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There have been wars and rumors of wars but Jim Willie of explains to David Nino Rodriguez why he doesn’t see the US launching into another war:

“We cannot go to a wider war because we do not have superior weapons. We have a generation of military weapon procurement fraud.

“The big beneficiaries are the lobbyists, the law firms and the senators for the kickbacks and it’s somewhere around 35-45 cents pre dollar that actually goes to weapons development. The rest goes to the payola and the bullsh*t, bribery, pay-offs, etc.

“I have a direct story from three years ago, I’ll never forget it: ‘Jim, I used to work for Raytheon. We had an $80 million deal to upgrade some communication devices and systems and by the time everybody got his hands on it; the lobbyists, the law firms, the senators, out of the $80 million, they only had $28 million, so they had to cancel the project. Everybody took their cut and nothing got done. Money was not returned.’

“F-35. NATO does not want it. Doesn’t work, OK? We don’t have superior weapons!”

Jim says that over 100 nations are ganging up against the US. The US dollar will be rejected and the US will be forced to go to the “dictated methods of payment”, which he speculates will become the Chinese Yuan CBDC and also possibly XRP but regardless, the US will no longer be making the rules.

Jim says he’s been predicting for 6 years that once the BRICS alliance and/or the Euro-Asian groups reach critical mass, they’re going to start making the rules – which is now because, “They have 80%, now of the global GDP.”

Jim says the US is not going to go under but we are going to have a big problem with import prices, leading to import shortages – leading to black markets from Canada and Mexico to provide those products.

He says, “We’re going to turn into a semi-Third World nation. We’re not going to close down. We’re going to have plenty of domestic production; food, some clothing – not a lot – we’re going to be in trouble.”

Meanwhile, the Biden Show is imploding as he is surrounded by investigations. Some of his people are running away. We saw “Shadow President” Susan Rice do this earlier in the week.

Jim makes some fantastic claims, here that “the Attorney General” was “hiding out in Canada” and that “nobody can find [Defense Secretary] Lloyd Austin.”

Jim adds, “Whoever he is,” suggesting that, like Brandon, the Lloyd Austin who we’ve seen out there, genociding his own military while he wears Darth Vader garb was yet another actor portraying yet another treasonous member of the Biden Regime.

It would be a huge boost the Nation’s morale to get confirmation that it wasn’t the actual Secretary of Defense who committed these unfathomable acts of treason and genocide.

Jim continues, “There’s somebody of importance in the health sector that’s hiding in the Netherlands. They see what’s coming.

“When this all falls down, Nino…there’s going to be excitement, there’s going to be exhilaration, big challenges. Reminds me of the Chinese symbol for danger and opportunity being the same thing, same symbol.”

He says that although the Globalists want to bring America to its knees, “They’re not prepared for Trump in the wings to bring it back up. They’re not ready for the Tesla intellectual property and all the different devices.

They’re not ready for Free Energy, they’re not ready for toning down 5G and making it useful. They’re not ready for a lot of things. They’re not ready for hydrogen cars.” 

Jim says we’re going to have a lot of challenges but we’re going to be ready for most of them. 

The external challenges coming from the BRICS and internal challenges coming from the train derailments and the selling of oil reserves to foreign nations and the non-existent oath of office for certain leaders in the Brandon Regime, is all going to come to a head pretty soon.

He says, “This summer, we’re likely to see silver go to No Supply. We’re likely to see some events related to XRP for wider adoption…”

He says that what keeps him up at night is wondering how thousands of US businesses are going to get paid.

Other threats that he sees to the US are fentanyl and food shortages – the latter, not from problems with growing but from problems with distribution, due to the train derailments and also problems with the supply of Diesel fuel for trucks.

He cites as other threats the poison in our foods, ranging from glyphosate to mRNA, as well as water issues.

Currently, he’s trying to forecast what’s going to happen when large entities start dumping their US Treasuries and he surmises that the end result will be the US is going to end up exporting inflation.

He believes that entities dumping US Treasuries will not be investing in the United States. He says, “They’re going to invest back home and that’s going to export inflation, drive up their prices, their food prices, their property prices – and we’re gonna have the opposite.”

