22 months into COVID, we have all the information needed to paint a clear picture of what’s going on.

We know that Anthony Fauci, who has done all this before in the 1980s, with HIV, AZT and AIDS was illegally working with the Communist Chinese, via the NIH to create a highly-contagious bat coronavirus in Wuhan, China.

We know that the PCR test was used to create a flood of false positives to legitimize the FDA’s emergency vaccine authorization.

We know that the COVID “vaccines” are not vaccines but rather, highly controversial mRNA tech that failed miserably on its animal trials; a type of gene therapy that several top scientists warn will kill you, if you can’t keep it from spreading throughout the body, which is exactly what it is doing.

We know that no matter how deadly these experimental shots are, the company selling them will not be held liable.

It is all being paid for by Taxpayer dollars.

We know that the ingredients are a big secret and they don’t want you to know what’s in them.

And we know that some are getting saline placebos.

But now, we are learning what the experimental jabs are doing.

Dr Ryan Cole, a pathologist running the biggest independent testing lab in Idaho described how the mRNA shots are causing serious autoimmune disorders.

The first shot stifles the production of lymphocytes, which cripples the immune system, resulting in a massive increase of autoimmune diseases and cancers.

The bloodwork presented by Dr Nathan Thompson shows the same.

And after receiving the second shot, their immune system begins to fail even more.

According to one of the top virologists running this program, you NEED the booster shot, because your immune system is now failing as a result of getting the two previous shots.

The data consistently shows that these shots are causing massive cellular mutations throughout the entire body, often wherever the recipient is most vulnerable.

We know that some of these shots are contaminated with mysterious objects that appear to grow into other objects, for what purpose, we don’t know.

But we do know that our government, along with the whole pop culture media machine are blocking life-saving treatments, while keeping them for themselves, while pushing the deadly kill shot on the public and creating a segregated society.

We know, without a doubt that these mRNA injections are killing people.

While some may get lucky with saline placebos, most are having their immune system destroyed from the inside out.

We know these things, because at this point, the evidence is overwhelming and we know that it’s the big banks calling all the shots for their Great Reset, which they claim is a transhumanist utopia, a cure to Climate Change.

But who knows? What we all instinctively know is how to stop them.

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  • The view that these experimental injections are a failure is dependent on the real goal of their developers. If it is to slowly kill the subject then they are very successful.

  • If it’s a faux virus we don’t have to look for the origin right could that be the reason instead of lab grown sure saves a lot of finger pointing because it looks to me like the guilt parties would love to stop all the people looking for the answer to WHO dunnit. The crispy gay bat soup disease theory is all we need since no further study can be conducted you know since they shredded all the documents and killed all the witnesses from the labs already.
    I nearly died from the HOAX virus so excuse me if I have a different opinion about it than you
    would you look for something that would get you killed? why forbid autopsies and MRIs?coverup much. Feel free to help them as much as you want I will question all the experts and the idiots.

      • no shots ,didn’t go to hospital never tested , I had long tail COVID shortness of breath , erratic heart beat, never coughed once ,fever & chills ,massive headache, lost taste for food I once liked , slightly dimmed vision in one eye,
        bought one pound bag of vitamin C powder profoundly abused it
        ate 200 aspirins over 3 weeks after my fever broke, went outside and stared at the sun with my lids closed and watched the dark spot in my eye disappear no long term after effects started walking the block like lots of other lock down folks natural immunity from a hard case

  • Hi ,
    I Doubt this comment gets Posted.
    My other 4 previous comments were not allowed is why I say it.
    You put the Cart Before The Horse again with this article.
    Beginning of your article you say: Coronavirus made in Laboratory 8n Wuhan China,,
    Did it ever Occur to you The Wuhan virus is the Vaccine !!!
    You Can’t Isolate Covid-19 !
    No Isolation No Covid-19 Virus !





    Watch The Video inside the article Title: Germ Theory Covid-19 and Pandemics Debunked.

    • Yep. See, they made corona viruses ALRIGHT, just not the novel new covid19 that doesn’t exist, it never was awarded a patent, (not that they didn’t try) because each submission was rejected as being a natural virus, not unique. But they claimed it existed and escaped anyway. These imaginary vaccines have nothing in them to promote healing, no antibodies whatsoever. No one knows where the facilities are that are supplying the ingredients. Because China makes all our medical supplies, none are made in the USA. Try to keep up.

  • Any who actually want to know what is really going on and has been for decades, needs to watch this video, as it explains the who, what, when where and how.
    Of course the names are now different, as new players enter the game and others leave but the agenda continues.
    Just cut and paste this into you address bar, it will take you to the YT video, watch every minute, it is an eerie gut punch like you have never felt! Know this before you watch, you can not unsee this!
    1967 Speech by Myron C Fagan

  • looks like we’re toast
    saw a CCP military video where they laugh about what they have achieved with the rollout of the virus and there was an antidote for the elites in case some of them get infected from the shedders . I wonder if we funded that also we could waterboard Saint Fauxi with holy water to find out.

    • daniel laxon and Alexandra,

      Re: Kabuki Flu Theatre

      This analyst had warned in June of 2020,
      how the world was being duped into
      accepting the Shadow Cabal’s bait-then-
      switch “PANDEMIC”—using the normal
      year-to-year seasonal FLU – to rebuff
      Mr. Trump’s massive challenge – and pre-
      sent a Ghost Virus for INDUCING global
      terror!, for imprisoning mankind; for ad-
      vancing the “Great Reset” of Socialism/

      In short, you’ve ( everyone’s ) been
      via a Non-Existence bug made REAL by
      WITHHOLDING actual cures in Death
      Camps called, “Hospitals”—and where,
      say, an infected stubbed toe is listed as
      “Covid-19” (( “19 “ being an ILLUMINATI
      number; see its use in the false-flagged
      Oklahoma City mass murder )).


      If you’re going to play
      THEIR game, stop
      using “vaccine”—say/
      write ”GENE Injection.”


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