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    During a recent appearance on French-language Canadian TV, Justin Trudeau referred to citizens who oppose the vaccination mandates as “misogynistic” and “racists” and he asks whether the leadership and the rest of the population should continue to tolerate “these people”.



    Yes, we will get out of this pandemic by vaccination. We all know people who are a little bit hesitant. We will try to convince them.

    But there are also people who are fiercely against vaccination who don’t believe in science, they’re often misogynistic, also often racists. It’s a small group that muscles in.  

    And we have to make a choice, in terms of leaders, in terms of the country. Do we tolerate these people?

    Or do we say, hey, most of the Québecois people, 80% are vaccinated? We want to come back to things we like doing.

    It’s not those people [the vaccinated] who are blocking us.

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    • WoW, so this guy is our Leader????? Really, we weren’t able to do better than him? Completely disgusting the way he talks out citizens that voted him into office. Vaccinated or not the virus is here for now, we don’t live in a communist regime. Our parents and grandparents fought for freedom now here he come and wants to take it away from us. If Politicians succeed with this… what comes next?

    • Why are people who are fully vacinated getting the omicronvirus? I had covin-19 Delta varriant in August and I am unvacinated. I refuse to get the shots and boosters. Originally, the government said to get shot was a voluntary decesion. Now the government is very communistic and wants to force those of us who are unvacinated to get vacinated against our free will. Our veterans fought two wars to give us freedom. If vacinations work, then, why are the fully vacinated getting sick from the omicron virus?

      • Exactly it went very quickly from voluntary to you must have this jab I think we all realise by now what the real issiue is ,the question being we need to be asking ourselves is are we willing to fight for our freedom like our fathers grandfather’s and mothers did, is the future of our children worth the sacrifice this is were we are at this time, time to choose .

    • Send trudeau to GITMO, he is a criminal communist from the Deep State. He is following instructions for the New world order..

      • Your god dam right he is, but he doesn’t have much time left anyway before they arrest him for treason and crimes against humanity!! He will either be hung or get a bullet to the back of his head along with many, many others. Take away the MSM mainstream media and you have no PLANDEMIC!!!! You’ve got CJOH, CBC, GLOBAL NEWS AMONG OTHERS AND 1500 other BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY TRUDEAU, broadcasters across CANADA 🇨🇦 PUSHING ALL THE LIES ABOUT THE BIGGEST HOAX, CON IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND!!!!!!!!!! THEIR IS NO VARIANT AND NO SUCH THING AS COIVED 19 AS IT DOES NOT EXSIST. We are talking about the seasonal flue here and that’s it. Influenza A & B. Trudeau keeps saying that the unvaccinated don’t believe in Science that’s not it at all… WE DONT BELIEVE IN HIS SCIENCE BECAUSE THE RESEARCH SHOWS IF YOU DO THE MATH TBAT HIS SCIENCE “ IS ALL LIES!!!!!!” BOTTOM LINE HERE IS, WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T TAKE THE MILLER VACCINE, AS IT WAS MEANT TO KILL YOU SLOW, NOT SAVE YOU. “Oh and yes. You’re government is trying to kill but not just in Canada 🇨🇦, this is happening in a 172 countries around the world.

    • Trudeau remains a sock puppet of Klaus Schwab.
      Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remains a WEF participant, but not a confirmed ‘Young Global Leader’ of Klaus Schwab.

      Mainly a sock puppet – unable to think for himself – as they say in computer games. J. Trudeau appears to function as an NPC, that knows nothing about health and disease – only knows about money, like a npc who makes change at coffee shop. Can J.T. even talk without a script?

      Steven Blue

    • Completely disgusting! I’m sure there are people in the Biden administration who feel the same way but don’t have the power. All they can tell those of us who are unvaxxed is that we are going to have a terrible winter of disease, get rejected from every holiday party (as we ought to be), banned from restaurants, etc. etc. You see these people revel in feeling superior and they feel superior to the unvaxxed. The ultimate in superior are the royals, the banksters, the super rich beyond imagination. But… as Boethius said something like…the wheel of fortune turns round and round, those on top go down, but it’s better to be at the bottom of the wheel because you have a chance to improve yourself. These super vaxxed have nowhere to go but down.

