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Robert David Steele just did one of the best interviews of Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy that I’ve ever seen.

For some 20 years, Kerry has been at the forefront of all of the weirdness in our world and this interview covers everything from the secret space program, Tesla technology, ETs, Pleiadians, Reptilians, Insectoids and Anunnaki, Atlantis, Deep Underground Bases, QAnon, JFK Jr, the Quantum Financial System, GESARA, the Plandemic, NorCal fires, Frequency Wars, and more.

If you like delving into these alternate realities, this interview is one-stop shopping for all of it and it’s fully transcribed, below.



RDS: Have we had a secret space program that Congress did not approve of?

KC: Well…it’s actually present tense. So, we have a secret space program…

RDS: Any expenditure of money has to have Congressional approval. Therefore, this was an unauthorized, unappropriated expense and it may be that Donald Rumsfeld did not lose $2.3 trillion, it was spent on the secret space force.

KC: No doubt about it, actually. So, the bottom line is that we have had a secret space program going back to the days of [Operation] Paperclip, if you want to just go back that far – but it actually goes back, even to the 1930s.

So, Truman was instrumental in that, as well as Dulles and various other players. So Project Camelot, our focus has been interviewing whistleblowers from Above Top Secret who were talking about the secret space program. That’s how we started 15 years ago and so, we have, I would say, probably the best stable of witnesses that are talking about their experiences in the secret space program.

RDS: I will grant that. Let me also give you credit for having put together a phenomenal series of books and videos and online posts. I think you are the the reference point, the center of gravity for all of this.

So, roughly how many spaceships do we have that are far beyond the nonsense that NASA is pretending to launch?

KC: Well, I would not pretend to know. I can say that we have now, if I remember, something like eight Orion Class spaceships, which are, I guess Captain Kirk, you know Enterprise-level.

But I also…I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I was doing contract work in the aerospace community, in Southern California.

I was sent to Boeing and ended up being the Executive Assistant to someone whose entire project, while I was working there was suddenly taken into Above Top Secret and I was let go at that time – I was only there on a short-term basis, anyway. It was, as I say a contract job.

But I happened to be inside enough to know what happened and they were hired to build, right at that time, basically an Enterprise-level ship.

So, that was within Boeing and that was…maybe uh 12 years ago…well, actually it has to be more than 15 because…I wasn’t in Camelot at the time.

RDS: I’ve reviewed a number of books on on the space force Michael Salla’s book William Tompkins and so forth.

Where do you stand or does your book, ‘The Rebel Gene’ talk about wormholes and teleportation, as opposed to the space program?

KC: Okay, well those aren’t opposed to each other. So, you cannot have a space program, a secret space program without using wormholes.

So, the basics it – it’s all Tesla tech. It’s all what we call vortex or toroidal physics. So the basis for space travel – this is where people get into the the idea that they they think we’re going to literally fly from here directly to the Moon or Mars, when in reality, we have to go uh through a portal, through what becomes a wormhole

RDS: – which is almost like a time-space instantaneous arrival thing —

KC: Yes, and I guess it depends how far you’re going and those logistics – Mark Richards is one of my primary witnesses, now, who I’ve interviewed for the last five years and I’ve got 12 interviews, in fact I’m about to turn that into a book, so that people have an easy reference.

RDS: Do you have a working title for the book?

KC: No, I don’t but I can tell you, it’s about Mark Richards, so…it would probably have his name in it…

RDS:  Where are you on, for example the Ishtar series and others? There’s this report that the Moon, which is said to be an artificial satellite is starting to lose all of its original nuclear reactors, which, at the time it was created were the most advanced technology and the holographic image of the Moon is going to fall apart and the Schumann effect is going to go away. Where are you on the on the issue of the Moon in the next five years?

KC: I haven’t heard that it was gonna go away in the next five years and this Ishtar information is not…you sent me some links to it and I did take a look at it. From my point of view, it’s pretty remedial and also quite harmless. I don’t have any huge issues with it. I don’t expect it to be completely accurate in every way, either.

As far as the Moon’s concerned, my understanding is that we have a base inside the Moon, contrary to what I believe that particular body of thought has going on in it and and that we are still interacting with those beings and that actually there there are other beings that can commandeer certain areas of the Moon.

