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But before Kennedy could even open his mouth at the hearing, the first thing all of the Democrat House members at the hearing did was to order a vote to shut down his testimony and to turn off the cameras and to take the hearing behind closed doors.

They literally voted to censor RFK Jr during hearing on censorship!

By the way, the so-called disparaging comments RFK was accused of by Debbie Wasserman Shultz – and also, by the entire international Fake News complex, from the UK Guardian to NBC – refers to an NIH study entitled, “ACE2 coding variants in different populations and their potential impact on SARS-CoV-2 binding affinity,” which Kennedy had cited at a dinner table conversation that was filmed without his knowledge and then posted online, causing all of this bogus outrage about him now being a racist. It’s an obvious PSYOP. In the surreptitiously recorded comments, Kennedy was referring to this study’s findings about the ACE2 receptors of different genetic groups and how those groups possessing the ACE2-K26R mutation had a decreased electrostatic attraction with the SARS-CoV-2 virus – and therefore lower infection rates.

The study notes that this ACE2-K26R mutation is “most frequent in the Ashkenazi Jewish population”. The mutation is also frequent in East Asian populations and in Finland, which Kennedy had mentioned, as well. The study also found that other mutations seen in other ethnic groups increased this electrostatic attraction and infection. Quoting again from the abstract of the study, “Those variants are most frequent in East Asian, South Asian, African and African American, European, European and South Asian populations, respectively.”

There was zero disparagement going on. The evil Dems are engaging in a wrap-up smear, because they are insane and they’re going down.

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    • Not controllable? Is that why he shamelessly grovelled to the Israeli lobby? He practically begged them to see how he loved them supported them.
      He’s on the same side as Shultz, this is all just theater to distract. He clearly pledged his allegiance and it wasn’t to America. Unless he did that thinking he’ll get elected and then show his true face, but to do that he needs support to ban the dual citizens. I doubt that’s his intention.
      Another fake warrior

  • Aren’t the Republicans in charge of the House?

    So why all the charades?

    The khazar infiltration is complete. And they’re not going to give up on their plans for world domination.

    Things could fall apart literally in seconds if “they” were desperate or felt trapped. One way or another, its coming and most people aren’t ready. Not that there’s much you can do anyways. Just prep to fight a war against these people. Ain’t no Trumpty Dumpty gonna save your ass LMFAO.

  • Noodles was reading the j*wish riot act of race protected speech. He dodged the take down attempt by passing the holohoax anti-Semite test and by showing righteous indignation and fealty with extra groveling enough to sufficiently placate the master race this time.

    • RFK should have asked the noodles whether she is a dual citizen?

      Then as a followup, ask her which state has her allegiance.

      Until they are confronted, over and over, and exposed nothing will change.

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