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    How do pedophile blackmail operations tie into a crypto slush fund? John Perez joined Man in America’s Seth Holehouse to explain.

    John Perez has been triggering HODLrs with his talk of a “crypto conspiracy” for a while and he’s long maintained that you’ll find Jeffrey Epstein at the bottom of much in the crypto space.

    John says, “It was Joi Ito, who was a tech guy at MIT who actually worked with Epstein to help create Bitcoin. Nobody’s talking about this story.”

    Joichi “Joi” Ito is a former director of the MIT Media Lab. Following the exposure of his personal and professional financial ties to Jeffrey Epstein, Ito resigned from his roles at MIT, Harvard, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Knight FoundationPureTech Health, and The New York Times Company in 2019.

    John says the way dinosaur media is talking about the FTX scandal is as if it’s about a “business deal gone awry” but he says it’s MUCH bigger than that:

    “We are on the cusp of the end of the Biden administration. The end of the Biden administration is at hand. We’re going to go into Nuremberg trials, we’re going to go into COVID war crimes, we’re looking at Crimes Against Humanity. I’m telling you, Seth, this story is about to blow open…

    “The Biden administration is finished. It’s going to go to Ukraine, it’s going to go to war crimes, it’s going to go to the United Nations, it’s going to involve Russia and Vladimir Putin. We are just going into a crazy phase, here…

    “Sam Bankman-Fried is the fall guy for Jeffrey Epstein. He took over. Everybody in the Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX – it all comes down to when Epstein exited the scenario…the assets ended up in Sam Bankman’s hands and his parents put him there to move it forward…and prior to Epstein [the assets] came from Robert Maxwell…And the regulators are in on this. They look the other way.”

    John believes there’s a military operation monitoring all of this and the reason they’re not stopping it is because they want to get everybody, down to the foot soldiers, so they’re letting it play out.

    He also says he thinks that the reason why certain big institutions, like Fidelity promoted Bitcoin was their leadership had been forced to do it, because they’d been blackmailed by Jeff Epstein.

    “FTX is twice the size of Enron and where did all the files go with Enron? They were in Building #7 when Building #7 went straight down…the entire crypto was designed to suck money out of human hands…that money is being taken and it’s being laundered by another organization – an even higher organization, which we’ll talk about later.

    “Yes, the entire crypto operation, in my opinion is going to lead to pedophiles, pedophiles and more pedophiles. Deep State, oligarchs, RINOs. Trump said it right. Trump said democrats are bad but RINOs are the lowest of the lowest form of humans on Planet Earth…In my opinion, the RINOs are the financial wallet. They actually run the Democrats [Tore Maras has said this many times, as well. -AB]…

    “Guys like Mitch McConnell, Deep State swamp rat. McCarthy, swamp rat. And now, suddenly, DeSantis is on the attack with Trump…Trump is flushing them out…

    “We’re gonna see underground Ukraine biolabs everywhere, there are underground biolabs in Taiwan. How far did this money go? Was that money used in the biolabs in Ukraine? Because now, we’re talking war crimes, Crimes Against Humanity. Vladimir Putin and the Russian government are now presenting their case to the UN and in that case, it’s showing that the UN has been discredited, because they ignored all these war crimes, the bombing of civilians and much of that money coming from Bitcoin was used to purchase weapons that were used against civilians…

    “These YouTubers and these Bitcoin people and FTX promoters, they may find themselves connected with one degree of separation with war criminals who were buying weapons and blowing up civilians and biolabs and bioweapons that were against the Russian people. I’ve done the homework, it’s that bad.”

    John also believes that no cryptocurrency exchange will survive and that Bitcoin price will go to $4,200. “The entire crypto ecosystem has already been vaporized. There’s nothing there. It is going to go down in a giant ball of flames…First, we’re going to see BlockFi [go down] and then we’ll see [go down]. The arrests are coming.”

    The Cointelegraph reports that the three former FTX executives, as well as Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison, are looking for ways to flee to Dubai. While the plan was made assuming that the United States “doesn’t have any extradition treaties” with the UAE, the nations signed a mutual legal assistance treaty (MLAT) back on Feb. 24, 2022, to work against criminals.

    “Right now three of them, Sam, Gary, and Nishad are under supervision in the Bahamas, which means it will be hard for them to leave,” said the source, who asked to remain anonymous. The source has also revealed that Ellison is currently in Hong Kong, adding that means “she might be able to get to Dubai.”

    However, FTX members attempting to reach Dubai will get detained at the airport and sent straight back to the United States, because the extradition laws were changed earlier this year.

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    • Will RINO McConnell pass the Omnibus spending bill next week? Will ir fund the Ukraine War, the 87,000 IRS armed police?

      McConnell, dangerous.

    • SBF is the Fall Guy. SBF is crying “Anti-Semite”! SBF doesn’t realize that he is the Goyim that his parents taught him about. I wonder if SBF is Moloch’s sacrificial lamb?

    • Thanks Alexandra, for a really engrossing article, which, for the record, rings true. I have no particular bias toward BTC (I still own none), but I smell rats everywhere in the crypto space. I’m not saying everything in blockchain is bad; exactly the opposite, I believe when the dust clears we will see the true worth of this amazing technology, but first we need to shake out the bad and truly terrible actors from the space. Once again, I thank you.

