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During the past 8 months, the people of the world have been broadsided by a highly-coordinated perpetration of fraud and global violations of the law by the very institutions charged with making these laws. The scale and scope of the scamdemic is staggering.

Previously, we ran a video with German litigation attorney, Dr Rainer Fuellmich, discussing the findings of an international committee of lawyers, doctors, and scientists, who determined that governments are liable under civil tort laws for the harm caused by their lockdowns; that governments can be held responsible for the damages they have inflicted upon the population; that individuals are entitled to receive full compensation for losses caused by their governments and that the avenue to pursue this is the class action lawsuit.

Today’s video by The Healthy American’s Peggy Hall shows us the next steps: 1) identifying the Federal and State laws being violated and 2) naming all of the officials who are violating these laws.

Last week, she appeared at California’s Orange County Board of Supervisors and Health Officer to notify them of the Federal and State laws they are violating, some of which carry decades and even life-in-prison penalties.

“Did you know that there is a Federal Law and it is Title 18 US Code §1038 and it is about false information and hoaxes. Yes! There actually is a Federal Law, where you go to prison if you provide false information or misleading information relating to biological hazards.

“Isn’t that incredible, how specific that is? ‘Related to biological hazards and to conducting hoaxes.’ Well, you know and I know this is all a hoax. This is one big hoax. I’m not saying there’s not a virus, I’m not saying it doesn’t exist. But the hoax is that there’s no emergency…

“This law is enforced by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security and the penalty is life in prison. So, I just told the Board of Supervisors that this is going to be one of the criminal charges in our lawsuit against them. And there are plenty of public officials that are in prison. In fact, I’ve got a whole list of like 12, just here in California…

“These are public officials in California that are guilty and behind bars. You know the Sheriff of Los Angeles? The FORMER Sheriff of Los Angeles? He’s behind bars. No one is above the law. OK?

“This is a lawsuit that’s going to be filed in Federal Courts, as well as California Courts, so that penalty is life in prison.

“Then, did you know that there is a Federal Law. It is Title 18 US Code §1040 and that is Fraud in Connection with Major Disaster or Benefits – and that’s what’s happening here. They’re declaring an emergency, in order to get money, so that’s fraudulent and the penalty here is 30 years in prison…So, let’s see, life in prison plus 30 years in prison. They’re gonna be there a long time.

“Now, there are other laws here, in California Government Code §8630, calling for a local emergency when there isn’t one – that’s actually against the law…I schooled them on that. And also, the California Health and Safety Code §101080, this body, right here that I was speaking to, the Board of Supervisors is required by law to proclaim the termination of the local emergency at the earliest possible date.

“OK, we’re like 8 or 9 months in, this whole thing is ridiculous…Where they’re wrong is that they think they’re above the law. They think that they’re gonna have immunity…But they’re not. Because there’s no emergency. If there’s no emergency, then the emergency law doesn’t apply.

“Also, in California, there’s a law for fraud, California Penal Code §504, so a public officer, when they fraudulently use any public property or funds – and they are using these funds fraudulently. They are using these funds to put up billboards to stay 6 feet apart – oh, my gosh, the list of laws that they’re breaking is unbelievable. How about this…California Penal Code §148.3 – is the California statute that makes it a crime for a person to make a false report of an emergency…

“And I have many more, but those are some of the highlights. When I called my Board of Supervisors…they literally said these words: ‘You know, we’re not really up on the law.’ Even though we’re a law-making body, ‘we’re not up on the law!’

“So, guess what? I’m up on the law…I’m going to show all of you, Friends, so you can copy the information and share it with your Board of Supervisors or County Commissioners, or whatever you call them in your area, because these Federal Laws apply to everyone.

