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In more news about Commie bureaucrats who want to kill you and steal your assets, Reese Marrero the Psyop Cop schools us on Project Adrian, the IRS’ college indoctrination course that transforms students into storm troopers, slapping cuffs on their fellow Americans.

Whatever your faith or lack thereof: Be not afraid.


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  • We can easily get rid of the IRS by converting all debt to electronic credit money (NOT a CBDC, and not any currently existing crypto) which captures wealth in accounts which can then be AUTOMATICALLY assessed a flat 1% monthly “infrastructure maintenance fee” replacing ALL income-based taxation. Voila! Nothing for IRS neo-Barney Fifes to do except collect the $500 eCredits per week, 5th Amendment compensation (for LEGAL adult residents) for the government’s TAKING of their “right” to free access to land sufficient to support their “right” to life.
    (The S.N.A.P. EBT system can be adapted to the task very quickly.)

  • Timothy Dwight and Daniel Goit Gilman started the U.S. Land Grant program to where the U.S. Federal government allot land in each state, to build a State University officially titled ‘The Morrill Act.’
    An act donating Public Lands initially to provide Education in Agriculture & the Mechanical Arts. But from the beginning in 1862 All these Institutions were exempt from State Laws! They are a government within a government.

  • Unfortunately for these would-be Stormtroopers, there’s only one way to experience a full-blown Firefight:
    Survive one.
    College gymnasiums and Zuckerberg’s Meta virtual reality headsets lack the real-world experience of supersonic projectiles shredding one’s vitals.

    The IRS: Soon to become America’s leading Organ Donors.

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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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