So, if you just want to go back as far as William Tompkins, which is only a few years ago, he was talking about how we landed on the Moon during the Space Program. We had help. Camelot had been told that 15 years ago. So, we didn’t go the way we think we went. In other words, under our own volition, using this antiquated type of technology but instead, that we had help from the ETs.

When we finally got the William Tompkins testimony, he went into more detail as to what kind of relationship that was with these ET races, which is basically the Pleiadians on the one hand and the Reptilians on the other – and the Reptilians were sabotaging our program, at the same time as seemingly to help us.

So, when we landed on the Moon, there’s a famous drawing by William Tompkins and I’ve talked about this on other interviews and that has a lineup of a bunch of Reptilian ships and I think it was — was it John Glenn, who’s the first guy that got there? [Neil Armstrong?]

RDS: I’ve heard the astronauts, Buzz Aldrin, a whole bunch of them —

KC: Yeah, but it was one, in particular that Tom has talked about…I forget. Anyway, at any rate, he said, “They’re here…and we’re they’re asking us to leave,” basically…

So, you know the story but maybe the audience doesn’t know it that well but it is vital information and it is on my interview. I have a three-hour, of what is really a jam-packed bunch of information from William Tompkins, before he supposedly died.

We were supposed to do a second interview. It was supposed to involve, as it happens before this whole Epstein thing broke. We were delving into — because I already knew about the slave ships taking humans, focusing on children and and all of that — the whole pedophilia thing, etc. and felt that I had a very good grounding in all of that and what William Tompkins said to me in that first interview is that, “What you know is is not even the tip of the iceberg,” in that regard.

So, I think they got scared of what he was going to reveal in the next interview and he basically called me up the night before the interview, which had been on the charts for like six months or something crazy and he basically said, “I can never speak to you again. Please don’t ever try to contact me,” and hung up the phone.

RDS: The off-planet trade in human beings is something I’ve seen across many sources and we know of at least eight million children that are disappearing every year and we know that humans are disappearing during wars and refugees. I mean, X number of refugees start out in Africa and half of them reach Europe. Where did the other half go? So, this is clearly a counterintelligence problem.

Let me ask you this, before we close out the space thing and move on to the other topics. I have the impression that, at the space level, Russia, China and the United States are bonded at the hip and they’re not at all in competition. They’re actually working together. Is that a wrong impression?

KC: Oh, no. That’s absolutely correct and I’ve said this and we’ve talked about this over the years. But the bottom line, I just want to say, here that people I don’t think even understand to this day is why humans have begun to basically feed off each other and try to steal energy from the children.

These older men, primarily males but apparently, there are now females involved in that scene, as well and we’re really talking about reptilian DNA mixed with the human genome. So, this is where this comes from and until people realize that, they’re never going to solve this issue.

You can try to kill as many or put them in jail but it’s not going to solve the problem. Even their children, you know that have been abused are going to end up doing the same pattern again…also, we’re fighting with various alien races right now, who are continuing to take human slaves off the planet and even with Trump and his incredible effort, John F Kennedy Jr and Q and all of this going into the underground bases — as I said, in several interviews lately, Mark Richards talked to me…

He and his father were ordered to fly into the Dulce base, rescue the humans there. They did so and less than a week later, the Greys had abducted them again. It’s a much more complex story than people realize and it’s not just about closing a bunch of underground bases. We have cultures of Reptilians, that are a marauding species, that go from planet to planet and do pillage and rape and take slaves and then trade them with other races, like the Mantids, the negative-side Mantids and the Ant Beings; these Insectoid Beings, which are not talked about much.

So, it’s a bigger story than people realize and it has everything to do with what we call kundalini energy, orgone, call it what you will; Vril. All of this, that is basically the energy that comes from the base of the spine, the spine chakra and goes up through the crown chakra and this is what children have in plenty and that is highly-activated and this is what old people, who have not gone into a meditational state and activated their own chakras in their life, just gotten older and older and this is how humans age…and basically, are sucking their energy off of young people.

So, this is happening on a superficial level. It’s also happening on a sexual and much more diabolical level.

