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    As Fletch17 says:

    The guy who “debunked” pizza gate just got locked up for it
    The guy who said Trump would start WW3 actually started it
    The state who said Trump interfered with the elections just admitted they did
    The lady who said Trump colluded with Russia actually colluded with Russia
    The company that said Trump created a poisonous vaxx are actually the ones who did it
    The guy who said Trump lied under oath is actually the one who lied under oath.

    Do you see the pattern yet?
    The GREAT AWAKENING means more than finding out things and researching history it’s also actually recognizing patterns as well!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • The law of the circle means your karma is instant and what you put out into the universe comes back to you with force and you that you should learn fast and find out how to live with good intentions and respect for universal law . The law of attraction with consequences for your behavior are now on display all is revealed nowhere to hide . The synchronicities shows us a convergence of consciousness steering us into the law of one. Times are a changing and we get to soar like an 4d eagle or get flattened out like a 2d roadkill . Pick the new timeline and pray for guidance if you need help or stay here and watch reruns of your past lives.

      • daniel laxson,

        This may be of interest
        to you and Alexandra.

        Forwarded Message :

        Dear Ancient-Origins Editors,

        Re :

        See the men carrying a purse ?

        See that each one is carrying / pointing a pine cone ?

        See the multi-branched Tree of Life—central to the entire motif ?

        See the second toe on foot, matching the big-toe’s length
        ( see Dead Sea Scroll, referencing “points of light” – spiritual
        growth – being related to body’s beauty / morphology ) ?

        See Ancient Hindu Texts, Relating Beauty in the Body to Good Karma ?

        See symbol on wrist(“watch”)—identical to medallion on his necklace ?

        See Significance of Limestone
        in Pyramid Construction/Power
        —and in Tree of Life ?

        Find the
        of that
        pine cone,
        B E Y O N D
        symbology !

        Hint: The PINEAL gland looks like a pine cone, because ?

        Hint : White Powder of Gold is made by . . . ?

        Hint : Tree of Life contains an Elixir of . . . ?

        Egyptian, Greek, Hebrew, and Christian,
        religiosities are OWED to S U M E R I A N
        civilization’s good influences ( Hebrews –
        aka “Hell-Tribe,” in ancient translation –
        had NOT been enslaved in Egypt;
        and had not recorded the Giza pyramids;
        and, according to one archeologist,
        specializing in Sumer’s history of rise
        and decline, owes its decline to Semites’
        BAD influence ( request the name—and
        book’s title ).


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