This film shows the minting process and features of the 2 Euro coin.

There is something vaguely p0rnographic about viewing the production of money – and this mindless, mechanical (ultimately meaningless?) procedure forms an interesting side note to the conflict in Ukraine.

I have been receiving much feedback about the general dissatisfaction, among peoples living in member countries of the EU, which they view as an invasion upon their ancient, sovereign states, attempting to regulate their ancient products and to control the trade between these ancient nations. I’ve been hearing this from my many European subscribers about the state of their own Union.

(40% of FKTV subscribers are non-US, in case anyone was wondering).

With the tumult in Ukraine, the histrionics about a potential proxy Third World War between the US & Russia (which appears less and less likely to me, lately) and the previous scuttlebutt about a military coup d’etat of the US from within, to say nothing of stock market rumors about the imminent collapse about the US dollar…one is left wondering about the future of this buncha fiat crap: the Euro – and the “schedule” is for it possible demise?

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