RDS: I want to stop you there, because — my channel, my rules — I want to drive people to buy your book and go to your website. I’m not here to spoon-feed them with the whole story. So, I’m going to stop you, not out of rudeness but because I want them to buy your book and go to your website. I have just one more question in the space arena and then I want to move on to QAnon, JFK and and some other matters.

I’ve been talking to a number of people, two of them, recovering Illuminati and what they’re saying is that the Reptilians on Earth have essentially given up and are in retreat. Is that false?

KC: Yes. I mean, that’s a nice idea but you have to understand that the Reptilians — first of all, there’s many species of Reptilians, so you have to define your terms, decide who you’re really talking about. And once you do that, then you have to figure out which race you’re dealing with.

There’s a specific race called the Reptoids that are Reptilian-human hybrid Reptilians, that are apparently — at least, according to Mark Richards — the most diabolical and they have bases underground in Africa, specifically he’s talked about uh and and probably various places around the globe, as well.

I can tell you that they’re not leaving and Reptilians believe they were here first. So, they believe that they own — in essence, they own the Earth and they also have genetically invaded our species and changed our genome. So, they’re genetic engineers par excellence. They’re known for this and so, this is where you get temples; why they go into the Middle East and are asking our armies to actually go and destroy the temples.

What they’re destroying is the evidence of the Reptilian invasion on planet Earth and that was there before even before us — and then humans, basically were their slaves.

RDS: Let me ask you one last question. Then I want to move on, because I want people to buy your book, ‘The Rebel Gene’, and also go to your website.

Thanks to Obama, Biden and Hillary Clinton, Libya is now the center of slave trading on the planet. There are huge slave warehouses and slave auctions and so forth in Libya. Has Libya come up in your in your recent work, in relation to off-planet human trading?

KC: Well, I will say that Libya has been notorious and I got a psychic message about Libya, when I was getting dreams of the future and this is going back when I was in my 20s. So I knew that that was going to be a hotspot, a place where you could trace what goes on there and then extend that sort of model out to to what’s going on in the rest of the world.

So, I’m not surprised. But I also want to draw your attention to Ukraine, because I don’t think the real story has come out about why they’re in Ukraine, what’s really going on there and why they’re so obsessed with it.

And this gets into the secret space program, probably wraps in Crimea, because we already know that there’s a lot of very anomalous uh things going on in terms of the Earth in Crimea and Mark has also said that it’s basically…the veil is very thin there and people can see invading species, etc. and so on going on in Crimea.

So, there’s something to do with Ukraine.

RDS: Let me just point out, let me just point out that Benjamin Netanyahu has said that he plans a “New Israel” in the Ukraine.

KC: Right and that’s not an accident. You have to keep in mind that behind Israel are the Anunnaki and — that doesn’t mean that all Israelis are Reptilians but it does mean that there is a relationship, there. And this gets back to Sumeria and that invading race.

Now, what happened with the Anunnaki is they are humanoid — so, they were they were, in essence Pleiadians, which we are related directly to them and so — but they are a race of humanoids that were taken over by the Draco and became Reptilian-human hybrids, in essence.

So, this is a complex story. Right now, if you look at the political situation, you look at what Trump and team are doing, you’re looking at the…takedown of the Cabal, you have to look at the alien-human relationships that we have on and off planet, because that’s the key. That’s the absolute key and unfortunately, I’m the only one talking about that!

RDS: You know, Kerry, I don’t want to shortchange you, because I think you are the only one that’s really doing a coherent job and I don’t want this to become a one-hour, two-hour interview. My most important audiences have barely 30 minutes but in your case, we’re going to go over 30 minutes.

I think you’re very, very important and I also want to make a clear distinction between the Zionists and the Jewish faith, two completely different things. And in fact, within the Jewish faith, you have the hierarchy, where at the top the Kabbalists and the Chabad think all the other Jews are sh*t, okay. So, they have their own pecking order.

But when I talk about Zionism and the evils of Zionism, I’m talking about the Russian, criminal, Red Mafia, State of Israel, that sponsors terrorism and so forth. But I think your perspective is absolutely essential and I’m hoping the President will do some disclosure.

Which leads me to what does Kerry Cassidy think about QAnon?

