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    I have a friend who hates Juan O Savin with a passion and thinks he’s an evil PSYOP but the news has been so unrelentingly dispiriting, I was drawn to this more positive upload from Sean Stone yesterday, who caught up with Juan driving around Hawaii, headed to Buzz’s, his favorite steak joint in Kailua on the Island of O’ahu.

    Juan O Savin tells Sean Stone that the Biden Regime wants Russia to nuke Ukraine, in order to destroy all of the evidence of the endless corruption and money-laundering that the crime families in our government have been running through there.

    He says they would nuke Ukraine, themselves if they could – but they can’t start a nuclear war, because they don’t have the nuclear codes.

    He explains that there is a war going on within the US Government, between the federal bureaucrats within the Senior Executive Service (SES) against those who control the nuclear codes – those who’ve been holed-up at the Cheyenne Mountain underground base complex in Colorado Springs, CO since March 15, 2020.

    He says the SES became super powerful after 9/11 and it has been run by Dick Cheney and others for years, however they don’t fully control Continuity of Government.

    “Where’s your last bastion/stronghold against those who would take over the country? It’s all based on the 1954 Military Code of Justice and protective actions, as [unintelligible – “Cheech Carrickman”?] came into power, Q Operations, which is the nuclear-and-beyond of weapons – that was all under Department of Energy and moved, within that 1954 code for Continuity of Government and what they tried to do was a sneak scam to move that power into SES.

    “But this moment in time, you’re watching a war between the SES players and that upper echelon of the military – not the generals, the guys you see going in and out of the Pentagon, the perfumed princes of the military, in their shiny suits, lip gloss and everything else – spit-shined shoes – but the ones beyond that crowd, that are kissing-up to the lobbyists and the Congress, trying to get the latest contract. No.

    “The crowd that’s the final stop, if America’s been attacked and we’re under siege, that’s the Q forces, that’s the Continuity of Government forces under the…1954 Code. That’s those guys.”

    Juan says Joe Biden was sworn in by Congress but his administration was never given the nuclear codes by these forces.

    He continues to maintain, as he has done for the past 16 months that the American populace needs to see the devastation being wrought by the Biden Regime and to see who the real enemy is, so that when the military finally does come into play, the people will not fight against them, as they come in to secure and protect the populace from those who have wrongfully usurped power, to return that power to lawful authorities.

    This will have to be at the state level, because the Feds are a completely captured operation, at this time.

    “You shouldn’t be looking for Trump back in power, at the Presidential level anytime soon. It’s all about the Senate and the spending. We’re going to flip the Senate.

    “You’re going to see that the Election’s been shown to be false. At least one position, from the courts’ position and others are going to follow. Any of those positions have to be re-heard and re-voted and any of those bills that were passed; the spending…multiple, multiple bills that were within one vote in the Senate will have to be re-heard and re-voted.

    “When that happens, the first year and a half of the Biden administration’s going to have to be re-lived. It’s like you’re going back in time…

    “People are changed after a Near-Death Experience. Well, how does that apply to America?…When you come back from a Near-Death Experience, what do you come back to? What causes the experience? They were in a car accident, they were in an explosion, a plane crash, got struck by a bullet…they come back to life but where do they come back to life?…

    “They come back to a damaged body in the midst of some calamity and in the middle of triage to save their lives, on the gurney, in the emergency room, in the car crash scene, with people trying to resuscitate and keep them alive…in many cases, there are long months or years of rehabilitation, because they’ve been somehow damaged and broken to the point of death.

    “America’s going to get a chance, in the not-too-distant future, to go back in time and see many of things unwound to a certain point in time. The Gordian Knot’s going to be split by the sword, not because you unravel it.

    “And we’re going to get a re-do. We ARE damaged, there IS calamity, there is drama, there is problems but we’re going to get a re-do to fight back, to rehabilitate, to re-build America, knowing what the consequences of not doing it are. And we’re going to be good Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts.

    “We’re ultimately going to leave the tent, with a temporary place in an eternal world that we call “Earth”, that we call our human bodies, this United States of America. We’re going to get a chance to clean our camp site up, throw out the trash, re-build it, re-plant it, and then, we’re going to go out, help the rest of the world do the same.

