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    Kash Patel Calls Out Tony Blinken for Openly Lying to the American Public About the $6 Billion Biden Sent to Iran

    by Jim Hoft

    On Sunday Biden Secretary of State Tony Blinken told reporters the $6 billion Joe Biden gifted to Iran in September was not used in the Hamas Sabbath terrorist attack this weekend.

    Tony Blinken has absolutely no proof of this. And Iran was working with Hamas planning the attack for months before Joe Biden gave Iran the $6 billion.

    On Monday afternoon former Trump official and author Kash Patel busted Blinken for his recent set of lies.

    Kash Patel: I just want to touch upon the fact that we have Blinken going out there saying the $6 billion hasn’t been spent.
    What a total lie.

    The $6 billion was unfrozen from Korean accounts and went to Middle East bank accounts. And that money has since been transferred to Iranian proxy forces and militia groups. And the government of Iran and the President of Iran himself said the day after the $6 billion transfer, not only are we removing UN inspectors from the nuclear program, we will spend this money however we want.

    Our Secretary of State, as K.T. pointed out, is lawyering up and covering up, and now they’re going to start blaming each other because the DoD cares more about the setting sun than they do about our men and women. And they can’t even tell us how many civilians Americans are over there. This is the same regime that left 1000 American citizens in Afghanistan, not to mention our 13 dead.

    Kash Patel was on FOX Business Network on Monday.

    Never forget that it was Tony Blinken who planned and organized the letter with 51 intel “experts” who insisted Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian op.
    Another massive lie.

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    • Israel let the so-called attack happen. They have never minded sacrificing humans to feed their beast.
      Wake Up! Shiten Netanyahu is at it again!
      GOY on ya.

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