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Crimes against humanity.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • As someone else mentioned on another site…beware of hoaxes. This vid clip may be just one of those hoaxes and there is a Pet Tracking or some device under her sleeve.
    They may be laughing but I have no doubt that there are more than a few who (are not now) and will not be laughing later after taking that jab. They better hope they only received one of the placebos or their system deals with it adequately.
    I know I wouldn’t be laughing if I had metal objects sticking to me after taking that shot especially if it’s a hammer.

  • As Others online have commented:

    The woman needs to test against her “bare arms”.
    The “tag” on the left sleeve could easily be an RFID chip.

    The woman’s “happy expression” is more likely her “duping delight” (hat tip to Russ at WinterWatch) at trolling the public, rather than her joy at being chipped, and now trackable 24/7/365.

  • Y’might wish to add some data to this clip because it is NOT FUNNY! Why are these idiots ‘showing off’ their death skills as opposed to expressing disgust & anger for the perpetration of self & dishonest message to lead the sheep!?!??????

  • Good job Kid!
    Now, you have exposed the devils work. Now, you must expose a method to combat the effect of vaccine ID. Many will die from the vaccine. There is still time to save them. Are you willing to use your skills to help save them?

  • Congrats, you have been chiped, with spike proteins afded, you can now be controlled, and killed by radio…

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