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    Juan O Savin joins James Grundvig at American Media Periscope with what may be vital information about our current situation and imminent future, as well as many interesting tidbits along the way.

    He talks about the infiltration of the US Federal Government by intelligence assets who have been trained at facilities like Camp Peary, which is known as “The Farm”. He refers to the exponents of this subversion as “Farm products” and “corn”. He says that examples of corn include Barack Obama, his “mother” and both of her parents.

    Juan tells us that when Soviets did mass surveillance on the phone conversations of Americans, they found that 80% of what Americans discussed related to things they had seen and heard from the Mainstream Media (entertainment and news). They thus realized that the way to gain influence over Americans was via the Mainstream Media, to the point where today, the Communists have infiltrated all of Hollywood and they financially control all the major talent agencies and studios.

    Juan says the CIA also sought to infiltrate the entertainment industry at places like Laurel Canyon and he says that Marilyn Monroe had a Top Secret security clearance because she had been trained to be a “star” there since she was a teenager. She went on to become the first covergirl of Playboy magazine, which was founded with startup funds from the CIA. The Playboy mansion and the Playboy Clubs were used for CIA honeypot operations.

    Juan says that Barack Obama’s “supposed grandfather”, Stanley Dunham was an FBI asset who was monitoring Frank Marshall Davis, due to his Communist activities. He says:

    “When Obama talks about all the stuff he learned from Frank, he was the cover for Grandpa to be able to have that contact. And by the way, Obama’s mother…it’s been widely published all over the internet, as a teenager, 16 and 17 years old – not 18, 19, 20 – 16 and 17, she was in Frank Marshall Davis’ magazine that was a BDSM magazine. Pretty rough stuff for that era, in the early ’60s, late ’50s.

    “And by the way, where did the money for Frank Marshall Davis’ BDSM magazine come from? That was money sifted over to him behind the scenes – again, CIA, through their people and they were getting information from him. He was honeypotting on his side, he was being helped. The same people that financed Playboy with Hugh Hefner were financing Frank Marshall Davis.

    “And his mother – Obama’s supposed mother, which she isn’t, she just carried him around, she didn’t birth him – Obama’s mother is there as a teenager, because grandpa is a grifter for the intelligence agencies and even uses hs own daughter, as a young teenager to sell the deal.

    “And what was Obama’s grandmother? She was the banker for the Marcoses out of the Philippines…Why do we have to have control of Marcos and his money? Because it’s a strategic location. CIA was managing him, had his money. When he left the Philippines as an exile, he went to Hawaii. Who’s managing the accounts? Obama’s grandmother.

    “That’s corn. That makes Grandpa Corn, Grandma Corn, Momma Corn. Obama Corn. Election 2020 = MAGA to the third power over Corn.

    “We have all of these people hiding in plain sight, as though they came up through the ranks and made their own future and their own lives and then we’re subject to what they’re doing. These are Black Hat operations to manage and control America.

    “Let me throw one more at you. Bill Clinton. How does he end up on the White House front lawn? Did you get to go shake hands with the President? Did you get to go out there and say, ‘I just want to be president’? No! Why? Because his real father, Winthrop Rockefeller – who was Governor of Arkansas, by the way – Winthrop Rockefeller is his real dad. That’s why Bill Clinton vacationed with the Rockefellers all of his life every summer, out there in Colorado, ’cause he’s one of the family. He’s the bastard baby of Winthrop Rockefeller. That’s how he got all of the breaks. Corn! Corn! Corn! Intelligence agency products!

    “Now, look at America. Right now, today, all of these corn, all of these Farm products from all of these intelligence agencies have captured control of the board; captured control of America. They captured control through false votes…”

    “What’s this Red October really all about? It’s now becoming clearer and clearer who these people are, where they’re taking us, what their alliances are.

    “Look, even on the Clot Shot. Who benefits if Americans aren’t able to go to work?…Who benefits if America shuts down? Who benefits if our military isn’t fully functional?

    “…We had F-22 pilots who walked off the the flight line and said, ‘I’m not gonna get this.’

