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As a daily rider of the NY Subway for many years, sometimes, I’d see advertisers buy out entire cars. I remember one such campaign that ran for weeks, announcing that “The Moshiach is here!” with hundreds of images of the grizzled Menachem Mendel Schneerson plastered throughout the subway car. Not being up on the latest within the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, I didn’t really know what I was looking at. Later, I heard people thought he was the Messiah.

Going back to the 1990s, there were several of these massive public awareness campaigns about HIV/AIDS and “Safer Sex”, with dozens of shocking images that were unbelievably graphic, showing every combination of human coupling and people tongue wrestling so close to the camera, that you could see their razor bumps and pores.

But that was nearly 30 years ago. In today’s PsyOpped, gender-dysphoric age, the transhumanist ads for the OKCupid dating app make the old AIDS PSAs look downright wholesome.

Candy-colored depictions of LGBTQI behavior include computer-enhanced images of unnatural physical contortions that are frankly revolting, like a same-sex couple with unnaturally long tongues that are fused into one and the word “pansexual” hovering over them.

That’s demented and one woman riding the D Train in Midtown Manhattan in this viral video isn’t having it. “All of this is gross,” she says, tearing a corner off of one ad. “For our kids to be looking at this? Is that okay? This is propaganda. It’s affecting the next generation. I don’t know why no one sees this. This is disgusting.”

Turning to posters from the latest Old Navy Bodequality ad campaign for “curvy” women, she starts ripping them up, saying, “It’s not about equality, Guys. It’s about Communism.”

A woman filming her shouts, “Watch and learn. That’s what bravery looks like. Say no to propaganda!”

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  • No one likes to defend the indefensible but…. Mussolini did make the trains run on time. Hitler gained much popularity for cleaning up ;Berlin , which after WW one became an international centre for sodomy and peadophilia and morphine and other drugs.
    It is often ignored that Sigmund Freud was a debased idiot who was the German sales agent for American drug companies producing cocaine. His cure for everything was cocaine. Is it any wonder that his grandson ,an ex sir and convicted peadophile and ex UK politician,as well as the owner of a villa a few hundred yards from where Madelaine McCann was on holiday turned out like he did?
    Sigmund Freud was not at home at the time,although his freinds were,the Podesta brothers who are an accurate photofit for the Portuguese police inquiry. Unfortunately the photo fits were dismissed early on . Even stranger Madelaine s father was convicted of possessing thousands of peadophilic images on his computer before his daughter went missing . The big cheese UK press agent,Max Clifford handled the top level p.r. A few years later he was in prison for peadophilia.
    Sex is a primal control me hanism ,the lowest octave of vibrational love energies. By encouraging no censorship we encourage no dicipline. The repression of natural biological sexual feelings is the Hallmark of many regimes and Religions.
    There are many reasons for controlling sexual urges. A better social stability,less unwanted children and economic misery and poverty.
    Now people have their lower urges confirmed as ok by the outside culture then they can take less responsibility.
    Sex is all about selfish pleasure these days and so far removed from babies. It seems a deliberate policy of pornographic propoganda is used over time to stop people taking the long term veiw and hence,be manipulated as infantile unevolved narcissistic souls. Pop culture is full of this crap. Lady Gaga etc……bring back Marianne Faithfully and Petula Clark!
    There is soft porn everywhere these days,in fact it’s almost compulsory for advertisers .
    Women are being raised to be sex objects and in this so called world of feminism ,becoming a mother ,or just being a woman with eggs is seen as a lowly thing. The continued attack on the feminine continues. We may argue that the contraceptive pill helped liberate women but it can also be argued that the pill oversexualised women and degraded our respect for motherhood. Man and woman are both born of woman…..yet a hidden agenda of peadophilia and buggery seems to dominate our leaders. This is concealed loathing of women ,by religeons , masonry and media.
    In terms of body image women have never in history been so demeaned. The recent LGBT nonsense carries this further. Many decent loving gay people live in fear of this psychops nonsense and feel pressured by false media expectations of outsiders looking in with grotesque preformed ideas taken from transwoke culture.
    This visual psychops is an affront to all.
    Sexual blackmail and perverse sexual practice are the hallmarks of our leaders.
    She’s not a hero ,she’s a heroine….come on guys ( shouldn’t I say guys and gals?)
    She’s a heroine. As the UK gets ready to increase its prison population by over 25 percent in the next two years the prison service has started to refer to prisoners as residents.
    Watch out for psychops in language and word changes.
    Dead civilians are called non combatants. The unvaxed are now spreaders etc…..

  • Hooray! Saved by foreign accented Americans (No offense, ladies, you can stay)!!!! In other news, two fake transvestite murders yesterday (msm note to yourself: don’t flaunt today, act normal, leave rainbow and S&M gear at home, critical juncture button pushing Americans about their way of life, may lose your visa and teaching or therapy job).

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