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Emmy-award winning reporter Linda Moulton Howe joins Dark Journalist for a special report on the mysterious and game-changing archeological discovery of Gobekli Tepe, located in eastern Turkey, near the Syrian border.

Excavation on the Gobekli Tepe site only began in the year 2000 and the structure has been carbon-dated to 10,000 BC. That’s almost 5,000 years older than the cities and artifacts of Sumeria, long propounded to be the oldest civilization in history.

The temple’s columns feature carvings of lions and other tropical animals, which apparently roamed the region when it was built. This would certainly have had to have been a very long time ago. Today, the area is a barren dust bowl.

If these findings weren’t astonishing enough, there is also indisputable evidence that the temple was deliberately buried and hidden from view in 8,000 BC.

Linda Moulton Howe’s assessment of Gobekli Tepe is unsurprisingly out of this world. She claims that a deep inspection of the temple ruins reveals an ancient alien technology, the patterns of which are also to be seen in sacred architecture and in crop circles – all of which, she says form parts of an “ET self-activating software”, designed with the purpose of raising the global consciousness of humanity.

The Gobekli Tepe site was buried 10,000 years ago by a long forgotten culture. Howe asks whether the fact that this ancient marvel is being rediscovered today signals that humanity is now being activated to see a higher and deeper vision of reality, one that includes contact with off-world civilizations?

She also says that there are clues the message of Gobekli Tepe may be a warning to future humans about how the cyclical cataclysm that destroyed that ancient civilization is on the verge of happening again.

Informative and controversial, don’t miss this fascinating Dark Journalist episode!

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  • please listen /watch my 2 videos on alfred webre’s channel – i’m marc boyer [the one being introduced] then read my court papers and be inspired – i’m in court april 11, 2016 – timing is important – call me email me….

  • Is it possible that Gobekli Tepe was covered over by strong winds over a long period of time, rather than all at once? What happens when a center of culture is abandoned? Doesn’t it get covered by a number of feet as the centuries accumulate?

  • Your milking a dead cow. The rabbit hole ends in hell.All are welcome to find an serve the Fallen. Thankfully we have a eternal love from God.That gave His Son to pay the wages of sin. The. Intellectuals may not believe in Him.Yet they fear him just the same.

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