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    Over the weekend, Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht of ‘2000 Mules’ invited a group of MAGA influencers to participate in an event dubbed “The Pit”, to discuss the findings of ‘2000 Mules’ in greater detail. One of the attendees was Just Human.

    “I went into this event expecting a complete, packaged reveal…that it was going to be this finished product in a way that ‘2000 Mules’ was. That’s not what this was.”

    Just Human explains that they took their research into a story that is much bigger than ‘2000 Mules’ and that, at this point, they’re handing off the data to the public. You can sign up at to receive it, if you are approved.

    He says, “The next steps are to democratize the data, to transfer the OSINT material they have found to independent researchers. It will be up to us to dig, analyze, and disperse the information further into the public’s view. This is an info op and always was. Up to us to continue the operation.

    “It was a privilege to attend this event. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and please continue to pray for Gregg and Catherine.”

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    • Alexandra were you really there? If so, that is great!

      I thought “The Pit” was going to be a grand event. It was hyped up so much and RSB thought it was worth live streaming.

      But it was just for a data dump. Out of all those that were really interested only a small portion will actually dig through it.

      • No, I was not there, I was not invited.

        I signed up to receive the data at a couple of days ago and still have not been approved…

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