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    This is the best rendering of realpolitik that I’ve heard, lately. It’s by Catherine Austin Fitts on RenseRadio.

    Since I don’t watch TV, I hadn’t heard that Donald Trump “invited” all 100 Senators to the White House today (Wednesday) for a “briefing” on North Korea. All of Congress (465 people) has also been invited for a similar separate session. Fitts believes that the agenda is not to launch a war in North Korea but to get everyone to agree that North Korea must be deprived of their nuclear weapons, as part of the overall plan to bring China into the “Central Banking Warfare Model”, which she says is “What you need, to do a One World Currency.” She says Russia is still a big stickler on this, as is Iran. There are some smaller economies, like Cuba and Syria, that are still holdouts as well – but the sudden “normalization” between US-Cuban relations under Obama begins to make sense.

    Fitts takes us through Trump’s remarkable political U-turn in recent weeks, whereby he’s now complying with the Neocon agenda, after running into the hard political fact that the US is hostage to a war economy. She adds that there appears to be something else at work; a Third Party, likely related to highly secretive Black Budget entities that are more powerful than some nation states. She adds up the missing trillions in the US budget since 9/11 and it adds up exactly to how much the wars in the Middle East have cost the US over the past 16 years.

    She makes a connection between the countries attacked by the US and the push for a One World currency and how this is also related to the war on cash that we see.

    She says that what whatever’s going on, it’s going to fail, because “You cannot run a planet with this much psychopathy.”


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    • Excellent interview. I neither agree with her POV on a few items nor a number of the information points she portends. Nevertheless, CAF thinks for herself, invites new information, keeps an open mind and, above all, follows the money. I couldn’t ask for more from anyone.

      The 3rd party IS the underlying antagonist and, likely, the reason Trump is afraid (agree with this statement)–IF he’s even in the know.

      Loved the Princess Ivanka remark! So funny.

    • Guess what family owns central banks in all the other countries. Look it up on the internet while you still can.

      • I assume you are joking as it’s the usual suspect. If not and you’ve found pertinent information for everyone’s reading please provide links. Thanks.

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