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by Wall Street Apes

An Insane “Conspiracy Theory”

The homes that BlackRock has been purchasing (a HUGE amount in New York) being setup to house illegal migrants

🚨 Each home will average bringing in $15,000 per month to house illegals

– New York just declared that they’re gonna pay homeowners there a $125 a day to house a migrant.
– $125 a day per migrant, per bedroom
– And at $3,750 per migrant, that means that property would now be bringing in $15,000 a month

“Y’all wanna come with me down another rabbit hole of how the US government is using private industry to f*** over the American people? This is gonna be a quick video, but I wanted to put it out because I wanna hear what people think.

“The basic gist is that the United States government is using BlackRock to permanently house all the illegal immigrants they’ve been letting in. So you know how companies like BlackRock have been buying up large amounts of the single family real estate, and a shitload of the properties that they bought are in the state of New York.

“And New York just declared that they’re gonna pay homeowners there a $125 a day to house a migrant.

“$125 a day per migrant, per bedroom. That means the taxpayers of New York are gonna be paying $3,750 per migrant per month. Now think about all those houses that BlackRock bought. Let’s say they got a 4 bedroom.

“That means they can house 4 migrants. And at $3,750 per migrant, that means that property would now be bringing in $15,000 a month.

“And if any of those migrants have a family, that’s additional money on top. And BlackRock doesn’t have to worry because the money’s guaranteed by the government in New York.

“I mean, you have to think so far in Biden’s presidency, anywhere from 12 to 15,000,000 illegals have crossed over. And then because of all the incentive programs that New York created, you enter this country illegally, you’d have to be stupid not to go to New York.

“You’re gonna get paid. You’re gonna get fed. You’re gonna get housed all for the price of either a bus trip up there or maybe you can catch one of those flights that Biden’s been sending under everyone’s radar.

“But regardless, you’re gonna go to New York where BlackRock owns thousands of homes. And I’d be willing to bet a lot of those homes are about to have an illegal immigrant as a tenant, and they’re gonna make sure they get at least 1 in every bedroom.

“And I would expect that this continues at least until the census.” – the older millennial

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • But, but…I have some wierd memory of reading more than one economic assessment pro or con
    that blamed a big problem was on those checks they sent out during Covid to placate the public being a significant and unaffordable economic bulge. back when. Anyway something about those checks. Maybe the # of recipients dwarfs this new move, despite it was a one time expenditure. Maybe this one is designed to up the GDP.

  • Back when ICE still could do squat, we had a small home in our neighborhood that was rented out to a small family of legal immigrants. Then after a few months men would start to move in and cars started to clog the streets and the yard. This was a cycle and went on for about 3 yrs. until I called ICE. The next day all 30 of the males took off and never came back. The house went empty for a while and a news report came out with the city bitching that the owner had an old contract and was able to walk away from the house. This (sick) christian woman had gotten investigated. A newer citizen told me this was common to make tons of money bc each would have to pay to live there. The city acquired the property and contractors went in and had to pull out crappy builds made from wood palets, tiny cubicles for sleep. 2-bedroom house with 1 toilet and a tiny very hot attic and basement where the build was. They also in the end brought in campers in the driveway as well. Obviously, someone at ICE gave them a heads up to scramble. The kids you never saw until late at night playing in the yard and I never saw them go to school. Then they put black out windows in the school busses and began picking up illegal kids in the black of morning. They took 1 of the schools on an off road and called it international. Driving by at end of school day the roads would be totally plugged with brand new SUV’s and all MX picking up their kids. Sneaky Oregon! I have a friend in a lower income area who tells me an Arab family have moved in. The kids shoot her dog threw the fence they share with BB guns and the cops won’t do anything. She walks past their house and the kids pump their fists in the air and scream death to America. She also noted that the are acquiring a large # of motorcycles. Way more than a family with 3 kids could need. I have noticed a lot of them at the park and on the streets running like they are working out for the military. You can’t get them to smile or talk to you. Very menacing. On the neighborhood webpage the reports of strangers coming to PPL’s homes saying they are at the wrong address and asking questions is on the increase. They also ask questions about their neighbors. I think they are gaining intelligence on how easy the PPL will be to take down.

