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    Michael McKibben joins Ann Vandersteel to discuss how his 1999 white paper detailing the revolutionary source code for the scalability of social media fell into the hands of Mark Zuckerberg, his son’s classmate at Harvard at the time, who McKibben believes has long been fronting for the Rogue CIA.

    At first blush, it may be hard to believe that the source code for Facebook’s platform is McKibben’s intellectual property. Why have we never hard of him? Why would the US Government steal something like this instead of buying him out? How could they get away with it? But it would hardly be the first such case.

    Those familiar with the story of Inslaw’s case management software called PROMIS and how it was stolen by the US Department of justice will see many similarities with McKibben’s story.

    He’s been taking them to court ever since. What’s perhaps most shocking is how nearly all the judges hearing his cases, like Justice John Roberts have been heavily invested in Facebook, in clear conflicts of interest.

    McKibben’s Leader Technologies was awarded three patents for this technology starting in 2006 and the current market value of the associated social media technology is $5-$6 trillion!

    This interview brings a lot of important components together to form a coherent and penetrating understanding of the history of communications technologies since the early 20th century, the corporations and government bodies controlling these, their role in thought control and how the US bypasses the 4th Amendment via the Five Eyes signals intelligence alliance between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

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    • Zuckerberg!….now that’s A.I. if I ever saw it….it would have been so easy to get this ‘dude’ to do the dirty work. He gives me the chills whenever his face is on the tube.
      Isn’t this a pretty mess! I don’t think anyone could have thought this scenario up, even in their wildest dreams. Good “ol’ Chillary Hilton”…what would the words disgusting and low-life have been without her.
      Excellent video…..great information. It’s a wonder Trump even got to be President. No wonder the Left has a hate on for him…..they must have wondered W.T.F!. after all was said and done on election night.I guess they are going to make ‘us’ all pay for this treachery. I can see her late at night in her laboratory….figuring out what evil spells to use when the next election is on it’s way.
      To be serious though…. What has happened to our world? Let’s hope we all find out before it’s too late. Great Big Thank You to Michael McKibben and his team and the independent media.

    • Start a mighty fine blaze under the seats of the princes by starting legal procedures against the users of the patents…generate some stage light. They tap that cash flow.

    • Ah, you see the Aliens have taken over. They may at one time been human, but no longer, call them clones. They don’t care about the human condition, just power to control them. Kind of like gold fever, if you have ever seen that take over a person, that glint in their eye, it’s scary, kinda like lust, but, different. Well, have a better day, and be human to each other. Great Interview! Beware of the back door, cause big brother and family are watching everything we do, so our social scores will drop. I know mine is in the basement… And I don’t care!

    • They bypass the entire bill of rights and the constitution. The links between Facebook, Google, US Defense and CIA are well documented.,

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