    • Instead of talking so much about Biblical prophesy, they should have looked just a little bit farther ahead, thought in a straight line a little bit past the end of their own nose, and addressed the issue of NO ELECTRICITY soon! A few months ago, 1 in 6 American households were a month behind in their utility bills, with many of them 2 and 3 months late! PG&E said that since February of 2021, their number of delinquent accounts had gone up by 40%!! It’s higher than that by now!! How can they stay in business, if people don’t pay their bills?
      Without electricity, the refineries won’t be able to process crude oil to get gasoline, Diesel fuel or any other petroleum products! Without electricity, the modern day banking system with all of its point of sales card readers will be unable to make transactions! And how will any cash transactions be done, when the registers won’t work because they don’t have any electricity to power them? The hyperinflation of the USD will kill the utility businesses, and once the power plants go cold and dark, how will they be restarted? When the prison guards are not getting paid to watch the inmates, they are going to walk off their jobs! Then, a few family members and friends will come in with cutting torches to let them all out, and when that happens, all Hell will be breaking loose!! Cops won’t be around, because they will be sitting at home, watching over their family members!
      So John and Seth there are going to have a VERY rude awakening when they finally get a glimpse of what is REALLY happening all around them! They won’t be laughing any longer and rejoicing when they see that there’s no god coming to rescue them!!

    • FTX did not have one dime invested in Bitcoin. You’re confusing that with ‘crypto’, a completely different kind of asset. There is zero evidence linking BTC to Epstein. Your guest is just simply wrong. Bitcoin has no centralized control, by design. All other cryptos tried to replicate its model, with one exception – they ARE controlled by CEOs or institutions. Do some research. Bitcoin is the antithesis of establishment banksters. They are desperate to stop it. Crypto and digital currencies are their domain. Don’t be foolish – crypto and Bitcoin are NOT the same.

      • Neither John Perez nor the article state that FTX was invested in BTC. They slso never stated that crypto and BTC are the same. He’s simply saying that FTX, BTC, SBF and Epstein are all partners in crime. As for the evidence, you don’t know diddly squat what evidence they’ve got or what evidence John Perez has seen.
        BTW, it has long been rumored that BTC (Baby TraffickingCoin) as well as Fakebook are both DARPA operations. Bankman and Fuckerberg are merely the faces of these DS operations. I’d sell if I were you.

        • I see claims being made about Epstein “inventing” bitcoin. What is the evidence for that?

          As far as being a DARPA project, so what? So was the internet, maybe you should quit using that too if it was invented by such sinister folks.

          Bitcoin is what it is. If you understand how it works, you will understand it doesn’t matter who’s project it was. It is a technology, a tool. Do you care about who makes your hammer? Or is it worthy of use simply because it works? Why isn’t there any mention of what dire consequences being a DARPA project implies? I could go into why certain factions of the power structure might be motivated to allow or even participate in the creation of bitcoin, but that doesn’t matter.

          It is what it is and it does what it does: provide self-sovereign means of wealth storage and security that is at a fundamental level outside the power of any single third party, even the most powerful, to control.

          It’s always “OMG it’s a DARPA Project!!!!!” As if that in and of itself is suppose to be some kind of meaningful warning.

          I’m calling BS sensationalism on all of this.

          Buy BTC. Hodl. Stay away from centralized exchanges which is where the corruption is… if you know what’s good for you lol.

        • Thank you for clarifying…we need more if you, to lessen the doubts and clearing that Bitcoin is different from all these crypto currencies…

    • Do you even know what blockchain technology is? Look at Ripple and all the countries they have agreements with. Many crypto’s will disappear but a few will survive. You are speculating.

    • Let’s not forget, after John McAfee was suicided, they blew up the building in Florida with his dead man’switch hard drive. America is a 2 horned beast, and they weren’t going to let a Libertarian who knows everything about computer warfare be our president. Vote Trump. He’s the closest thing is Libertarians have this time.

    • Trump made a phone call to Ukraine, they speed on his phone call, and called him Russian agent? Now Biden is sending billions, which gives kickback Illinois to DNC, and cricket noises about such theft and criminal acts, which is impeachable offense.

    • Excellent commentary Man in America…Amazing Polly is a prolific researcher and she’s easy to look at Unlike Maxine Waters who went to view an ugly dog contest and came in first place. Pedo-Gate is fact but Government apparatchik, Pavlog’s Dogs >>MSM kept a lid on it. Andrew Brightbart outed John ..pedo..Podesta . The CIA wet works crew silenced him. Great to see the Alt. media doing real journalism. The Demo-Commie-Crat motto is..If it ain’t broke..Break it.

    • “FTX is twice the size of Enron”? Do huh? Enron was like sixty four BILLION dollars… How does that add up? I am not doubting the pedo angle in the crypto world but I cannot believe that anyone of consequence is going to be held accountable. Every radio show I wind up fighting the hopium that oozes from the average lazy America caller who seems to believe that someone else is going to save him … As a matter of fact, I have sworn to resign my radio gig if any high level operative is indicted. It is not going to happen because “they” own and control everything on this planet, including the so called justice department.. (now “JUST US” ….

    • Be nice if this is true: “John believes there’s a military operation monitoring all of this and the reason they’re not stopping it is because they want to get everybody, down to the foot soldiers, so they’re letting it play out.”

    • Just a reminder, there was plenty of buzz during the 2006 election season about the “DOMINION” voting machines data being located in the Ukraine! D-O-M-I-N-I-O-N!!!

      This globalist dominion cabal leaves clues everywhere they go. They surely must be laughing their heads off at fools who persist in denial!

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