KC: I think QAnon is is excellent. I think it’s basically the PR platform for Trump, who was not able to get the Mainstream Media to honestly portray his mission and so, this thing was planned…

What it leads to is that John F Kennedy, back in 1962 started Q. What was, in essence an Above Top Secret group within the White House that was going to protect him, supposedly and also deal with these areas that are way Above Top Secret.

So, he didn’t trust his own intelligence community, as you know. So this apparently was what Q started out, as. Now, since the death or so-called death of John F Kennedy Jr, what we have is sort of a resurgence, I believe of this group and he brought forward, I think he was instrumental in creating a mission, in which he would basically do payback for the death of his father, for the coup that ultimately changed the whole direction of the United States, from that point forward. So, we’re talking 1963-on.

So, this is, I think Q is very, very important. I think they had to be stealthy. I think they have to talk in code, as they do they do get deciphered. It’s not that hard to read but there are a lot of sort of covert messages that Trump is also giving onstage, when he uses certain words on purpose the wrong way or when he refers to certain things and he’s something really of a master at this, that people don’t realize.

So, he’s basically talking in code most of the time and nothing he does, as they say, is accidental. So, I think Q is a very important platform. I think that it is brilliant and I think it contains a plan that is allowing them to, in essence, put in place this Quantum Financial System, that is sort of the in-your-face takedown of the Cabal and their money, hitting them where it hurts, obviously.

Whether it’s going to be successful, it’s happening right now, as we speak and I’m doing interviews on this. I did a whole analysis of a document that came out, apparently with these bullet point items about the QFS and I’m continuing to do more and more research….

It’s a big, big story and apparently, this QFS is being rolled-out quietly but the SWIFT system is one indicator, that you can look at and you can talk to banks about it. At the moment, they’ll they’ll either tell you it’s down or it’s not working up to par or something of that nature but the reality is, this is a very key component of the QFS being taken down and and a revision of the way we deal with money on planet Earth.

And that does get to the heart of the power relationship of humans, to the human slash non-human — the Cabal are members that have the greatest amount of reptilian DNA – it’s a power relationship with other humans and they consider themselves “pure races”, we’re talking bloodlines.

So, all of this gets into why the Cabal think think they can rule over us and gets back to the kings and queens and why they were given their sort of job by the Annunaki —

RDS: This book here talks about how dirty money has taken over the planet and so, I think you’re most valuable and I recommend that people go and look at your video review of the Quantum Financial System, because your value is really in showing how this Quantum Financial System is going to make it much, much harder to move dirty money.

Now, let me point out that NSA has every banking transaction, including all the offshore banking transactions, going back 15 years. I have long believed that NSA was dirty and that NSA is controlled by the Zionists and the Cabal. Now,

KC: — okay now I’ve got something — let me just stop you, there, because I’ve got something that a lot of people don’t realize and this is information that that I’ve found over time: the NSA was established to deal with our relationship with ETs and our and communication with them. That’s their real mission, if you can believe it. So yeah, this is a whole different way of looking at them what they do.

And then you also have to look at Snowden and understand there’s something there that he has not revealed and I believe he’s too smart not to know this component.

RDS: Well, I have to tell you, I think Snowden was a CIA op against NSA and it had the desired effect and some very interesting things are coming out and I’m predicting that President Trump will pardon Snowden. I also want to mention, for the record that the National Aeronautics and Space Agency is an intelligence agency. It is a secret military intelligence agency. It is not a nice, clean thing.

KC: So let’s give credit where credit is due, because Richard Hoagland has been saying that for many years and I worked as a contractor for JPL/NASA and I can tell you that they actually portray themselves as a military organization. So, a lot of people don’t realize that.

RDS: No, agree and I would also like people to look at Cathy O’Brien’s book, TRANCEformation of America, because when the Nazis did not lose World War II, they did a treaty with the United States and we gave them CIA and NASA and NASA has been the lead on mind control, not only at the individual level but at the mass level.

So, John F Kennedy Jr, I did an analysis and I concluded that he was going to be assassinated by the Mossad, in order to allow Hillary Clinton to win an election. She would certainly have lost when John F Kennedy Jr put his hat in the ring. My analysis concludes that he did, in fact fake his death and that the aircraft went down with the passenger seat missing, the door out. It was clearly some kind of parachute end game and I’m waiting to see if he shows up on the 17th of October in Dallas. What’s your take on whether John F Kennedy Jr is alive and best buds with Donald Trump?

