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LaRouche Foundation spokesman, Harley Schlanger joined Sean at the SGT Report to discuss new information about the never ending coup, which he says began back in December 2015, when Robert Hannigan, then-Director of GCHQ, which is the UK’s equivalent of the NSA came to Washington, DC to meet with then-CIA Director John Brennan, claiming that he had evidence of Russian cyber attacks preparing to turn the election against Donald Trump.

Schlanger reminds us that this doggerel came from the same British networks that gave us “Iraqi weapons of mass destruction” and “Assad’s chemical weapon attacks against his own people”, which Schlanger calls “Lies for the purpose of defending a War Party and a global financial regime change that Donald Trump stood in the way of. And the decision was made, even before he set foot in the White House that he had to be neutered or thrown out.

“And this was a decision that was made in London and Wall Street and inside what’s know as the ‘Shadow Government’ or the permanent bureaucracy.

“Now, we know that these guys are criminals. Look at what they did in all these wars. They’ve been covering up war crimes. They’re covering up lies that got us into the wars. They’ll lie about anything to extend their power.

“Now, they’re saying we need to have the global central banker dictatorship, because elected governments don’t do a good job of managing economies, because they’re too responsive to their constitutents’ needs. In other words: dictatorship.

“Now, this is the level on which we have to fight this. Because we’re fighting against people who are not Communist or Right Wing or Left Wing, they’re Fascists. This is a global, Fascist, Totalitarian move being run through the pathetic character of Joe Biden, the front man for this. But Biden’s not the power.

“You have to look at people like Lord Malloch Brown. You have to look at people like Comey, Brennan, Clapper, who are facilitators of this operation, run by the banks, including the Rothschild Banks, Lloyd’s of London, JPMorgan-Chase.

“They’re going to use this election, if they can, to create a New Global Order, in which there will be no sovereign nation-state left standing. And so, that’s what we’re up against…

“I think there’s something worse than a Russia-China takeover, I think what we’re seeing is the real heart of evil in the world; is the imperial banking system. And that’s not run by Russia and China…

“We’re in for a real moment of confrontation in this country. I hope it doesn’t become bloody and violent but I think what’s important is that people stick to real principles of our Constitution and our Founding Fathers and do everything we can to win over at least a portion of the other side.”

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