    “We’re not going to be our brother’s keeper. We’re going to be our brother’s brother. That’s what this moment in time is all about for us and we’re going to get a chance to do a re-do. And there’s a lot of nay-sayers who say, ‘No, no, no, no, it’s not gonna happen!’ Watch.

    Juan says, that “Georgia’s the key” and that, “We’re midway in the game,” as much as we want all of this to be over.

    “We’re gonna hit Normandy Beach, there’s still a big fight ahead, but we’re well-positioned and the people are starting to come to the game in numbers. They’re grasping it. They get how it was stolen and they’re not going to go along with the pawns, like Zuckerberg being exposed and others and we’re gonna win. We’ve got this. It’s gonna be hard, I didn’t say it was going to be easy but we’ve got this.”

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    • During the days of our brave Founding Fathers, they would have hanged or shot these traitors long ago. When did we become a nation of p*ssies, marshmallows, sob sisters, bleeding hearts, and cowardly weeping Nellies? Our men and women have become Pansies. We have allowed these same cowardly traitors in our own gov’t, state and federal, to drop the death penalty in many of our states, and especially the “blue states”, those controlled by the democrats. Think I’m kidding? Check it out. Instead, if convicted, we, (the tax paying citizens), get to support them for the rest of their natural lives, including free medical care that is not affordable by the average citizen. We’re not all soft cowards here, and we want justice!! We do not need traitors in our country. We need to get rid of them – execute them, imprison them, or exile them, whatever, but leaving them alive kind of guarantees we’ll see them working behind the scenes with our enemies to take our country down – destroying it from within.
      Yes, we have become a nation of sob sisters, bleeding hearts, marshmallows and p*ssies who have allowed our crooked legislators to abolish the death penalty to protect themselves and other criminals. They now think they have carte blanche to commit any crime they want and our (in)justice system will let them off with the merest slap on the wrist. Most of them don’t even get time. That is why crime is so rampant in America – the criminals are running our cities, our states, and our country, Time to put a stop to it!! Okay, I’m down off my soap box – for now!

    • I paid for a copy of Kid By the Side of the Road a year ago: $44, and never got my copy. I’ve contacted Gumroad, and they knew nothing about it. Yet the money was drafted out of my checking account. Long Gone Juan.

    • Hi, im in hawaii,
      Your all worried.
      We’re going to save you.
      We got this covered.
      I never heard such bullshit or such a windbag narcissist as this tripester.

    • “Juan O Savin tells Sean Stone that the Biden Regime wants Russia to nuke Ukraine, in order to destroy all of the evidence of the endless corruption and money-laundering that the crime families in our government have been running through there.”

      What a bunch of BULLSHIT! It’s BULLSHIT, because Russia has ALREADY GOTTEN all of that EVIDENCE, from where they needed to get it at. Furthermore (MORE BULLSHIT)……Russia will NEVER nuke the Ukraine! I guess that MOST have NO CLUE as to Putin’s ‘thinking’. He isn’t RETARDED, like those in the West!

      • I thank you for your post.Can not handled peoples opinions .They do not have any knowledge and talking only what they got from tv on main media.Jerry

    • Just blowing more hopium smoke up our butts. I’m not going for it this time. There is no one coming to our rescue it’s going to be up to us to save ourselves and I don’t see that happening. People are too lazy and can’t leave the comfort of their homes to get out and fight for our country. Sit back in your favorite recliner, pop another top and put in a good movie and stay blind to it all!!

    • I agree that Georgia is important. I just voted there and so I can now predict who will win:

      Dominion voting machines will win. They are still there – nothing has changed. Georgia courts have consistently refused to look at any evidence that the machines are an easy way to rig elections.

      Since Brian Kemp bought those machines (with other people’s money, of course), I bet they will favor his interests. They are named “Dominion” because they dominate.

    • Juan O’Savin is a fraud, period! ….. who cares what he has to say about anything. He is nothing more than a globalist plant. That said, I appreciate Forbidden Knowledge greatly.

      • I totally agree. I’ve wasted too much time on 107 videos, and I won’t finish this one after 30 minutes.

    • perchè questa chiusura verso TRUMP, (con le parole non dovresti cercare di nuovo TRUMP al potere,) quando tutto quello che dice Juan O Savin è lo stesso programma di TRUMP CHE AVEVA DALLA SUA TUTTO L’ISERCITO, i codici nucleari è meglio che li gestisca TRUMP che il fantoccio BIDE’ ( questo è il suo vero cognome)

      • I’m sure you’d love for Trump to be a “psyop.” He’s sure gotten a lot done that needed to get done, for a “psyop.” Too late to claim that.

