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    Financial analyst, Jim Willie joins Patriot Underground to talk about what he sees shaping up in 2024 and this is what he has to say:

    “I started saying, back in November I don’t think we can get to June without a Treasury Bond collapse. They’ve lowered rates to prevent a Treasury Bond collapse and now, they’re having a dollar risk.

    “I think we’re going to have a credit crisis for funding the US Government. We’re probably going to have a threat of shutdown, we’re probably going to have failed bond auctions, I think we’re going to have at least one big bank failure. My vote is for Bank of America.

    “I think we’re in very, very deep trouble with the Treasury Bond. We’re only buying time by reversing rates, because we cannot reverse them much. We’re going to have to stop reversing them, because we’re going to have a different kind of crisis…

    “We’re probably going to see a credit and currency crisis and banking crisis all rolled into one. Credit, currency and banking, requiring the removal of Biden – but that’s not easy to do, unless you’ve got something to replace it with and I think it could be a caretaker president, assigned by the military – but secretly. They’ll recommend somebody and the Congress will go with it, because they’ll be on orders to go with it.

    “What am I leading to? An early election for November. Let’s just say that this all happens in April. The crisis is out of hand. They come in in May, they assign somebody like [Chuck] Grassley as Caretaker President and they say, ‘We’re going to have an election in 45 days.’

    “School’s out, we do the election end of June. And we have an election and…the Good Guys, the military, the White Hat alliance make sure that Dominion is not in the room.

    “And let me just say that I’ve got word from a military source that we might possibly see…the military do the vote-counting, because of all the different accusations of fraud and improprieties, such as closing the blinds so that the observers cannot see, 2AM-4AM blackout, vote-flipping in front of your face, Democrat election officials looking the other way, Supreme Court rubber-stamping. This requires a military role and we might possibly see that.

    “So, I’ve laid it out and it’s very general. It could be April Crisis, May Caretaker President, June Election. And I think if we have a fair election, Trump will win by over 30%. It could be 40%.

    “I believe in 2020, we had the largest landslide in the history of the United States, double anything we’ve seen, maybe four times we’ve ever seen…

    “This is very exciting but nerve-wracking. I’m a little disoriented every single day. I find my center with a little Devotional in the morning, with a random reading of the Bible. I find beauty watching birds…

    “We’re going to see bank failures. We’re going to see ports that are empty in the United States. The risks are big banks, are US ports, global conflicts, like the Suez. The Suez now is really bringing Long Beach to Europe.”

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    • Anna Von Reitz & American Assembly are the only true re-seating of pre-American Civil War Constitutional government. The present is only a debt-based [now never-to-be paid-off] IOUs corporation. The proof is THEY can never pass a balanced Budget. Kicking the can-down-the-road will not cut it! ..With BRICS+ world Alliance now as competitor, where Gaddafi & Sadam Hussain failed before. see more:

    • All systems are neutral. It’s the thinking behind the system that dictates how the system is used. There are only two systems of thought in the universe. One is the thought system of Love the other is the thought system of fear. The thought system of fear is the default thought system of the world. Consequently, any system in the world, regardless of how seemingly beneficial and valuable it might appear to be will eventually and inevitably harm the user. The level of Conscious awareness on earth at this time is rising but it is still too low to produce any system that is not run by the fear thought system. Hopefully, that will soon change. That said, I do believe that bitcoin & blockchain tech are products from a higher level of Conscious Awareness than the current prevailing level.

      • Nothing is off the table friend. We are in uncharted waters. There is no telling what will go down. Black Swan Event is best guess.

    • another great video is greg hunter (usawatchdog) and catherine austin fitts, just uploaded earlier today. the digital currency will fail, cryptos were made to siphon $$$ away from precious metal, truth about the WHO, WEF,UN etc.

      • The only “White Hats” in this American Government can be found at the local Country & Western Wear store.

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