  • Well ? Theres only the best way to approach this situation folks and thats to ” witness ti the new imigrants about Jesus .🤔😉❤️.
    Let the new arrivals know that they too are being set – up for failure under a totalitarian government . Its just the truth – give the new immigrants the love of the truth – no prejudice ,no resentment and just lets talk about Jesus . 😉
    Believe me folks this is not a disaster but an actual massive opportunity ! Amen – have Faith not Fear ! Tell the people WHO really truly loves them ! 😄❤️

  • Alexandra,

    Re: “Third-Way” BlackRock—joint capitalist/communist compromise, an EVENTUALITY

    Below Article about Step-Wise
    Imposition of Marxism in America,
    Created Blackrock and Rest of
    VULTURE Capitalists (( those
    Ferengi-Star-Trek-Type Men—
    Founder Thomas Jefferson said this
    about such men :
    “Merchants have no country. The
    mere spot they stand on does not
    constitute so strong an attachment
    as that from which they draw their
    gains.” Read my essay, “Why Wall
    Street Hates Families . . . “ )) :


  • BlackRock smackrock or stone, lets get down, dirty and personal about these giant private equity firms.

    Blackstone’s founder CEO is billionaire Steven Schwarzman, a Las Vegas casino mover and shaker who like others in his club can’t keep his hands off other peoples property—its fundamental to the casino industry! True, Blackstone kick started BlackRock, another “investment firm” that can’t keep it’s hands off other peoples property. But here is where it gets even more interesting.

    It’s not just real real estate and money that interests Schwarzman and like ilk, its also the health care “industry”. In 2016 Blackstone demonstrated its interest in “acquiring” “TeamHealth”, a publicly traded consortium of emergency room medical doctors, for all the publicly stated benevolent reasons. Everyone was so happy with this love fest. And only a half dozen years after the USG stamped “Property of USG” on everybodys butt with the Affordable Healthcare Act, along comes Schwartzman with another central private owners link. It gets even better.

    (Private equity firms are neck deep in the health care and elder care indutries and its literally impossible for me to write about all of it here.)

    Good ole Donald Trump, also a fellow casino operator and industry collaborator, made Schwarzman his Strategic and Policy Forum chairman, but he didn’t last, nor did Schwarzman’s love for Trump. By 2022 he had turned against Trump. Schwarzman is also a trustee of Northwestern U. of Chicago and a grad of Harvard Business School, both universities apparently teach how to seperate people from their property and remain respectible. University trustees are the real power behind the university president’s throne!

    To add a cherry on top of this power play icecream sundie, it has been reported that Schwarzman’s team has been in the middle of the Ukraine war and has plans for deeper ties with mainland China.

    Now that readers better understand BlackRock’s parent, lets take a peek at who and what it’s CEO Larry Fink head of this private equity firm in the top third of all investment fund managements, with an apparent cozy relationship with CIA. This firm is a stockholder in many corporations, money management, finance firms and a participating member of the World Economic Forum! Fink is a trustee of NYU and everything I previously said about university trustees applies here also.

    Anything wrong with this picture?

  • yes, the PTB have plenty of money and resources as stolen from taxpayers for decades. Wonder where those trillions have gone during pentagon audits or money laundering through off-shore entities and the like?

    Americanos… you begin to see the fruit of your labors. Congrats for supplying the PTB with much needed capital and resources for the Great Reset. And its happening right under your nose yet one wonders whether you have a pulse or are alive since no reaction (silence) is apparent.

    You all should know that there is zero chance (in fact its likely negative) that Trump can stop this reset, nor would he try to if by chance he secures the white house. Either way, its purely an ego trip for him and a new boot on your neck.

    Wake up americans. The governing bodies at all levels are plotting against you and will either control you or murder you. How’s that sound?

    • Im just discovering this , wow its so stratigic , what a shame – yet it was inevitable Gina ? Unbelief in a higher calling brings this on. The entire ” system ” is built on false – belief . Its a world growing spiritual monster , the whole set-up .

  • That is true. NYC provides 4 star hotels for illegals at $300 per day. No bids, because, ya know, emergency.

    However, most of New York state population lives around NYC, the rest being very rural, with large city here and there. Illegals don’t like being in rural areas. All depends how many empty houses upstate they do own.

    Florida has 1 500 000 empty homes and condos bought by banksters to manipulate the market. Prices went five fold in just 4 years. The solution will be to rent to government to house illegals before bubble bursts.

    • Did You just see the New thriller movie thats come -out ? CIVIL WAR.its called !
      The devil forecasts his devices my people !
      Do your upmost to witness the Prince of Peace to these newcomers – we may have missed the Bus on witnessing to other nations – so the Lord had them move in – please catch the last Bus !
      WORK while it is DAY , before the night comes when no man can work ! The Night of totalitarian Government is closing in and by God , they hate Jesus .

  • Blackstone (& BlackRock both originally MI6&CIA shadow banks) in the UK & Canada are also doing this! This is why we have to pull our money from the banks and go to a local credit union. There is a new development down the road from me that the majority are renters from the banks! Lots of refugees from Ukraine and elsewhere. Thanks Alexandra for confirming that this isn’t happening in just my nook of the woods!

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