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“The same government that forced us to wear masks outside for 2 years now says chemical explosions in your neighborhood are just a part of everyday life.” – Jesse Watters

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Corruption or Ignorance – or both – Ohio’s top government has absolutely failed their job.
    Dilution is not the solution to pollution. I’ve been involved with Emergency Management in another state for decades and retired to Ohio, where I was born. The unprofessional and sloppy work ethic in Ohio governments is mind numbing for anyone who knows better. My suspicion is that too many are hiring family members or belong to a corrupt and ignorant good ol’ boys network. I thought more of Ohio before retiring here from California and Caltrans – but all Ohio has shown me is lack of care and ignorance – from the top down.
    Sorry to admit it, but true – nothing but amazement since 2012. Interest in sports should no equate to systemic ignorance or unprofessional leadership and management.

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