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    Juan sips espresso from a ship in what clearly looks like Antarctica (it is summer there now) and gives his analysis of Tucker Carlson’s Vladimir Putin interview, pointing out how the latter said he hadn’t even spoken to President Biden, because he is not the one in charge.

    He says that a large part of the data that was hacked from the DNC server by Seth Rich had to do with Antarctica and he reminds us how arch Deep Stater, John Kerry made a point of being in Antarctica on election night on November 8, 2016.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Wayne “Juan” was in Alaska not Antarctica but it is true about Kerry. Waynes wears a mask and fat suit to become Juan . The question which will take time to answer is whether he is delaying and distracting for the good guys or the bad guys? Remember the jet he was on offering it once painted? That was not his jet and he wasn’t supposed to be filming on it. He has access to a small prop plane puddle jumper. Pathological or master of deception. Trust your gut

    • I love how this fat asshole constantly talks in riddles. What an incredible source of information. Just another dipshit that seems to enjoy having the audience tormented with this never ending saga. He is in “the know” and we are not.

      So tired of all of these dipshits.

      • Gotta wonder whats going on there, Obarry, Kerry, many govt ghouls have visited. I wonder if a 5* hotel is underground for the elite to do their favorite pastimes on children hidden forever, great video. I love Juanito!, he gets it. I wish Seth’s DNC hack was available for viewing…………

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