    • pjCastro, BIGOT and IMBECILE rolled into one. This ‘science’ he refers to is ‘scientism’ which EXCLUDES DEBATE and is, thus, ANTI-science.
      He may be ‘stupid and dangerous’ – but he has ‘nice hair’.

    • What complete and utter crap! By the way Turdo, you are spreading Hate Speech! You may have a future position in the NWO Turdo but YOU are NOT IMMORTAL, and your future in HELL will be ETERNAL…just sayin’
      By the way, you are not a leader, you are a small, very, very small man with a Napoleonic complex, and JUDY WILSON REYBOULD has way more class and integrity in her pinky finger than you do in your entire scrawny body.
      You speak of science, well you lie, because science does not exist without debate, and your federally funded propaganda machine that plays 24/7 on the idiot box have ensured that all the lazy scared sheeple believe everything you and your so called “specialists” say, even though none of it makes sense and you all keep changing the lies on a daily basis.
      You are pathetic, and by the way, jabs that you and Sophie received were BOGUS and we all know it. One day your children will grow up to know that you were a paid off sell out and a treasonous individual who loves communism like you love China and your papa Castro. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU!

    • In 2013 the Supreme Court ruled that if you take a gene therapy you are no longer human, and no longer have human rights, and are classified as property of the patent owner. Can no longer own guns, vote, or, etc.
      So, under that ruling, those in the Olympics, that have taken gene therapy, are no longer human, and can not compete against humans.
      By the way, Turd oh can go back to his dominion machine.

    • He makes me ashamed to be Canadian. He has turned into a dirty scumbag like the rest of them and he is definitely in the back pocket of the CCP. He is running this once beautiful country into the ground and no one says a thing about it.
      He should also be so ashamed of himself and locked up for how he handled the residential school discoveries of all the Indigenous children’s bodies in the unmarked graves. He declares a national day of Truth and Reconciliation but what does he do he goes on vacation with his family instead of going to Kamloops to me with the Indigenous leaders that invited him. What a maroon waste of skin. My father who is a residential school survivor is rolling over in his grave.

    • Excerpt: “January 2, 2022 – The genocidal Canada corporation government of convicted CEO Justin Trudeau has threatened an International Tribunal that sentenced CEO Justin Trudeau of Crimes against Humanity and Criminal imprisonment without parole, in an attempt to deter the International Tribunal from Enforcement of its lawful sentences against the convicted Canada corporation and convicted CEO Justin Trudeau.”


    • FUD
      Learn to pronounce
      fear, uncertainty and doubt, usually evoked intentionally in order to put a competitor at a disadvantage.
      “the FUD factor” is Not Science

      In Pacific Grove CA a 100 year old historic Elm was murderd using FUD.

    • How do the Canadians put up with this
      Anti social behaviour of a dictatorship like him your Human body is your sovereign right
      He’s just a puppet master for the NWO.

    • As a prime minister of Canada you are elected to lead the people not reprimand them, not shame them, not coerce them, not bully them, not segregate them, not inflame others to discriminate against them. If we were to judge you for your choices and behavior as you have so arrogantly and consistently chosen to do, you would have been disposed of long ago. You are a shameful, embarrassing excuse for someone who is supposed to lead.

      • Fidel Castro had more class and intelligence than turdo.
        Your comparison is not well chosen.
        Nothing human compares to turdo!

        • Not a comparison,Trudeauclonecyborgpuppet is a bastard son of Fidel=FACT!!!!His mom was cia asset and Trudeau was mkultra into power just like Barry S./Obama the Kenyan=FACT.Clones,robotoids,mind control,targetted individuals,consciousness transfer,Mars civilization,Spiritual Warfare is All real as are the artificial alien life forms in the deathjabs.Wake Up people and get up to speed.Strengthen connection to Source Divine,meditate,solfeggio frequency 528,,,Kathra healing,morphic field,blackgoo,quantum physics,,,,,Dracos are real and clear and present danger as iz a.I.:-)!!

