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Fascinating interview with Jeb Corliss that probes inside the mind of the ‘Birdman’ and the incident that grounded him.

After the accident in this video, Corliss was able to heal from some severe wounds to make another insane jump in September 28, 2013, which Corliss called the “flying dagger”. He jumped out of a helicopter wearing a wingsuit and then flew through a narrow “crack” in Mount Jianglang in China.

The fissure is approximately 60 feet across at the top, 15 feet across at the bottom, and over three football fields tall. After safely completing the jump, Corliss was quoted saying that it was “…the single gnarliest thing I’ve ever done…” and “I have never experienced anything so hardcore. Period. I have not been that scared in my life. It was so powerful and overwhelming. I started crying…”

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