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    Joe Biden to Indian Prime Minister and Tech Giant CEOs at White House: “I Sold a Lot of State Secrets and a Lot of Very Important Things” ..This Even Made the White House Transcripts!

    Prime Minister Modi’s expression is priceless!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • If you’re ever in Brandon’s vicinity, his implant gives off a Wifi SSID of YesImJustLikeManchureanCandidateRaymondShaw and if you want to take control and muppet him around, just enter the password “TrotskyForever666.”

    • The puppet AI has malfunctioned to reveal whats on his mind just spills out. The liability of continuing with the Gaffster in chief operating in self destruct mode leads to the sooner the better to replace whats left of his sorry ass . He’s gone folks he’s shovel ready . The family plot will get a plane load if history is any help.

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