KC: Absolutely true. And I can tell you, intuitively — and my intuition has served me over the years incredibly. So, more and more…I had a whole night full of dreams that were like reality. In other words, they were — there’s very few dreams in my life where I didn’t know, when I woke up, which reality I was in. They were that real and this was one of them. So, I spent the whole night interacting with JFK Junior and Trump all night long, going in and out of those dreams. Waking up, going back to sleep, having more interactions, etc.

So, I have to tell you that that was major. I did not know that wasn’t reality and so, when I finally woke up in the morning, I was sort of amazed…because I’m not a person that dreams of presidents…

RDS: It’s an unusual juxtaposition, John F Kennedy Jr and Donald Trump, even though they were friends. So, I take that with with great seriousness. Now, do you have anything that you want to talk about, that people are not aware of, that’s forthcoming, any sense of future events or video teleconferences, things that you’re sponsoring that people need to know about?

KC: Well, I think that there is there some foreshadowing going on, with regard to an incoming asteroid, that is said to be coming here around the dates of the Election. There is also a positioning of troops that Dave Hodges has been doing a really good job of reporting on, coming into the area of Kingman, Arizona and also, there was a whole 21 planes that flew into an area of Richfield, I think…of Utah and and so, there is there’s some movement in the  Southwest, I guess you might say, in certain areas that are indicating some kind of operation going on.

Now, Dave Hodges thinks it’s a COG, Continuity of Government but I’m not so sure that’s what’s going on, as much as it may be a preparation for something larger, something more than what we’ve been dealing with, with Antifa and the burning fires in California.

And I do want to say that, according to Q recently, he singled out 8 individuals who had been arrested for setting some of those California fires. Now, that’s important, because there’s a human contingent involved — but there’s also an alien-human contingent, a war going on with regard to the fires and there’s also the Illuminati — that is a land grab going on in California.

They are really trying to get complete control of Northern California and I believe that’s because of the wine country,  primarily. That is very valuable wine real estate and wine is an integral — for many reasons that people don’t realize — red wine especially is a very powerful ingredient, then it can also help make you younger — not when you drink it too muchbut obviously just you know this is something known to magicians in the Illuminati, so and of course it’s no accident, that Jesus and the Catholic church, you know, you’re supposed to drink his blood and eat his whatever. So, these are things that that people don’t realize are going on and the scalar weapons that are activated and show the fires are being started.

There is a war going on above and underground, so this is an ongoing situation and fire is also used by military as a distraction, a reason to evacuate humans out of an area, so they can do their operations or deal with battles, actual battles.

There’s also a very interesting dynamic going on with the telescopes being shut down around the planet right now and this is something that Shepard Ambellas from Intellihub has targeted. I think he’s even making a documentary about it right now.

There’s something up with that. Now, it may have more to do with the actual war, which is between ETs and humans and so on, that’s in the skies above our heads, at the moment — but again, the fires are instrumental in literally making it impossible, not only to see what’s going on but…trying to force the humans out.

So, that’s going on, mainly this time in Northern California, so far. There’s a few small fires in Southern California, where I am right now but not much. So, this is very interesting and fire is a tool of those that follow Satan – you can appreciate that.

RDS: I agree and I want to add an endorsement on the real estate play. One of the most important book reviews I ever wrote was on Wayne Jett’s ‘Fruits of Graft’, which documented how the banks started the Great Depression with the connivance of the President at the time, to destroy the Middle Class, that was demanding political power, to buy up real estate at Depression-Era prices and to consolidate control of the Federal Government.

And I wrote the first original analysis of Covid-19 as a false flag operation that was covering naked shorts and was basically setting up a land grab. I mean all of these crashing prices in New York City, there are people buying them up at lower prices, knowing that it’s going to bounce back, as soon as the so-called Covid fake pandemic is over.

KC: Well there’s a lot more to do with the fake “Plandemic”, as they call it, having to do with being more than a land grab and a real estate, you know opportunity but on top of that, having to do with taking down the economic system around the world.

