should know it. Chaos always helps the wrong people.

      • You will surely recall from an earlier post by Alexandra that the despicable Obama pardoned all the bad-guys of their sins?

        Furthermore, I believe that P. Trump wanted to win the election fair and square and not to be accused of locking up his opponents and at the same time reveal, the scumbags caught in the act, to the public.

        Like you, I suspect, I would have indicted them all but the President and those military that advise him, thought otherwise. I believe they know better than you and me; thank God!

    • I truly believe their time is coming. If you follow the shows in the archive, their are forces at work, that will not be stopped . Soon sunlight will shine on the roaches that would undermine our country, and the heel of America will squash them. However, Americans MUST wake up, band together, and stand together for freedom. From time to time, the the tree of Liberty must be fed by the blood of Patriots.

  • Rejoice! The President and the American people will be vindicated. There will be those who will be punished severely. After all, treason is treason.

  • I suppose the real question is will the American patriotic people rise-up and demand that Joe Biden Concedes and at the same time that P. Trump abides by the oath that he swore to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And, thus, stay in office until such time as the Treason has been thoroughly investigated?

    • Wow. I don’t see them in the “comment spam” area in the backend, either. I’ve never heard that before…

    • I wonder what country you are writing from and were your responses detrimental to the globalists?

      I always make a copy of what I post, just in case, it disappears!

      Then, push come to shove, I can repost!

      I rarely ever receive notifications from Alexandra, so I keep her web page open in my browser 24/7. GCHQ here in the UK deems that her posts are not for my eyes, it would seem!

      I am certain that all large institutions in every country are complicit in the globalist’s agenda, sadly not least here in the UK!

  • I’ve known Brannon for many years to be a straight arrow Christian American patriot. Don’t agree with all of his theological points, but that is common for me at least. What an explosive program!

    • He’s far from that. VERY far. Anything you might have believed of him previously, has vanished. He’s DEFINITELY on the left and hates America as much as Obama and Hillary do!

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