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    “We’re not going to stop! If they think we’re quitting and we’re going to walk away from this fight, we will never walk away from this fight — we’re going to save this country!”

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    • Kari Lake definitely has true grit unfortunately it comes from DS Operation Go Pound Sand and she is most definitely on the receiving side. The only way to win is divorce give up the cheating bastard and his goofy ass kids leave his sandbox and go start anew . If you stay and fight you use up all your vital energy , make his lawyers rich and struggle to keep out of the path of the dogs of war they loose upon you. You can’t change these people into good humans they are defective by choice time to move on without them. They want to build a prison for us so we won’t survive, let’s buy Greenland rename it then move in. When global weather change finally hits it will be like Miami Beach up there.

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