And when I talk to Charlie Ward tomorrow, I’m going to be emphasizing who wanted to take down the economic system. Yes, Trump and team are taking advantage of it to roll out the QFS but wasn’t it a ploy in essence to do their population reduction?

Now, Covid is useless as a population reduction tool, as we can see. The numbers were faked. They had to fake them, because not enough people died. And now it’s coming out. Even the CDC, just yesterday or recently said, something like 9,000 humans in the United States died and of course, they came out in Britain, saying that the numbers were were far less than they had ever said. It was reduced to a flu-level pandemic, back in March, if you follow CDC and the WHO — and yet, they locked down the world around it.

So, there’s much more going on here and if they’re rolling out this system, this QFS right now, under our noses and it’s going to change our world and there’s even supposed to be, of course the GESARA give-back, where people are now finding that their loans have been forgiven — something like a thousand have been documented, at least through Charlie Freak’s website, saying they all of a sudden, don’t owe money they owed.

So, there seems to be a movement. It’s quiet. It’s not in-your-face and the mainstream does not acknowledge it. They don’t talk about it, they basically appear not to know about it.

RDS: Covid-19 was intended to lead to massive mandatory vaccinations, with digital ID and all kinds of toxic 5G —

KC: Yes of course tracking humans, yeah, no doubt about it —

RDS: — but let me just make the point that 5G is a weaponized system that can literally vaporize bodies and it was tested in London. I the building that burned down, there were no bodies and all the firefighters had to sign the Official Secrets Act because of that.

KC: Okay. Fair enough and thank you for that information. I have to say, Mark Steele has been on that story for a long time. I’ve interviewed him several times. He’s very excellent, he knows his stuff. Yes, it’s a weapon system but I have done a whole article about the Tesla technology and Wardenclyffe and how Tesla believed his technology misfired and caused Tunguska.

So, this is the tip of the iceberg. It’s not only 5G that they’re using to create COVID in these targeted areas of humanity. They are sending what are basically scalar weapons targeted at these humans. And so, you could take all the 5G away and still have this targeting going on. This is a frequency war.

RDS: And let me say, I think Charlie Ward is wrong when he says that 5G has been neutralized. I don’t think that’s the case. Now, 5G can be neutralized in the future, but right now —

KC: Well, this is going to be very difficult, because this is a frequency war. So, I’ve written an article about it and I put a lot of stuff into that, okay.

RDS: This is the name of the article?

KC: “Frequency Wars”. I think is one of the part of the title. Exactly, yes and and and there are a lot of links there. You’ve got to educate yourself about Tesla tech and what you can do. It also gets into Super Soldiers, kundalini activation and how a group of children, Super Soldiers went into, I believe it was Cambodia, joined hands and decimated a whole a whole battalion of of soldiers, Viet Cong.

So, you have to understand that humans have this power. We generate scalar waves, using our body, when we meditate, etc. in a certain way. So, this technology crosses over all these boundaries and Thomas Bearden, of course was instrumental in outing a lot of this knowledge.

But there’s a lot more around Tesla’s tech that people are not cognizant of it and I have put some of this out there. It also has to do with the Weather Wars —

RDS: Oh! I was just thinking about that, as my next question! Alright, let’s agree that this will be the last bit of this interview, which has been absolutely superb. Talk to us about Weather Wars and then we’ll close by sending people to your website and to buy your book.

KC: Okay, so my article on the Tesla Tech, the Frequency Wars, it’s important understand that Ashayana Deane talked, many years ago — she gets downloads from guardian races — this is a mixture of races and they talked about the Electric Wars that went on eons ago on this planet and decimated areas.

So, this is specifically in the in the Middle East especially…we seem to be revisiting that. We’ve now got that technology, the particle beam weapons that took down the the 9/11 towers and so, this kind of technology is very far-reaching and has lots of sides to it.

And so, this is what is causing…these escalated weather events and weather has been used as a weapon between governments for many, many years. And of course, the Nazis were doing groundbreaking investigation in this but China has these weapons, North Korea has these weapons and I’ve done shows on this.

