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Susan Bradford joins John Michael Chambers on the new Making Sense of the Madness YouTube channel to discuss her book, which wins my vote for the best book title, ever, ‘UNMASKED: THE CORONAVIRUS STORY: The Nauseating Truth Behind the Global Quest to Bring the World to Heel, Destroy Nationalism and Undermine the Trump Presidency through Fake Scandals, Simulated Pandemics, Junk Science, Political Puppets, Brazen Extortion, and Rapacious Money Grabs.’

Bradford worked at the Atlantic Council of the UK as a senior research fellow, writing and editing publications on foreign policy, in addition to working as a writer, editor and producer for Fox News and Voice of America.

Susan begins by explaining her view that the British Monarchy has been stealthily working to reclaim the United States as a colony in order to consolidate the world’s wealth and power into their own hands. To that end, they’ve been working through the US government and public-private partnerships to create a New World Order, a dictatorship with themselves at the top.

She says that during the Obama Administration, they they made a strong effort to implement their Globalist agenda, of which Obamacare was a part but this had the effect of bankrupting the healthcare industry. In order to recoup their losses, they were hoping to eliminate some of the older people who would be drawing upon public resources and to generate profits through vaccines and they also wanted to launch their contact tracing technologies that they had developed for war.

She says the coronavirus was manufactured by the Pirbright Institute in the UK, which receives funding from the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation, the European Commission, DARPA and the Wellcome Trust. Both the Pirbright Institute and Wellcome are connected to the Rothschilds and they have a long history of developing medicines and chemicals that have been weaponized against the populace, typically to eradicate them during times of war, so that they could either seize natural resources, land, money, etc.

She says the Pirbright Institute acquired the patent for both the coronavirus and the vaccine back in 2018. She notes that last October, the Event 201 pandemic simulation sponsored by Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and the World Economic Health Forum was held simultaneously with the Military World Games in Wuhan, China, which was sponsored by the International Military Sports Council, which brings together the world’s armed forces and the world’s healthcare providers together, to coordinate their responses to global pandemics and to forge new markets for the pharmaceutical companies.

She says, “Unsurprisingly, the coronavirus was released at the Military World Games and that set off the pandemic around the world.”

George Webb, of course has been asserting the same thing for months and this is what got him de-platformed by YouTube and embroiled in a lawsuit.

Susan Bradford shares many other interesting items from her perspective as a Globalist defector.

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  • The statements that British were trying to weaken the US for takeover and implement their Globalization Regime thru ObamaCare is a very weak claim.

    The claim that the US Citizens and Obamas Administration had lost their interest for War is 180 degrees completely wrong.

    Obama’s Administration inherited George Bush Jr’s 2 Wars – Iraq and Afganistan and added 5 more Wars. Unbelievably, while Obama Admin, was initiating more Wars by his first Administration, Obama was rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize!!!

    Hillary Clinton’s major contribution in Obama’s Admin. was to organize and bring the many Nations involvement in De-stabilizing Libya and bombing Libya’s Military Assets crippling it’s ability to defend itself. The Foriegn Intelligence Services and the CIA funded Mercenaries and Foriegn Jihadis to invade Libya.

    The US CIA and other Intelligence Services paid Countless Millions to Jihadis and Mercenaries as a replacement for US & the multinational Ground Forces.

    What most do not know is why? Libya had become friendly with Western Countries that included in reversing its history of being one of the largest funders of Global Terrorism and to be strongly against Terrorist Groups within its Borders. This was clearly seen when attacking Foriegn Jihadis/Mercenaries attacked the Prison and freed 600 imprisoned Jihadis/ Terrorists that Gadaffi had arrested and put into Prison. No longer a Source and Funder of State Terrorism, Libya was not a threat to the West.

    Then why was Libya attacked, as it was promoted that Gaddafi was attacking its own people as a pretext to explain to anyone why attacking Libyan Forces/Assets and why Gaddafi had to be labelled as a Evil Dictator.

    This was a lie and while N.A.T.O. was claiming Highly Nobel reasons for Declaring War on Libya’s Gaddafi and his Forces— what was Secretly happening was Outside Forces, including traitors within Libyan Forces were funded by the West to conduct attacks within Libya that were Filmed by Cameramen that were imbedded or contacted prior to attacks to be able to record the images of the attacks.

