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Kash Patel is onboard with Rep Anna Paulina Luna and her bill to expel Adam Schiff from Congress, saying:

“Adam Schiff has made a career out of lying to the American People, weaponizing the Intelligence Community, authoring not just Russiagate and helping cover-up FBI corruption but launching two false presidential impeachments during Donald Trump’s presidency, placing me falsely in the middle of them, spreading lies and hate and vitriol year after day after day, this man – of any man or woman who served in this US Congress’ history must be expelled, not because of our personal like or dislike of him but because of his destruction of our Constitutional Republic, so it’s a righteous action and I hope Republicans listen.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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1 comment

  • I’d flush Adam Schiff down the DC Commode like the lying pencil-necked Turd that he is.
    The DC Government isn’t really a “Swamp”; it’s more of a putrid Sewer.
    Let’s not forget to call Roto-Rooter for the corrupt “Republican” Party, as well.

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