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Robert Brame is a forensic arborist who has analyzed 38 California fires and has come up with hundreds of photographic evidence of IMPOSSIBLE normal fire behavior.

Let’s use this information to help us look for CLUES in the CANADIAN fires to see if the same anomalies exist.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Robert Brame is so amazing. This is the second video I have watched. California is really in the crosshairs. I’m sickened by the number of people that have lost their homes in these smaller communities. Of course, the coast is completely priced out of reach. Still, they (the monsters) are burning that down too. Now, every time I hear “climate change” I wonder who will get attacked. No matter what people say about the “uni-party”, the Democrat party really is worse because they don’t represent the people or care at all. The Democrat party is the same as the communist party, and they will do anything to stay in power. So, all of you out there in other states, look at California and learn. Never let the Democrat party gain dominance. They’ll burn you down in a microwave attack, and then raise the insurance so you never get paid.

  • First responder chickenshits cops, fireman, state workers move in to the disaster zones to remove all the evidence of .gov firestarters all have known we were under attack for years but value their pensions over human life . You will own nothing because they will burn you out. Next move needs to be below ground and covered with rock and filled with DEW proof materials basically live like a caveman . Survival of the roachiest.

  • last one: Mr. Brame suggest to keep quiet about the entire issue, BUT by doing so, nothing will change! Murder and annihilation will continue! Any idea how to reach the CRITICAL MASS and start pointing to those who are participating in these crimes?? Those in power are apparently blackmailed in order to continue the evil, how about official letter to all those in power for their last chance of changing the evil?

  • forgot to add. PROTECT YOUR CAMERA, Mr. Brame!!!! Make multiple copies of all images and save eevrything in different spots.. “they’ can access any evidence and destroy it in a most evil way. Look at my logo on substack of mejbcart… Camera with YEARS of very important and personal materials, gone, melted chip with a around hole facing the USB cable with 5Volt…. The known ‘electrical way’ of making fires touching this time all plastics, paper, etc. is also out there.. Unplug ALL CABLES from all device every night, if you can..

  • Amazing interview with SO MUCH EVIDENCE of CRIME!!! My >1month old post at
    touched lot of this ‘new phenomena’ going little bit more into physics of this…
    What is SAC, CA capitol preparing for, right in peoples backyards??? The electric utility company SMUD, the every same PARTICIPATING in the geoengineering sprayings, starting in ~Aug ’23 was exchanging ALL OLD metal wiring and the wooden posts, while adding PLASTIC TUBES around the wiring, going down al the way to the ground!!!! What are they preparing for? SAC is one of THE HEAVIEST cities under 5G assault….

  • Everybody knows what started the fires in Canada, Hawaii, Australia and on all over. Why are these idiots playing so dumb? They were started by DEW, Direct Energy Weapons. We have that technology. I have been saying that the evil ones were going to try to burn the whole planet down and what I have been saying for awhile is coming true. People needs to stop listening to these type of people trying to mislead you to think it was all natural when in truth it’s not. They want to burn up the planet the humans, the animals but yet everybody sits back and let’s it happen constantly. People don’t have no backbone to do shit about anything. They have been using this technology to burn everything down, they are trying to kill us all, can you not see that? Wake up already stop living in a damn bubble people. Oh yea also all these floods, tornados, hurricanes earthquakes are also being caused by technology. Why hasn’t anybody shut down HAARP? Which are the people behind all these castrophies. Weather manipulation causing disastrous weather all over the world by the evil ones but yet this dumb women claims to act like they are looking for clues, there are no clues the answers are staring right in your face. We know what’s causing all the bad stuff on this planet, stop listening to people like her. She knows the truth she just playing dumb to make everybody be dumb. It’s called The DEW. They will burn the whole planet down but what they fail to realize they will also burn down with it.

    • Nailed It!!!!My thoughts exactly! Anyone who thinks all of this is natural climate change is OBVIOUSLY low intelligence or refusing to accept reality because they are are on the government dole and think they have it made because as long as they dont have to work to live the government has their best interest at heart.
      The bible tells us time and time again : “DO NOT BE DECEIVED” only the Lord of Lords and King of Kings has your best interest at heart. Pray for our nation, our world, and our leaders. They /We have lost our way.

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