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This is journalist, Liz Crokin’s full speech about Hillary Clinton and her ties to child sex trafficking that she made at last weekend’s Reawaken America event in Nashville. Topics covered include:

• Laura Silsby and Haiti
• The Podesta Emails
• Anthony Weiner’s laptop
• The 2018 Inspector General Report by Michael Horowitz
• Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell

She explains how all of the above and more is Pizzagate.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • It concerns me that with all of the things she brought up about Hillary – the history of witchcraft & occult, child trafficking, Haiti, Weiner’s laptop, pizza-gate, Huma Abedin, thousands of emails, etc. not once did she say anything about the tape titled “Frazzle Drip”, or ritual human sacrifice committed by HRC & filmed.
    Why not? Afraid the audience may not be ready for THAT much truth yet??
    I say give it to ’em …. otherwise, why are you holding back ??

  • As I was listening to Liz talk what I realized was that while she was talking about on particular individual, she was also talking about systems. I’ve been pondering this lately and here’s what I have to say about that:
    The extant network of systems and subsystems that have been in operation on the planet for millennia e.g., economic, social, financial, religious, military, political, justice, law enforcement, taxation systems, etc., were, IMO, designed and implemented as a means of population control and have been used to maintain a status quo that facilitates and propagates conflict through maintaining what is known as the Karpman drama triangle. The 3 points of this triangle are victim, persecutor and rescuer. In other words, the extant multi-layered systems of operation on planet Earth were put in place for the purpose of preventing humanity’s level of consciousness from evolving. Before the collective consciousness of humanity can begin to evolve up and out of the drama triangle it has been imprisoned within, these extant operating systems must be eradicated and replaced with new systems that facilitate, support and expedite the evolution of consciousness. And, from what I observe, as a consequence of the Great Awakening continuing to expand, these old systems are failing with ever increasing rapidity.

    Of course, the obvious question that must be asked is who or what designed, implemented and has/is maintaining the operating systems extant on planet Earth these many tens of thousands of years? There was a period of time when I actually believed that these systems originated and evolved organically through a consecutive series of arbitraries where each new arbitrary is both response and stimulus. The image I had for how these strings of arbitraries were structured resembles that of Russian nesting dolls. Over time this belief I had was incrementally disabused and a new belief took its place i.e., the belief that these systems were not the result of random series of arbitraries building upon other arbitraries but was instead intentional. In other words, these systems weren’t just happening it was being intentionally caused. Who is doing this? I have my ideas about that, what are yours?

    • Look at the work of exorcists – dabbling in the occult is the main way ppl get possessed. But these elite cooperate for power. see ex high wizard satanist who dabbled in magic as a child joined satanism became high wizard proficient in it. He has a conversion after doing abortion sacrifices and is in pro- life. miraculous conversion story. He talked about bilderberg incl b gates= cant even print what happens. Zachary King. Jessie Czebotar was raised in bloodline explains Luciferian brotherhood- expansive way beyond Clinton.

  • Having an evil group printing the US dollars is a ticket to hell. This incalculable wealth enables this gang to buy power and influence. Such influence usurped all our society. Nationalize the Federal Reserves and the media should be the first step to take our country back.

  • The rot goes deeper than Hillary Clinton even infiltrates the FBI CIA and all the other ones I guarantee you that’s why they’re protecting her because they know it will take down one quarter of the government we the people need to stand up because they’ve been taking advantage of the working class way too long spending the money on nonsense trying to teach the kids how to be queer God forbid they should be allowed to do what they want and not be forced upon them oh I know is the head of the FBI needs removed whoever’s in charge of CIA and all them people need to get reevaluated and they need to get rid of the president and they need to eliminate the world economic forum and investigate all of this child predator sex trafficking bullshit but people are too glued to their phones and they’re dumbing down the younger generation so all they care about posting pictures and that’s what’s killing their mentality and their self image that’s why half of them are depressed or killing themselves

    • Ed Darby and Alexandra,

      [[ An aside: Are you wise enough to advise re-installing the Ten Commandments in the public square and classroom ? ]]

      I trace pedophilia
      through to before
      Sumerian culture
      —from a pre-Sumer,
      M A T R I A R C H A L
      civilization, which
      had been so savage/
      brutish/uncivil, that
      only descriptions of
      it may be ( softly )
      related by the history
      of those ( pseudo-Jew )
      Khazars :

      That GENETIC line
      may be traced by
      studying Talmudic
      scripture—and that
      Khazarian germ line.



      More about Deep State
      child trafficking :

      Below article found here :

      “The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one
      thing – the pedophile records that were being kept
      at the Democratic National Headquarters.”
      – Det. James Rothstein, NYPD, Retired
      I know I know, the title sounds crazy and false. I don’t know for sure the validity of this story. I only have two sources—one from an NYPD detective and the other from a victim. The point I am trying to make here is to do your own research and draw your own conclusions. Now let’s begin…
      If you don’t have time to read the full thing just read this excerpt:

      — SNIP —

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