I just did a recent show, there’s a guy named Peter Kirby, who’s sort of a nuts-and-bolts researcher. He…doesn’t go as far as I do, let’s say but he is getting the exact trail that leads to why Chemtrails and why what he calls the the “Second Manhattan Project” and how it was built up and he follows the companies, the individuals and it all goes back to the Nazis, of course. So, this is this is where Weather Wars come from…

Just yesterday, we had major sulfur in my water here, in Southern California. You know what that tells me? Is that they have escalated some kind of volcanism under California. So the California Fires are also moved along, escalated by this volcanism. And you can bet, if you go into Northern California, you’re going to find volcanism.

And I’ve had a couple people write to me about that. And so, this is another place to look to see why this thing — and in and Oregon, as well — it’s an inferno. It’s it’s not caused by natural Earth changes. It’s caused by man-made and ET-made —

RDS: What? You mean Joe Biden is wrong? It’s not Climate Change?

KC: No, it’s not. not to the degree. Now, I try to tell people that — please understand, the Illuminati, the way they work, they work with the flow. So, they knew that this time would come, when the Earth was entering a certain area of its trajectory through the Galactic Center and that, basically the Earth would begin to become more volatile and there’s a direct relationship to our Sun and what’s going on with our Sun and the Earth and so on.

But all of this is then taken and raised. And so this is where you get Fukushima, using weapons. They make use of the energy that’s already there. Energy is not created, as you know or destroyed — it’s simply moved.

So, this is the shifting energy. They’re called magicians. The military are magicians. They’re using these techniques that used to be related to, back in Crowley’s day, individual magicians and basically have been incorporated.

RDS: There’s actually a great book called the ‘War Magicians’. Okay, I deeply regret trying to close this off, because obviously, you could go on for 6 hours but the whole point of my channel is to not spoon-feed people. Basically, listen carefully, People. You need to buy her book and go to her website. I’m not gonna sit here and spoon feed you.

So, is there a happy ending, in your view, out of this whole panorama?

KC: No doubt about it. This is you know this is humans coming of age, okay we are finally coming back to the day of where we were when Atlantis fell. So, in essence, Atlantis was the last time the humans and ETs from off-planet walked on the surface Earth, cognizant of who they were and using myriad of technologies.

Now, the challenge is not to go down the Dark Way. This time, we are actually turning it to the positive. I think Trump and his victories and QAnon is indication that and we’re going to see a landslide victory in November, assuming a global event doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen to interrupt that. It’s being positioned. He’s allowing these things to happen. It’s a balancing act. It’s amazing, what they’re doing.

So, I see yes, if the QFS, the Quantum Financial System is allowed to operate, it’s going to be very difficult for the Dark Side to operate, having been exposed, as far as the pedophilia and the stealing of children and humans and using them for food and adrenochrome, etc.

I mean, all of this that I’m talking about, we are all disclosing the truth. We are all waking humans up. Now, we know that there’s a whole group of humans that don’t want to hear the truth. They’re fighting it and so, that’s what the battle is. The battle is not that the truth isn’t out there. The truth is now out there. It’s just that a large group of our members, of this human genome doesn’t want to hear it and they want to stay in what we call 3D reality, locked-in. And whether they like it or not, they want to remain slaves.

RDS: They were bred for 3D reality. In fact, I just reviewed I’m reviewing tomorrow a book called ‘Laurel Canyon’, which is about how CIA and military intelligence took over Laurel Canyon and used it to gestate Satanism and pedophilia.

KC: And let me just give credit, again where credit is due on that, because that’s Peter Levenda — and I was one of the first people to interview him — so, if you haven’t talked to Peter Levenda — he basically delved into that story many years ago and he’s still on the scene. He’s an excellent writer and that’s a very dark story but it’s very real.

RDS: Oh, you know Kerry, I’m going to nominate you, right now for the Medal of Freedom. I think you are one of the most extraordinary people that we’ve got in the world, in America and I’m not going to quite go to tears in my eyes but I’m close. You are an amazing human being. I want you to just say goodbye and then I’m going to send everybody to buy your book and visit your website. God bless you, Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot. I am not worthy!

KC: Oh! Hey, we’re we’re equals here in this fight and thank you for being on the front lines with me.

RDS: God bless you. Bye-bye.

KC: Take care.

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