Jim says that we’ll have to join the BRICS and we’ll have to invest in the Chinese and Iranian CBDCs, which are going to be gold-backed, which means the United States is going to have to bid up gold and harm the dollar through the petrodollar derivatives:

“We’re going to have to follow the rules made by the BRICS…This is a complete turning of the tables, where we are no longer in charge. It’s not going to be a wreckage of the United States economy. It’s going to be a massive change…

“We abused our superpower status, making the dollar a weapon. If countries did not comply with our policies, we said, ‘You’re either with us or against. If you’re against, we’re going to attack your country, attack your currency.’…

“We’re not going to turn into a Third World country, we’re going to have the threat of becoming a Third World country and the challenge of becoming an equal among a community of nations. If we don’t like that, we can go to the Third World.”

Jim doesn’t think the BRICS Multipolar World Order will be bad. He thinks it will be decentralized. He says, “They’re gonna get rid of the London Gold Fix, which is a monopoly, corrupt, insider, mechanism for setting the gold price every day…We’re gonna have a new system for determining the gold price and I think it’s gonna be an average.

“I’ve got 13 different cities, here. Imagine this: Shanghai, Moscow, Geneva, London, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Sydney – they’re all gonna submit their gold price and you might take the average of that and there’s no more London Gold Fix. NO MORE LONDON!…NO MORE NEW YORK!…

“We have an invitation to become an equal partner among a large group of nations, where we play fair and we’re no longer the ‘Exceptional Nation’ with the right to print ourselves money and to defraud.”

Jims advice, to those watching is:

“Get your money out of the biggest banks. In my February report, I had a list of the derivative volume and 85% of it is the Wall Street banks. They are running casinos…You’re not going to have anything to buy gold and silver, unless you get your money out of the big banks and they’re trying to make the big banks dominant.”

Nino asks him how we’re going to buy food? By bartering with gold coins on the street?

Jim replies, that silver can be used to purchase necessities, like food and car repairs and gold will buy the big ticket items, like a house or a boat.

He says, “Put 80% of your money in silver. Put 20% in gold. Get a bunch of gold coins. Hide it behind your paintings in your wall safe. Get a big bunch of silver monster boxes.

“And here’s the vision of the future: The monster boxes have 1,000 1-ounce coins. In the future – and I don’t think it’s going to be, like September – sometime soon but not before September – you’re gonna see stores advertise:


“So, you go to the grocery market, you got a silver coin, you get $52 for it and you get change. The funny part is gonna be the change. It now takes over 10 cents to make a nickel. We are really screwed-up! It takes 4 or 5 cents to make a penny. We’re really screwed-up.”

Nino asks him where he thinks gold and silver prices are headed and he responds that he had fun creating the Fibonacci Sequence for Silver. The formula is: 10, 30, 50, 80, 130.

He says that back in 2020, experts meeting bi-monthly sponsored by the European Central Bank were predicting that we’d eventually see $400 per ounce silver and $10,000 per ounce gold (25:1).

After the COVID stimulus-trillionaire-fraud package, that prediction moved up to $700 per ounce silver and $15,000 per ounce gold (22:1), which is where Jim thinks we’ll be heading eventually.

But for now, we should think in terms of $50 to $80 per ounce silver and $2,500 to $3,000 per ounce gold and he thinks we’ll see the lower end of those estimates before the end of the year.    

He says that Andy Schectman at Miles Franklin recently reported gaining 14,000 new clients over the past 30 days, which is more new clients than he’s typically gotten in a 2-year period. That’s a 24-fold increase in Miles Franklin customers.

Jim says Andy danced around the topic of there being No Silver Supply in the next month or so. 

Jim says we’re going to go through hard times and advises listeners to get out of the big banks, because there’s a war currently going on between the big banks and the smaller banks.

Jim says Silicon Valley Bank collapsed because the Sinaloa Cartel moved $40 billion, which corroborates the claims we reported 6 weeks ago of financial whistleblower, Mike Gill.