    “They’re not un-American, they’re saving themselves, so they’re still viable when everybody else wakes up and realizes what the Hell is going on here.”

    “What’s this Red October really all about? It’s now becoming clearer and clearer who these people are, where they’re taking us, what their alliances are.

    “Look, even on the Clot Shot. Who benefits if Americans aren’t able to go to work?…Who benefits if America shuts down? Who benefits if our military isn’t fully functional?

    “…We had F-22 pilots who walked off the the flight line and said, ‘I’m not gonna get this.’

    “They’re not un-American, they’re saving themselves, so they’re still viable when everybody else wakes up and realizes what the Hell is going on here…

    “Let’s go back to President Trump – and that has a nice ring to it, by the way – he has spoken repeatedly…that we are going to go after China for $10 trillion in reparations…We are going to sue for reparations because, on multiple fronts – not just the Clot Shot – economically, militarily, China has been in an active operation to subjugate America to it…

    “That is all coming to a head right now.”


    He says the intent of COVID and the jab were to shut down America and to ignite a civil war but that’s not going to happen. The Trump team’s plan was to allow 80% of all Americans to clearly see how Washington DC is not working for their interests and how they’re in violation of the Constitution and in their contract with the citizens.

    “The Government, at the Federal and State level has been captured by these Corn people…

    “The fulcrum in October occurs in the very last couple of days of October and things then flip. This is the Esther moment, reversal of fortune.”

    Juan says we’ll be coming out of our collective Near Death Experience at the end of October.

    “We will just stop it dead in its tracks. We’re not going to get the stupid f*ing shot. We’re not going to kill ourselves off, we’re not going to self-eliminate and the ones that were conned into it, we’re going to bring in therapies and treatments to help offset the damage.”

    Lots of entertaining stuff in this podcast. Juan also mentions that the Official McAfee Telegram account is the “Q operation under a different banner.”

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    • I wish when people like Jaun make statements about things like Obama and his family, he would give references, so when we pass it on, we have something that has teeth in it.

    • I’ve been waiting for American citizens to “wake up” and hit that “red button” since I was a young teen in the mid 60s. Acute frustration watching people running around in a fog, credulous, naive, failing to recognize long-term consequences.

      Republics historically do not restore themselves. They always end in chaos, after they have gone through Imperialism and tyranny (Vico/Plato). Lafayette observed that “Federalism defeated unity and created a chaos of ever more inextricable laws. It is the feudal regime reclothed with democratic forms.”

      Republics are feudalistic, only functional with a caste society (Plato). If people want to get away from government–systems of control, authority, and rule, they have to return to the system that operated on this planet ages ago. Tom Paine called it “a kind of republic administered by a judge and the elders of the tribes.” The same type of system Native Americans lived under on this hemisphere for thousands of years.

      All the three letter Agencies that cropped up under the Federal Republic’s Constitution have to expire. What Juan is proposing is only a first step. We have a long way to go in revising our thinking before the age old threat is permanently eliminated.

    • This guy’s in the same league and division as Q, Jim Fetzer, Polly St George (who knows what her real name is), Major Ed Dames, Enrique Tarrio, and the late Robert David Steele.

    • My seventieth birthday is on October 12th. The perfect present would be, to return America back to its rightful place – NOT in the control of Luciferian agents.

    • God cannot help- we have to help god now! CERN ( China) has made it to the top dimension and are killing god…. Wtfu
      We also have to secure star gates 1-12

    • 11 =2 and is a number that brings harmony – social – two swans swimming. Although not to say these occultists do not have their own symbolic meaning but I am talking Hindu numerology.
      17 = 8 which is the number of the Goddess Luxmi (where we get luxury from) which number of abundance and money, and the benefits it brings.
      5 is a number of action, so not sure where you get your numerology from.

