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Dr. Ivette Lozano, who’s had a Family Medicine practice for over 20 years in Dallas, Texas gives an impassioned testimony of her clinical experience and the remarkable effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in all of her patients versus the propaganda we are receiving from our Big Pharma-controlled state governors and Mainstream Media.

The opposition she has experienced by treating COVID-19 patients with a standard drug that is issued in the millions of doses to members of the US military every year is puzzling. Dr. Lozano strongly opposes the medical and media disinformation being fed to the general public and much of the so-called “science”.

Big Pharma is holding the planet hostage in order to exact a multi-trillion dollar vaccine toll on all of us useless eaters.

Seen here is the #OpenTexas Rally at Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas held last Saturday. The organizers held the rally to honor the actions of the Shelley Luther, owner of the Salon à la Mode in Dallas, Texas, who was sentenced to seven days in jail and a $7,000 fine for opening her salon despite the stay-at-home order from Gov. Greg Abbott and the state’s and county’s orders to close all so-called “non-essential” businesses.

The Rally honored Luther for standing up for her workers and to celebrate her release from prison. The Rally’s attendees were there to stand for their belief that people have a God-given right to work and provide for their families; that #AllBusinessesAreEssential; and that the government has unconstitutionally overstepped its legitimate authority and have deprived people of their God-given and constitutionally protected rights and liberties during the COVID-19 panic.

For more information about the fabulous, Cuban-born Dr. Lozano, go HERE.


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • My Government contact here in the UK said it all today when she said, “we call Bill Gates, ‘Bill Hates’!”

    I assume that the good lady meant that Bill Gates ‘hates’ humanity?

    Thank goodness for honest, feisty Doctors like Dr Lozano, who care more for their patients than peeing up the back of the despicable Dr Fauci!

    The more doctors that dare to speak out, the quicker the ‘Deep State’ will all end up in jail! And we can recover our world from the gangsters that have stolen and polluted it through wars, pandemics and deliberate famine for the past one hundred years!

    They tried to convince us of the nonsense of ‘Global Warming’ so that they could make billions out of our naivety. When Greta Thunberg didn’t work, it was time for this fake pandemic.

    One thing is certain, our Globalist supporting BBC here in the UK will not be featuring the good Dr Lozano!

    Please do keep up the good work Alexandra, I can tell you that you are supported by my contacts in Government here in the UK.

  • That is an awe-inspiring video. Those people, whether politician, corporate pundit of some regulatory agency, pharmacist, cop, banker or indian chief. Any stooge that will throw a human being under the bus, be it for profit or power – they are criminals. They are scum.

  • Thank you, I needed that! Speaking the truth about how corrupt the pharmaceutical industry is, the AMA, CDC, WHO, all paid for, it has nothing to do with keeping you healthy. WAKE UP!
    I expect there will be repercussions to her for speaking the truth. So much corruption in this world. One of the worst things, I believe is true is get outside, in the sun, walk around, no mask on your face, breath, take your shoes off walk on the grass. LIVE dam it. I was layed off myself because I’m old, and have COPD. This B.S. has only made me mad.

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