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Katherine Watt is a legal analyst whose penetrating research has uncovered the systematic, incremental slow kill of Constitutional laws that has legalized the Globalist takeover of America under the guise of public health.

During her recent appearance on Sean Morgan’s Making Sense of the Madness (MSOM), I had the opportunity to ask her what she thought was next. This plan has been been advanced via stealth and gaslighting, so I asked her what would happen once these no longer worked.

In a post to her highly-recommended Substack, Katherine expanded on some of the answers given in this interview. She wrote that the first inflection point is whether the US federal government stands or falls. She believes that it can stand if federal judges and Congress members repent for their roles in the crimes and either take steps to reverse the damage or resign to allow new judges and legislators to do so.

She writes that the federal courts need to nullify COVID-19 programs and that “Congress needs to repeal the invalid, illegitimate statutes¹ that set up the domestic bioterrorism program in the first place, and dismantle the program’s administrative components within the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice.”

However, if officials fail to respond appropriately, she believes the federal government will collapse and if this happens, she sees two likely outcomes:

“One possibility — the one I would prefer — is that state governments step into the gap, and restore constitutional limited government principles using state constitutions, within their state jurisdictions for the people living within those borders.

“Likeminded states could also form regional coalitions to do the same thing.

“This would mean that the protections available for each American would depend on which state he or she lives in…

“The other possibility — the one the globalist Blob would prefer — is that their one-world government step in to the power vacuum left behind by the US federal government.

“The globalists have been actively working to increase the likelihood of that scenario by suppressing independent reporting and free public discussion; by frightening, disorienting, and disrupting social bonds; by suspending the US Constitution; by delegitimizing and stripping power from the federal courts; by stripping Congress of legislative authority (transferring the powers of judges and legislators to executive administrative agency directors loyal only to the globalist project); by driving well-trained, Constitutionally-loyal Americans out of the military; by maiming and killing people through withheld safe treatments and lethal injections; by working toward gun confiscation programs and ammunition shortages for civilians; and by flooding the borders with undocumented immigrants.

“More recently, they’ve been destroying food processing plants and likely preparing to disrupt electricity grids, financial transaction systems and the Internet fairly soon.

“Their goal is to use the shock-and-awe strategy to trigger the power vacuum, so that they can step into it.

“I don’t think they’ll be able to maintain long-term control over the whole country, because it’s big, ideologically-diverse, and many of our people are well-armed at the household level to resist both physical and psychological force.

“But they probably can maintain short-term control over much of the country in the initial, most-confusing stages of the next phase of the war, and longer-term control over the people who have demonstrated the lowest levels of cognitive understanding and the highest levels of psychological submission and behavioral compliance up to this point.

“People in communities with high levels of understanding and low levels of submission and compliance will probably organize armed resistance pretty quickly.”


  1. Statutes that could be challenged in court and should be repealed by Congress as inherently unconstitutional and invalid include:

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Mahalo Alexandra for spreading the TRUTH and AWAKENING more of We the People to fight this CORRUPT GOVERNMENT TYRANNY. The DEATH CULT behind all of this Mass Formation Brainwashing needs to be exposed and destroyed. We need to defend and preserve OUR CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS as peaceful as possible. We The People need to have secure HONEST ELECTIONS and vote these corrupt dishonest SWAMP CREATURES out of office starting from the local Counties on up to the States and Federal Government.

  • Alexandra, the info is naturally concerning but you really shined on this report! Thank you! Great job!

  • Are you employed by the Federal Government or by one of their State-of-State Business Organizations? Do you receive unearned welfare payments from these government entities? Do you need political asylum? Are you voluntarily operating as a Municipal commercial corporation?
    If your answer to all these questions is a nice, flat, unequivocal “No!” — then, I have a surprise for you. Legislation of all kinds does not apply to you.
    That’s right.
    All 80 million (and growing) statutes, codes, regulations, mandates, public policies, and other corporate mumbo-jumbo does not apply to you.
    You need to know that, and be able to speak truth to the matter, or your own employees will happily impersonate you and misidentify you as one of them. They will then hold you accountable to the same statutes, codes, regulations, mandates, and public policies that govern their lives as public employees.

    Continue reading

  • I couldn’t watch the Jan 6 hearings but their presence is the clearest sign that mass formation psychosis is taking effect. Branch Covidian disorder began the day impeachment part one ended and was obvious to me that it was an extension of Trump Derangement Syndrome. I saw the whole thing blow up in some close friends I thought were sharper. But God knows what can happen when someone listens to Rachel Maddow or Chris Cuomo day in, day out for any stretch of time.

    By the way you’re looking well Alexandra. Staying off MRNA has some advantages 🥂

  • You notice the word ACTS? That is because these governmental services providers are Incorporated! Incorporated entities are nothing more that than LEGAL FICTIONS and only exist on paper in the “FEDERAL ZONE” – in a file cabinet! The VATICAN owns the copyright to the INCORP system and is the owner and responsible for all charters. A synonym for FEDERAL is contract – FEDERAL GOVERNMENT = Contract Government – So who are the high contracting parties? Our government is not incorporated…corporations have owners. This is where it gets interesting Alexandra! Incorporated entities operate and “reside” (REZ means thing or entity in Roman Civil Law) REZ PUBLICA or PUBLIC THING/ENTITY exists in in a foreign jurisdiction an operates under “Private Law” which are copyrighted codes/statutes which are nothing more than corporate internal policy for the employees (only) of said governmental services corporations. Unfortunately and without full disclosure the service corporations are claiming you are one of their citizens (franchisee) a gift the VATICAN gave you to operate in their private commercial matrix….time to rethink who you are and what your political status is and correct the birth “REGIS ” stration to a land jurisdiction recording and step out of the commercial matrix and operate from the private side as an American State National.

    • What Ann Von Reitz presents is interesting, but what was done for the Corporations to take over was done in Fraud, so it will be turned over as fast as Roe vs Wade, on the same premise and done as fast as overnight as well, if not already.

  • God help us. We need it. I pray my child wakes up, believes me… and does not get another booster. I am just beside myself that she is blinded. My GOD help us wake them up.


  • Katherine Watt’s 3 choices at the end, “where are we going” as a Nation/Country, I believe back to the founders Republic. The indication of this is the Supreme Court over turning the over reach of the Federal Government in 1973. Abortion was always a “States Right” to choose, not the “will” of the Federal government.

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