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    The new 8chan website, now called 8kun has been hard to access, due to tremendous online attacks but it was relaunched on an additional domain today:

    As a result, many Q drops ensued, the final one reading ominously: “Indictments coming. [2019] Q”

    For several months, many of us have been climbing the walls in anticipation the FISA abuse report from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Sara Carter and others have reported that we’ll be seeing it by Thanksgiving or as early as next Monday.

    In the meantime, it looks like the Bidens are in deeper trouble than ever. As Dave from the X22 Report says, “Every day that passes, it gets worse and worse for them…

    “The New York Times reports that Joe Biden’s own staff thought a Ukrainian gas company paying Hunter Biden $80,333 a month while his father was Vice President was unseemly or worse — and they made State Department officials help them to do damage control…

    “The only reason why the Democrats are getting away with it is because the media allows it. We no longer have a Fourth Estate media to keep a check on government corruption. We haven’t had it in a long time.

    “Instead, we have a media apparatus that actually participates in the schemes and helps sell the fraud. As Lee Smith eloquently said, ‘The media’s involvement in pushing the transparently false 2016 Russian narrative was an extinction-level event for their credibility.'”

    Adding to our dystopia is Adam Schiff’s Soviet-style show trial, that is perverting American institutions beyond anything previously imaginable.

    Tech giants, YouTube and Facebook are doing their part to protect the coup by de-platforming anyone who publishes the so-called whistleblower’s name.

    The House Democrats cannot allow the so-called whistleblower to testify or he will implicate himself in Biden’s corruption scheme and the whole thing will fall apart — and if he doesn’t testify, the whole thing will fall apart. They’re backed into a corner.

    House Democrats want to keep this going as a way to block what is coming; the DECLAS, the IG Report with several criminal referrals and most importantly, the indictments from Attorney General John Durham. Many members of the government will be charged.

    Dave at the X22 Report gives us his excellent geopolitical report on the Deep State that is crumbling all over the world.

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    • Dave @ X22 forecasted the end of central banks while Obama was president. He’s FOS and keeps up the same mantra to calls the clouds by name. Shovel?

      Qanon, oh, never mind.

    • I wish I could believe this.. I really do. However, we have had the goods on so many of these luciferian psychopaths for a long time and no one ever seems to go to prison. I hate to say this but it seems to me that “they” own the misnamed “justice” system.. and they never eat their own… Oh sure they might throw a few underlings under the bus but no one in a leadership role will ever go to prison… ever… I hope and pray that I am wrong..

    • “Dave at the X22 Report gives us his excellent geopolitical report on the Deep State that is crumbling all over the world.”

      Now that is faulty opinion with absolutely no corroborating evidence or forthcoming fact !
      X22 has a pattern of doing this.
      From my observations there has been absolutely nothing done to drain the swamp or hinder the “Deep state” one iota !
      Bill Barr is a Gatekeeper !
      Always has been ! ( ties to Epstein, Ruby Ridge cover-up, etc. )
      Good grief people wake up and think for yourselves !
      Observe the actions of the entire corrupted government !
      It’s a good thing the cherry trees in Washington D.C. do not produce fruit, it would all be rancid and rotten l

    • Q is a larp to keep people placated and at bay… there have been numerous problems with Q predictions… Here is a page that points out the many failures of Q’s predictions:

      Q is a Psyop to keep people placated… the objective is to keep your outrage in check. Q provides those who are receptive to it’s cryptic posts just enough hope to keep those who are fed up from standing up and taking action. Hope is used as a weapon just as much as fear is…. Fear makes us accept what we normally wouldn’t. Hope makes us sit and wait when we should stand up and fight… It was stated best in a scene from hunger games… here is a link to that scene:

      • I must confess that I too was taken for a ride by the many Q predictions. Having said that I am very aware, that the future is not always fixed and is often altered by actions adopted in-between. Nevertheless, it is clear that the firm predictions have changed to a more generalised mood-boosting for those of us, disquieted by ‘Evil’ conniving to sustain its ability to thwart us. Look at the hell of the weather being manipulated across the world at the moment, via HAARP installations world-wide and energy weapons causing tremendous fires. We all recall the scene of the ‘Evil’ Clinton and Bush families receiving those notes at the funeral of Bush senior thinking that Hilary would be arrested very soon. Fat chance! I really wish I could feel more optimistic. My friends in the Secret Service do assure me great strides are being achieved against ‘Evil’ but even so, the task is mindboggling! Nearly every CEO of every major conglomerate is ‘Evil’. So many in Government are corrupt and being blackmailed. Our banks are the sheer epitome of ‘Evil’ In fact, the only non-evil in this world are those not in any position of bogus authority! Thus, to be alerted by your post that Q is also possibly not what we had believed is doubly depressing. May the true God of this world help us!

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