    • Yeah, Juano is warning that if we don’t stand up now, we’re done. Thanks for making us lose almost 2 years by promising Trump’s imminent return. You could have been saying what you said today for 2 years. Whose side are you on??? I think we know and I am sick of your fucking voice.

        • Thank you, jay, for revealing the obvious though simple Brutal Truth. I foolishly assumed that all true patriots knew that. Unless you store your munitions inside a Church, you are wasting time there. Time’s running out.

          • Yes, that’s where I store them, but not any church! Only the “Keepers of Time” Watch the Sky also known as the Heavens, Watch the Sun, Moon and Stars who keeps track of Time.

        • Correct! WE are who we’ve been looking/waiting for!

          People need to get up off of their asses, NOW…..or DIE ON YOUR KNEES, like the pathetic SLAVES that they ARE!

          • Thank you for saying that so perfectly.
            We have been conditioned to get what we want when we want. Life doesn’t work that way unless we have a 5 yr.. old mentality. Patience is a virtue.
            If we don’t get them all, this will only happen again. I don’t think a lot of impatient people realize the depth of this Satanic world…how deep it really is. It’s going to take us all to get this job done…at the very least, cancel your Netflix and Disney Channel’s!

    • I’ve followed JOS off and on over the years. Off time was because his timing of things was driving me crazy. But his story hasn’t changed and though it’s been drippingly slow we are going towards everything he’s been talking about. Like it or not I think he’s got the story.

      • No AliceinWackyland he doesn’t have ‘the story’. He has an engaging voice and endless bullshit and a legion of bored lonely housefraus who desperately want some drama in their life, but preferably without having to do or know too much (ever seen “True Lies”?). Even Margaret admits that even though everyone tells her the same thing, she still ‘wants’ to believe him. Faith is for Jesus. Not some fat idiot in cowboy boots pretending to be a Kennedy. Whose stories are less believable than the ones pedos give when they get caught by TV cameras. How dumb and lost are you? How can you believe all the layers of preposterous cloak and dagger bullshit he spins, but find it impossible to believe that it’s just one guy making it up? Please stop. I don’t even know you but I’m sure everyone who does is worried about you at this point.

    • It’s hard for me to grasp all the intangibles to which Jaun refers–Q, continuity of government, etc. I don’t know about any of that–how could I or any ordinary person have insight into these entities. From my perspective, it does seem that “the elite globalists” have the purse strings but they lack the brains, which are increasingly moving over to our side. Remember in 2008 when everyone wanted to be the “smartest person in the room.” There is the crime family element, but there is also this need to appear smart, and they are no longer the smartest. The smarter people appear to be moving toward replacement: a replacement of WHO, a replacement of corrupt hospitals, a replacement of corrupt schools, “activist states” to replace the “wokists.” Maybe (hopefully) when everything falls apart something that has a continuity of civilization will rise up in the political vaccuum.

    • The only way to simulate a nuclear explosion is to bomb and at the same time spread radioactive material around the perimeter, something that did not happen in Hiroshima, where the atomic myth began, a success not achieved by Hitler. The important thing is that an analog radioactive measurement machine does not lie, but it is a truth that can support a deception.
      They didn’t do it in Vietnam, why would they do it now?
      The truth is that following the atomic story would require enormous logistics in the movement of radioactive material to ensure the chain reaction, but of the protocol of war on both sides. In the map of radioactive measurements, a sequential phenomenon is observed that simulates a movement in Australia, and also measurements that give=0. Why focus attention on Australia?
      The story of the codes is very good for the movies, but in reality a radioactive syndrome is very similar to covid.

    • Today’s Hopium offering by “107” must have been cut with Fentanyl, because not only “I Can’t Breathe!” but “I Can’t Believe!” it.
      The moral is, of course, “to Just Say No to Hopium & to all Drugs!”
      That said, I suppose that means that I won’t be getting my Monkeypox Vaccine after all.
      But then, there is always Hope, IF all Americans will JUST SAY NO to the coming Monkeypox Lockdowns and to the impending Global WHO “Great Reset” Plandemic.
      Your country (such as it has become) is depending upon you.

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