Jim says that the failure of Credit Suisse is as much about Arabs moving their money out as it is about the Ukraine money-laundering not moving in.

Jim is optimistic about the US in the long term but he says that in the meantime, we’re dealing with a lot of sabotage.

He says there used to be one train derailment every ten years but we just had 50 train derailments in 10 weeks!

He says the odds of that happening randomly are “More days than the history of the Earth, like 18, 20, maybe 25 zeros.”

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  • ‘Just posted article “ American Made” Chinese fentanyl made in the United States. This was part of my evidence to the DEA. This came from a cartel member. “ Fentanyl is being manufactured and sold state side”. I gave you this in 2016 the FBI covered up. The DEA took their cut. ‘?

    “22:17 when you move 42 billion Within 48 hours
    22:22 that is a reaction that is reaction to something that happened in other words this didn’t
    22:29 happen to another bank in the country now are other Banks a little nervous
    22:34 well two things one what’s their exposure to drug cartels
    22:41 and then maybe they’re reactionary but I can tell you this we have a direct
    22:46 connection the the Silicon Valley Bank has is a is is a part of a group Silicon
    22:55 Valley Bank group look at who the group is
    23:00 Boston Private Bank and Trust okay that is part of the bank
    23:07 they are New Hampshire Corporation their business is foreign
    23:16 investment foreign profit okay their agent
    23:23 is CT Systems Corporation of CT Corporation systems
    23:30 it’s a front that’s their agent this is how Pandora papers work and why
    23:39 932 billion is being hidden in assets through those agents remember
    23:46 trust companies dummy Corporation LLCs you’ll see a
    23:53 picture of CT Corporation it’s it’s inside of a warehouse with a half of an
    23:59 address we’ve we found it now you’re ready this Bank and Trust
    24:07 Boston Bank and Trust guess what you know who the directors were previous
    24:14 two separate attorney generals of the State of New Hampshire
    24:20 Foster in Delaney what did I tell you that they ran for
    24:26 cover for the cartel what did Shaheen and Hassan put together Hassan appointed
    24:31 Foster as the AG they protected the money laundering Network they are
    24:36 literally directors in this company Greiner goes back to this company it is
    24:44 Drug Money now here’s the real question what made them move and they moved fast
    24:52 could it be the investigation of the Pandora papers because those corrupt politicians in
    24:58 Washington have the evidence and have the names . . . “

  • It won’t be so tragic then ? The US will simply get away with their crimes and looting of the entire world ?
    I dont know if new “Nurembergs” will be held when the planned world dictatorship fails, but It seems this gentleman doesn’t know the concept of : war reparations.

  • Some of what this guy is saying is complete BS. When money is backed by gold. Then that country’s currency stabilizes. When currency stabilizes so will the price of gold and silver. We will not have “the worse depression in history” Our country’s ability to print money and sell treasury bonds will ease that. There will definitely be changes but it will be necessary changes that are required for the US to be a stable and prosperous nation. One of the only things I agree with him on , is that the Biden admin is the wrong one to lead us forward in the best possible way. Biden is a major supporter of the old world order which is a major reason things are what they are. With that said, neither is Trump. I think people just needs to read about his business career. It free information to read. The best negotiator with be Kennedy. One again study their business past.

  • That’s why the first thing Beijing Biden did when the Ukraine War broke out was to kick Russia out of SWIFT.

    • Donna,

      Getting at Root Causes :

      What’s always missing from
      vulture capitalists’ monologues :

      Protection of that most advanced
      Rule-of-Law DOCUMENT in world
      history : The pre—tyrrant-Lincoln
      U.S. Constitution, which document
      had been spiritually inspired via
      Christian conveyance of
      and society-protecting MORAL
      principles: Ten Commandments.

      Read my essay, “Why Wall Street
      Hates Families . . . “

      Thank the immoralistic/G_dless
      ACLU (( gave us ubiquitous PORN,
      GAMBLING, DRUG markets, and
      Child-Sex Trafficing—
      to name just a few of its anti-G_d
      machinations :

      American Communist Lawyers Union.

      Get a clue, folks !


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