    • Only in America one sees the ignorance of their own vice of inviting Communist in their own country 80 years ago.
      Had America stuck to their integrity & not entered into WW2, there never would have been a World War, only a war between National Socialist Germany & Marxist Soviet Union. Germany would have clearly won & Marxism would have been eradicated throughout everywhere else instead of growing in to todays mess.
      Hidden from western history books: An early morning attack by a coalition of 8 nations, led by Germany on June 22nd 1941 ended Stalin’s planned Communist invasion of Europe set for July 10th 1941. With the ‘Wall Street funded Bolshevik’ now in retreat & Stalin in hiding, the United States Government is preparing for war to support Stalin’s Communist government.

    • I have a busy life, so I listen in segments. If I have to leave the site for any amount of time, your site requires I start over each time.

      • When I need to listen to a long video in parts, I make a link whose title includes what point I left off at. But then Ima jeanyus im shur no1 else cud evr think of sumpin so smaht.

    • That was the best Juan O. interview I have heard to date. (and I’ve listened to many) Full of information, hope and much to contemplate. Thank you for the wonderful interview!

    • Congress of baboons is as guilty as Biden, Fraudci & Gates. They are complicit and MUST be tried in Nuremberg Code crimes as well. As traitors like Milley, they all need to be hanged for crimes against humanity AND TREASON

      • AGREE! I would also add to traitors everybody who helped Globalists to deny D.Trump his rightful Presidency (he won the 2020 elections). Mike Pence, Bill Barr, Mich McColon are all scam-begs who betrayed, lied & stabbed Trump in the back at the last, crucial moment of America. Well, let the history show how it is under the Globalists ruling with puppets like Joe Biden, N.Pelossy & all others who are rapidly destroying America trying to push 3 trillion dollars budget to support… China, Israel & other countries controlled heavily by the Globalists.

    • Alexandra,

      What you may not know
      about Obama’s Primary
      CONTROL :

      A COMMENTARY by U.S. researcher making trips to Russia :

      “During the period of roughly February 1992 to mid 1994, I was making frequent trips to Moscow, Russia, in the process of starting a software development joint-venture company with some people from the Russian scientific community. One of the men in charge on the Russian side was named V. M.; he had a wife named T.M.

      “V. was a level-headed scientist while his wife was rather deeply committed to the losing Communist cause – a cause she obviously was not abandoning.

      “One evening, during a trip early in 1992, the American half of our venture were invited to V. & T.’s Moscow flat as we were about to return to the States. The party went well and we had the normal dinner discussions.

      “As the evening wore on, T. developed a decidedly rough anti-American edge – one her husband tried to quietly rein in.

      “The bottom line of the tirade she started against the United States went something like this:

      “’You Americans always like to think that you have the perfect government and your people are always so perfect. Well then, why haven’t you had a woman president by now? You had a chance to vote for a woman vice-president and you didn’t do it.’

      “The general response went something along the lines that you don’t vote for someone just because of their sex. Besides, you don’t vote for vice-president, but the president and vice-president as a ticket.

      “’Well, I think you are going to be surprised when you get a black president very soon.’

      “The consensus we expressed was that we didn’t think there was anything innately barring that. The right person at the right time and sure, America would try to vote for the right person, be he or she black or not.

      ” What if I told you that you will have a black president very soon and he will be a Communist?’

      “The out-of-the-blue remark was met by our stares. She continued, ‘Well, you will; and he will be a Communist.’

      “It was then that the husband unsuccessfully tried to change the subject; but she was on a roll and would have nothing of it. One of us asked, ‘It sounds like you know something we don’t know.’

      “’Yes, it is true. This is not some idle talk. He is already born and he is educated and being groomed to be president right now. You will be impressed to know that he has gone to the best schools of Presidents. He is what you call ‘Ivy League’ You don’t believe me, but he is real and I even know his name. His name is Barack. His mother is white and American and his father is black from Africa. That’s right, a chocolate baby! And he’s going to be your President.”

      “She became more and more smug as she presented her stream of detailed knowledge and predictions so matter-of-factly – as though all were foregone conclusions. ‘It’s all been thought out. His father is not an American black so he won’t have that social slave stigma. He is intelligent and he is half white and has been raised from the cradle to be an atheist and a Communist. He’s gone to the finest schools. He is being guided every step of the way and he will be irresistible to America.’