“And I am working with the same attorney who has filed the Federal lawsuit in Ohio and we are putting together our legal team here, in California and this Board of Supervisors and all the Boards of Supervisors who are violating the law are going to be named in this lawsuit…

“They have the chance, right now to terminate this emergency, that’s why they’ve met. So, the Health Officer presents the information or lack of information. Really, there’s no information – there’s no data, there’s no evidence that this is an emergency, so they are bound by law…

“In the California Emergency Services Act Article §8630 says, ‘The governing body shall determine the termination of the local health emergency.’

“Now, listen, the Governor is using these people as his foot soldiers to do his dirty work. Because the Governor came out with this playbook, which is a defacto – which means, without quite saying it, he’s saying it – that there is no emergency. It’s a re-opening plan.

“So, there is no emergency, there never has been an emergency, we’ve been onto them for several months. They persist in breaking the law…because, they’re either ignorant, incompetent or intentionally duplicitous, which means they are intentionally doing this for their own gain. Maybe they think they’re going to get political favors or what have you. But what they’re actually going to get is a jumpsuit and a prison cell.”

Peggy is putting together the Healthy American Legal Network in every state. You may email her here if you want to get on board with these Federal lawsuits:

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  • Your going to have too get by the Democratic judges. And the ones on the appeal court. Then your going to have the Supreme’s to deal with. So in 20 years they will most likely be dead or off on their big China boats laughing all the way to the Bahamas. It’s a bunch of shit I know but that’s over 20 years of corruption sitting in those seats.

  • That is the best news I have heard in a long time. Throw their own laws back at them and watch them squirm. Especially Bill Gates, I would like to see what eventually squirms and crawls out of that human skin he or it is wearing when he is cornered.

  • Peggy Hall is an amazing Inspiration. She is fearless of these powermongering politicians who are lining their pockets and increasing their power by lying and defrauding the mindless Zombies who make up the majority of Americans today. Peggy Hall is the person to support and listen to. We are working with her and for her principles which means we are working to restore Freedom, Liberty and Integrity in the USA, and in all 50 states.

  • How do you figure there is no emergency when so many have fallen ill, suffered for months,have permanent damage to their hearts, kidneys, lungs, or have died? This virus is not pretend. It is a Frankenvirus amalgamation of various viruses such as Coxsackie and H.I.V. This bioweapon was experimented on in Wuhan with the help of a N Carolina U. Researcher/scientist.The WHO, CDC, and Fauci”s U.S. Infections institute knew full well what was happening.The has also been press about 1 or 2 Chinese nationalists abruptly ejected from Canada because they were caught sending vials or information on covid to China. They worked at a lab or university. Additionally,if there is no emergency,why are there many reports and videos of Chinese being dragged away by police/military in wuhan. Why are there videos showing screaming Chinese citizens being welded in their apts? There are definitely Many nefarious agendas playing out in this plandemic,but there is a virus and it does some nasty things. Go to and read some of the Many preprint research.

  • Good luck with this lawsuit!! I live in California and I have had the feeling for a long time that no one obeys the laws. They pass all these laws and they really don’t expect anyone to follow them because they have no way of enforcing them… they’re so broke. Maybe they thought that they would have control over the state with phone apps, I’m not sure. This is the screwiest place on the planet. For example, I don’t think California kids are “EVER” going back to school. The authorities know distance learning isn’t working, but I think they have already spent the money for schools on something else–maybe, climate change, whatever that means???

    • there should be laws that are virtually the same on your books. US Law and Canadian Law are based on British Law.

  • For all of you, Alive, Awake and Aware Californians, please check out New California at Other states such as Illinois and Nevada (and the New Federation of China) are using the same guidelines to create the sovereign New States and country in the case of China, that represent everyone and not only a select few.

    Thank you for sharing Peggy Hall’s information, and I am also sharing it with our email group, even though some of them still think the Benevolent Aliens will rescue us. After all these years of reading our information, one would think that these people would get that we live in a Doing Universe and start taking Empowered Action to create positive changes. Okay, just processing here a bit. Thanks again, Alexandra, for being Alive, Awake, Aware, and Taking Empowered Action!

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