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I ran a disturbing video about neuralnanorobotics and SmartDust the other day; about aerosolized nano swarms of bio-penetrable electrodes that are inhaled and implanted through mucus membranes and remain undetectable while forming a network within the brain to be able to both read and write into the brain’s function in real-time, remotely.

The purpose of this technology is to collect all physical and sensory data to create an accurate simulated digital world that has been sold to us as the Internet of Things (aka The Matrix), which would in time hijack the brain and body of those targeted via the implanted bots and by the AI that would be transmitted through many secret HAARP facilities constructed around the world in tandem with the 5G wireless network.

This video by Dana Ashlie goes way further down that rabbit hole about how these particles self-assemble into filament networks when combined with the stomach’s hydrochloric acid and how all of the above relates to chemtrails and Morgellon’s Disease.

It sounds crazy but the patents exist and we’ve been hearing reports about this technology from level-headed journalists like James Corbett, from other whistleblowers like JD at Level9News and for almost 20 years from my friends at

Dana is joined by a whistleblower who goes into very fine detail about the technology here and also about how ingesting a small amount of simple household borax, such as one may find in the laundry aisle has been shown to purge the body of these filaments. Additional benefits to ingesting a small amount of borax daily are arthritis relief, hormone balance, decalcification of the pineal gland, improved cell function, absorption of minerals and improved wound healing.

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  • Thank you for all your hard work and support let’s keep spreading the good news may God be with us

  • Dear Alexandra,
    Before I learnt of my ability to telepathically enable anyone in the world to self-heal from every form of Cancer, the only remedy I was able to offer those I supported was the Bicarbonate-of-Soda and Maple Syrup Protocol.
    So, if I wished to take Borax, without it being in my daily drinking water, I would mix 3 teaspoons of Canadian Maple Syrup. Add to this a one level teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda, plus the three pinches of Borax.
    Thus, I would consume a third of this mix three times a day, and mix fresh daily.
    Not only will this apparently overcome the Nano threat but also keep me free from Cancer.
    The Canadian Maple Syrup cannot be substituted with honey or syrup of any other variety, neither can the Bicarbonate of Soda be substituted for Baking soda.
    The reason the simple protocol works is that once digested the Ash of the two ingredients combine in a long protein chain and thus in simplistic terms when taken up by cancer cells eager to consume the sugars of the Canadian Maple Syrup, they inadvertently consume the highly neutralising component provided by the Bicarbonate of Soda. In other words, the Canadian Maple Syrup acts as a Trojan Horse for the Neutralising Bicarbonate of Soda; which quickly decimates the cancer cells that are naturally highly acidic.
    Thus, by adding the Borax, one could be overcoming a whole spectrum of the heinous efforts of the deep state to enforce Agenda 21.
    Thus far I have freely helped circa 100 people to self-heal from cancer. Typically in only a matter of a few weeks. Sadly, most sufferers are unable to believe that Cancer can be so easily overcome! BigPharma has known since the late 1930’s that Bicarbonate of Soda introduced intravenously was able to beat cancer. But they could not make money from it, and thus set about building the biggest most profitable, sham Cancer Industry, that kills hundreds of thousands each year. If someone survives conventional treatment, it is almost always despite their treatment, and not because of it.
    PS I take Cayenne Tincture in my daily water as prescribed by the late Dr Christopher who trained Dr. Schulze. It enables a fresh surge of one’s blood to get to every part of one’s body. It passes the blood-brain barrier in only a matter of seconds. Thus the cleansing effects of the Borax would reach to the end of every last capillary. It is also a must in the event of a stroke and or heart- attack. It matters not which form of stroke one is suffering, it is an immediate fix. Dr. Christopher’s advice was for a stroke, ten drops under the tongue every ten minutes until the symptoms subside. For a heart attack, the drops should be placed on the back of the tongue. One will cough a great deal but you will not die from coughing!

  • Both items on order and I’m looking forward to getting started.
    I recently heard M. Tsarion’s podcast on the black nobility and then I started listening to Catherine Austin Fitts’ Deep State Tactics 101. Best to stay as informed as possible from sources you trust (I’m not 100% on MT but his info is worth bearing in mind imo).
    All of this, including the video above, is frightening stuff. But they give us action steps too. Getting informed, maintaining one’s coherence, avoiding SMART anything, taking the inhibitors referred to above and any action steps that we can. We can help ourselves and our loved ones.
    I also believe in donating to the people who are putting themselves on the line by bringing us info we need. Please donate to Alexandra if you can. I can only give a little, but a little from everyone would help her keep going.

    Thanks again Alexandra for all your work.

  • I’m the proud owner of a lifetime supply of 20MTSaintRonnie Borax, 1, one box from the grocery store shelf…Amazon hazzit, plus shipping. Perverted twisted Ol Scratch science is saturating the very life outta WETHEPEOPLE.

  • So, maybe I should hook myself up to the 20 mule team?
    Just so long as I’m not doing Death Valley Days, with Ronald Raygun, “ZAP” LOL.
    For some reason, I’m thinking of Woodstock!
    Talk about dissociative thinking!
    Thank you, Alexandra, for all you do, to let us see what is being done to the world we live on.

  • While I greatly appreciate the intention here, there appears to be a great deal of conflicting information about ingesting Borax/Boron. Does someone have a definitive source for this?

    • how about personal experience. Here ya go:

      It tastes like shit.
      It heals you from a LOT and can be made to taste better by organic, natural sweeteners like honey or nectar.
      Jury is out on the subject above after the first dose but I’ll do it for a month and report back those results here.
      Works great as mentioned below in a bath w/Epsom salts for getting to neurodust under the skin.

      • I made a concoction into a “tea” to drink as well as for use in ememas to remove morgellons from inside. It seems to work but likely needs weeks to kill all. I filled a pot with water and added sprinklings of the following, in addition to 1 teaspoon of borax:

        Ginger Powder
        Cayenne Pepper
        Garlic Powder
        Cloves Powder

        (ea of which has anti-fungal properties)

        add sweetener to make it palatable. I used nectar.

        Menthol works great for stressing out and disabling the morgellons. First I tried VapoRub and it worked great but is a huge mess removing when one mass applies it all over. Today I tried Icy Hot roll on and its affect is shorter the the result the same. You may need to douse yourself 3-4 times.

  • I haven’t tried ingesting it but I’ll try.

    You can also use borax, together with strong Epsum Salts as a bath, scrubbibg your skin 3 times weekly to get your outer skin to peel off, thereby getting rid of some of the nanodust under your skin – you don’t just inhale it. Some of the chemtrail stuff is in the soil, water, etc. It’s throughout the food chain – even the birds and bees. That’s how sick it is…

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