        • It’s not a comparison. A lot of people think that Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeaus real father. Search it.

    • Yes we have a “leader” here in Canada who is an obvious idiot and also a real live a*hole, but we all usually don’t even pay attention to him, and people prefer to pelt eggs & chase him off train platforms instead. He just runs away and hides and this is who “leads” our country.
      I truly believe this quote is gonna go absolutely nowhere except for a few people talking around their water coolers about it at work.

    • This is your garden variety totalitarian dictator in training . I wonder if he ever bothered to notice that 80% of then.a test incarnation of the CHINA VIRUS is in and spread by the FULLY VACCINATED.
      Remember folks this PLANDENIC won’t end until we end it ourselves. This flue absolutely wasn’t / isn’t nearly the plague governments have made it out to be. It’s also most definitely man created and track right back to a company called ECOHEALTH Get a new funding from Fauci is national Institute of health after Darpa turned them down. They took it to Wuhan and created this not some bat shit in the soup. This is DOCUMENTED in writing. Either Judicial Watch or Project Veritas dug that up via lawsuit and FOIA!
      If you want to know what’s really going on and how to deal with it follow these doctors / groups to avoid the propaganda and above all TURN OFF THAT LYING NEWS

      FLCCC Front Line Critical Care Clinicians……..Telegram. (Kicked off YouTube🦨)
      Dr Campbell……..YouTube ( Daily stats and trends worldwide , fantastic presentation always, no bullshit)

      Dr Robert Malone …….. Telegram , Rumble. ( he is credited with inventing the MRNAtechnology. Renown research Dr now persona non gratis due to no following the narrative. ). Declares don’t EVER GIVE THESE VACCINES TO YOUNG KIDS who don’t get very sick eith it any ways.

      Dr. Peter Kory ……..leading Lung Specialist ……..Telegram, Rumble ? Same status as Dr Malone for same reasons . Member of FLCCC very active. Spoke out early on his successful treatments using asthma in high amounts to beat the psydacine Storm early on. Authorities and mainstream medicine attacked him for it.
      There are many others but these are the figureheads against medical and governmental tyranny .


    • I vote Turd Turdeau as having the solar system’s most punchable mug. This is a head of state asking if certain people should be tolerated. Hard to get more vile than that. How do Canadians tolerate him? His home is probably filled with portraits of Idi Amin Dada. And that godawful voice of his; has anyone EVER put this dude in his place? At least The Great Rodham scurries around aware there are many people not on her side. This rat faced prick, living in his sheltered privilege, doesn’t seem to have an inkling of the hatred for him.

    • Trudouche doesn’t have a functioning brain. He ( and I use this term loosely, as his wife carries his balls in her purse), like the Poopie Pants Resident in the USSA has his nannies in the Lieberal party telling him what to do and say. It speaks volumes that this is what we now call a “leader”.

    • I would like for that Pompas Ass say that to me in person…. I would sure tell him about his family secrets that are hidden his closet…. Read the book, TRANCE by Cathy O,Brien and Mark Phillips….

      • I will have to check that out. Amazing Polly did a great video on the soy boy called Trudeau Anything? Great 40 minute summary of Pierre being a Jesuit and sending Justin for help after mommy left. The help was the grandfather of the MK Ultra program.

    • Thanks to rigged elections the Boy King of Canaduh gets his daily fix of playing omnipotent ruler over the simps all micro managed by china’s CCP. China will clear out these waste of white colonists to setup the new commie frontier to feed the hoards of slave laborers back home after they have debt slaved all the residents and own all the useful land. Collaborators like Turdeau keep the peasants off kilter with the all but dead COVID BS while China digs in like a tick soon to be running all of it including the special Québecois short bus edition stronghold.

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