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Lara Logan briefs Brannon Howse on her own on-the-ground reporting on the US Southern Border amid a surge of Chinese illegal migrants coming across. She says the Chinese government has to be behind this, because they control their own border and their own people extremely thoroughly.

Lara says the Chinese Triads have been working with and intermarrying with the Mexican drug cartels for decades. They have taught them how to make fentanyl and oxycodone.

Lara says that the Mexican drug cartels have become the most powerful transnational criminal organizations in the world. They control over 90% of the trade in illegal drugs and every street gang in every country on the planet. They have unlimited money and can arm themselves with whatever weapons they want and they now also receive elite training.

She says that the Sinaloa Cartel members lived in the community and there were certain lines that weren’t crossed, similar to how the Cosa Nostra operated. In contrast, the new kid on the block, the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) is extremely violent and cruel.

“Everyone in power in the United States knows what I know – and more – and yet, this administration opened the Southern Border to these cartels and to their allies in China and other countries. And then, when you look at the fact that we have weakened our own defenses and there are longstanding relationships between the cartels and the Chinese; we know from the DEA that the cartels have proliferated and have put people all across this country; we see signs of unrestricted warfare and unconventional warfare rising all across this country and we know that our military is posting videos of soldiers wearing high heels, talking about ‘diversity’ – I don’t have any words for the intentional weakening of our defenses.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • We are clearly under attack, our nation is being invaded and the current administration of usurpers are NOT on our side!
    There is no way in Hell that this will end well, as it can NOT, nor is it intended to, for We the People of these United States of America!
    Our own government has betrayed us, they are intent on destroying our once great nation!

    • Appears to be an absolutely correct statement! Is it? On a local City basis it appears through observstion and experience to be true nearly across the board. This is to say, Local Officials have declared openly, one on one, anyone demanding their constitutional rights will have a hard time collecting them from the City Government.

      It is time to “Think Gobally, and Act Locally.
      Bob Oliver 8313832676

    • We are being attacked from above, every day. I am old enough to know the Sky is Not white, the Sky is Blue.

    • Not on our side??? Biden and his crew (The puppet masters) WILL BRING THE USA DOWN if we just stand by and watch them do it!!!!

  • Add to that James O’Keefe exposed a money laundering scheme through ActBlue and BLM funneling money to Dems using stolen identities of mostly the elderly.

  • Also, there were two aero-stats in New Mexico which have been decommissioned.
    No longer are there border patrol vehicles roaming the mountain range with ATV, horses or trucks – Rarely, in the past several mos. have I seen helicopters either. When I see a chopper, my thought is; They must be picking up dignitaries. (Sarcasm).
    Walmart stores are being shuttered and used as barracks for these people coming across the border. And let us not forget the elaborate tunnel system directly underneath our homes all across the country. (Obama).
    History repeats: Potato famine, trainloads of misplaced people, especially children by rail – So much more information. Do your research, shut off from national television. Be aware. Create awareness.

  • Is it just me or is Lara Logan looking like Madonna?
    Read “The Chief Witness”: Escape from China’s Modern-Day Concentration Camps
    by Sayragul Sauytbay, Alexandra Cavelius, et al.
    China has stated that America is their number one enemy and they will prevail…
    This book lays out our future if we don’t stop the CCP!

  • Alexandra,

    Quoting from the report :

    —“Everyone in power in the United States knows what I know – and more – and yet, this administration opened the Southern Border to these cartels and to their allies in China and other countries. —

    The enemy is within, and works through that
    “Answers-to-No-One” ( as John Podesta had
    put it in his captured email ) 7th- floor of “our”
    State Department ( and DoD ).


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