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    Jack Maxey says his IT guy had a “nervous breakdown” and he “went rogue” and that it was he who shared Hunter Biden’s iPhone data that the world is now seeing and which nobody can deny.

    Jack says that his IT guy, Vincent Kaufman is a good guy who was helping him to extract and to catalogue the data from Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell and that he became so disturbed by the data they had uncovered and he became so frustrated by the fact that no law enforcement would take the case, that he flipped his lid and began to think everyone was a CIA agent, so he posted the iPhone material before he fled Switzerland to New Zealand.

    Jack says he would have never have condoned this and that moreover, the iPhone data “isn’t squat, compared to the rest of the deleted material that we have uncovered,” while he also lamented that not one sheriff has taken this on, as he refuses to look at all the images without “the color of law”.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Thanks for your Huge efforts Jack👏
      Keep Safe and good luck with everything you do!
      God 🙏🏼🙌

    • Our once great country, New Zealand has gone to the pack these past 2 years!
      The inflation is sky rocketing out of control, the She Devil Jacinda Adern spending the majority of her time away from here,in the US with the WEF WHO Davis .
      Those who voted her in have been unhappy with the changes in this country,leading to a fast tracked demise of this entire country! She continues to push Pfizer’s Experimental vaccines,in time those who declined them all will know doubt be rounded up, vaccinated and will continue along with all other citizens to be vaccinated. She and her associates in NZ and all Associates in the US Ukraine WEF etc etc are as Corrupt as the day is long!!!
      They are Intentionally Collapsing our country as are her associates doing the same to theirs,so as to ring in the
      New World Order!!

    • Thanks for sharing this important interview.
      ( flat broke is relative, I’ve been struggling on disability for 20 years, 10,000$ a year.. & I have more than some people.. otherwise, excellent job Jack. God bless and protect all truth tellers, in Jesus name, amen)

    • Maxey went to Switzerland to ask whoever is boss of the world what he could release & what he couldn’t. The man glows in the dark.

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