      “We sat there not knowing what to say. She was obviously very happy that the Communists were doing this and that it would somehow be a thumbing of their collective noses at America: they would give us a black president and he’d be a Communist to boot. She made it quite obvious that she thought that this was going to breathe new life into world Communism. From this and other conversations with her, she always asserted that Communism was far from dead.

      “She was full of little details about him that she was eager to relate. I thought that maybe she was trying to show off that this truly was a real person and not just hot air.

      “She rattled off a complete litany. He was from Hawaii. He went to school in California. He lived in Chicago. He was soon to be elected to the legislature. ‘Have no doubt: he is one of us, a Soviet.’

      “At one point, she related some sort of San Francisco connection, but I didn’t understand what the point was and don’t recall much about that. I was just left with the notion that she considered the city to be some sort of a center for their activity here.

      “Since I had dabbled in languages, I knew a smattering of Arabic. I made a comment: ‘If I remember correctly, ‘Barack’ comes from the Arabic word for ‘Blessing.’ That seems to be an odd name for an American.’ She replied quickly, ‘Yes. It is African’ she insisted, ‘and he will be a blessing for world Communism. We will regain our strength and become the number one power in the world.’

      “She continued with something to the effect that America was at the same time the great hope and the great obstacle for Communism. America would have to be converted to Communism and Barack was going to pave the way.

      “So, what does this conversation from 1992 prove?

      “Well, it’s definitely anecdotal. It doesn’t prove that Obama has had Soviet Communist training nor that he was groomed to be the first black American president, but it does show one thing that I think is very important. It shows that Soviet Russian Communists knew of Barack from a very early date. It also shows that they truly believed among themselves that he was raised and groomed Communist to pave the way for their future. This report on Barack came personally to me from one of them long before America knew he existed.

      “Although I had never before heard of him, at the time of this conversation Obama was 30+ years old and was obviously tested enough that he was their anticipated rising star.”

      Find above researcher’s report @


    • Alexandra,

      Here is what’s missing from that
      UBER Truthful report :

      Forwarded Message :

      JungianINTP says
      OCTOBER 7, 2021 AT 8:52 AM

      Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

      Webster’s Dictionary :


      “Uber”—it’s definition

      adverb—having the specified property to an extreme or excessive degree; very: an uber fancy restaurant.

      adjective—designating a person or thing that exceeds the norms or limits of its kind or class: uber intellectuals.


      “Quip”—it’s definition

      noun—a clever or witty remark or comment; a sharp, sarcastic remark; a cutting jest ; a quibble.P; an odd or fantastic action or thing.

      verb—(used without object), quipped, quip·ping; to utter quips.


      “It’s complicated!,”
      often used in movie
      scripts, must be
      replaced with this
      quip—re China :

      “It’s Uber Complicated!”

      This below comment found above :
      “ . . . Because the Election was rigged, and America now has weak and corrupt leadership, we may very well end up in a war with China who no longer respects the USA. They witnessed firsthand our television generals’ complete surrender to the Taliban with the loss of 13 great Warriors and the handing over of $85 billion of the best and most expensive Military equipment in the World—China and Russia are already reverse engineering the equipment so they can build it for themselves . . . “
      —Donald Trump

      It’s Uber Complicated in this way :

      Israel built China’s military via U.S. technology
      transfers to her—over decades !

      My above report is found here :


    • This is BS just more hopium. We’ve been lied to throughout this whole ordeal that help is on the way. No it is not. If we don’t help ourselves then we are screwed big time. The America we thought we knew and loved is over.

      • Not over by a long shot. Merely slapped back to real life and out of the delusional unlimited growth mindless consumerism of the past century of atheist robber baron malfeasance and egomania.

        Rigid religiosity will transcend into a unified recognition of the truth woven into this vast meshed energy network we call life.
        Science is uncovering IT rapidly and itself wil become a tool rather than the rule.

        • AGREE whole heartedly – America is GREAT because of the brave, kind souls of American People & their unique Constitution.

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