    War plan was well planned and implemented War by the via US Military along with N.A.T.O.’s Allied Forces as Gaddafi had held 2 African Economic Summits that brought the Leaders of African and Gulf Coast Countries.

    These African Summits were held to introduce Gaddafi’s Economic Vision to free Africa from the robbery of African Resources! Over the history of Africa, Foreign Countries over hundreds of years, removed $$$Trillions in valuable resources while compensating African Countries very poorly that prevented them from developing Economically in order to continue in the robbing of African Resources.

    Gaddafi’s Vision was to make An African Union to equal the U.S. or Europe Economic powers. He had presented his Vision for African Countries to Join Economically by implementing a New Gold Currency ( Gold Dinar ) by a New African Economic Union of African and Gulf Coast Countries. African Union Member Countries would then sell all their resources such as Oil. Diamonds, Precious Metals, Rare Earth Metals needed for super-conductors and all other remaining resources to all Non-Union Counties across the Globe. This would require Countries trading for African Union Member Countries to buy any Resources in Gold!!! This threatened the I.M.F. – International Monetary Fund Banking Regime! It would make Fiat Currency such as the U.S. Dollar World Reserve Currency that was backed by Nothing!!!! Had no real value. Only held It W.R.C. status because Saudis Arabia made a deal with U.S. to provide Military Support if ever threatened if Saudis Arbia would Only Sell Saudis Oil in U.S. Dollars to any Country wanting to buy Saudis Oil.

    Gaddafi’s Gold Dinar would force Countries to spend their actual Hard Currency known as Gold if wanting to buy African-Gulf Coast Countru Resouces. It would control the bulk of the World’s best Hard Currency to become the Greatest Economic Powerful Union Globally.

    Most Countries have very limited tons of Gold and this would make the African Union the World Economic Top Super-Power in a very short time.

    The I.M.F. found this effort by Gaddafi to be a direct threat to its Position as the true Top Economic Power/Control in the World.
    Thus, N.A.T.O. was tasked with the responsiblity to prevent Libya’s Gaddafi, African and Gulf Country Leaders from creating the African Union. N.A.T.O. would end the Dream of strong African Union by destroying Libya and bringing about the Death of African Union Visionary – Gaddafi!

    N.A.T.O with the U.S. would claim that they were compelled into the Military Action against Libyan Forces and also completely bombing Libyan Infrastructure into the Stone Age to save Libyan Civilian Lives.

    But what was witnessed was indescriment Bombing that would seriously injure, permanently cripple and kill tens of thousands of Libyan Civilians. Nightly news would show screaming/crying children and women being treated in war time Hospitals in Libya! Some N.A.T.O. member Countries Intelligence Services such as M.I.6 and the C.I.A. were funding Foriegn Mercenary Groups & Foriegn Jihadis Groups like Al Qaeda who free 600 Jihadis Gaddafi had held in Libyan Prison. The Funding help to arm those Al Qaeda Prisoners who joined the fight to taken down Gaddafi and afterward make Libya the new Home Base of Al Qaeda and other Jihadis Terrorist Groups like I.S.I.S.!

    Today you can go to several locations in Libya and see a live open air Slave Market and see Children, Women and Men being traded, bought and sold! Brought to you by the U.S. and other N.A.T.O. Countries who participated in Libya’s Destruction.

    Libya under Gaddafi’s Rule was a Country where Health Care was free to everyone along with University/College Education was provided at not cost. Women could walk throughout Libya without a Man Escort or be forced to cover their Faces.

    Women could work and have freedom from oppression. But now rapes and oppression occurrs on a daily basis.

    Llbya is fractured into a thousand pieces that no Attempts by So-called Governments are able to unite. N.A.T.O. and more specifically are responsible for the daily Horrors being experienced by Children, Women and Men in the hell called Libya!

  • Unfortunately, many of our politicians are in Epsteins black book and on his blackmail films…they are dead in the water…

  • Shared! I may believe in God, but I don’t believe in religion. Most all have been corrupted since the year 468 AD by Rome who rewrote the bible. Over 100 books removed, now why would they do that? To hide the powers it told that we all have in us? That, I do believe. Thank you, bless you!

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