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    • You can certainly tell Lara apart from other people. A very distinctive look, which is kind of refreshing. Lol.

    • Nazi’s are us , so bizarre with Germany still backing the wolf pack with Panther II tanks with the same insignia as WWII, this time backing the jewish master race in Ukraine .
      Consistently dishonest is our national motto.
      History keeps repeating itself because we never defeated the Third Reich we joined them . The Nazis were last seen moving to the moonbase after Antarctica got too crowded.

    • There was WAY MORE BEFORE THE WWII Mrs. Logan!!! Learn that first, before you go to Nazi’s based explanation!

    • Ukraine and Galacian ss divisions escaped war trials,by escaping with their families to camps in northern Italy. The worry was communism in Italy and Greece and Yugoslavia. After a few years they were relisted from combatants…pows…to displaced persons and emigrated to US,Canada and UK.Remember the Bidden involvement in gas companies in Ukraine? Seems the fundamental deal is cut off Russian gas and force European nations to pay for US energy. Our only hope is Germany….. Germany IS Europe.

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